The Cult of the All-Seing Eye, by Clifford Shack [retrieved 4 Jun 2010 (extracts only)]:

Zevi or Zvi was a kabbalist and occultist who deceived most of the Jews of his time and those who came after him. He was born on 9 Aug 1626 in Smyrna, Turkey. In 1666 he converted to Islam with some of his followers and took the name Aziz Mehemet.  Most of the Jews were disappointed but he told them that he had to become Muslim in order to convert the Muslims to Judaism, and then he turned around and told the Turks and the Sultan that he was to keep in close contact with the Jews in order to convert the Jews to Islam. Thus he was free to go wherever he liked and do whatever he wanted.  Zevi was betrayed to the Turks by another Jewish messiah from Poland. Zevi revealed to this Polish messiah the prophecy given by his close associate, Nathan Ghazzati the prophet, that Zevi was destined to become the ruler of the Ottomam Empire. Instead, Zevi was exiled to a small village in Albania where he died. But the followers of Shabbataism indeed became the real rulers of modern Turkey, albeit in an invisible subtle way.

Zevi’s influence among the Jews did not die with his death, many still believed this wizard of deception who legitimized deception as a means to achieve one’s goals. Rebbe Berechiah, an extremist, succeeded Zevi and took over his movement of Shabbataism.

Barry Chamish, in his article “The Deutsch Devils,” (December 31, 2003), says that “the Shabbatai followers continued their hidden life in the Turkish sect of the Donmeh, whose activities continue to this day, as reported extensively this year, even by the staid Jerusalem Post. One of the Donmeh followers was Jacob Frank (1726-1726), who would transform Europe and the world into a Shabbataian hell barely a century later.”

Jacob Frank succeeded Rebbe Berechiah and in eighteen century brought the Donmeh ideology To Europe. He made an alliance near/in Frankfurt, Germany, with Jesuit Adam Weishaupt (founder of the Illuminatti and the usurper of the Freemasonic lodges worldwide, especially that of England and Scotland) and the Rothschild empire.

Barry Chamish, in his above mentioned article, mentions Rabbi Antelman saying in his book To Eliminate the Opiate: “A movement of complete evil now took hold. The Jesuits’ goal was the destruction of the Protestant Reformation leading to a return of one pope sitting in judgment on all mankind. The Rothschilds goal was to control the wealth of the planet. And the Frankist vision was the destruction of Jewish ethics to be replaced by a religion based on the exact opposite of God’s intentions [or high-class Satanism]. When these factions blended, a bloody war against humanity, with the Jews on the front lines, erupted.”

“The Donmeh showed great public affection with Islam but amongst themselves entirely rejected and even despised Islam.” There is no need to say that they also in secret hated and despised more the Christians of the Ottoman Empire. Those same “Turkish” Donmeh were the ones that were in power in Turkey during WW1 when the Armenian Genocide occurred. They were the visible rulers of the Ottoman Empire and they carried out and gave orders for the slaughter –in a most unimaginable barbaric way and according to plans they had– of almost the whole Christian population of Asia Minor: One and half million Armenians, half a million Greeks and Greek Pontians, and half a million Assyrians and Caldeans.

The Turkish author, Mevlan Z. Rifat, was referring to this Donmeh sect by his words “a syncretist Jewish-Muslim sect,” when he wrote in his book “Inner Folds of the Ottoman Revolution” 1929.– “The Armenian genocide was decided in August 1910 and October 1911 by a Young Turk committee composed entirely of displaced Balkan Jews in the format of a syncretist Jewish-Muslim sect, including Tallat, Enver, Behaeddin Shakir, Jemal, and Nazim posturing as Muslims. It met in the Rothschild-funded Grand Orient loge in now Greek Salonika. No wonder the infrastructure was in place by August by August, 1914, in Erzerum for the Great Massacres, almost three months before Turkey entered the Great War. During World War I and ever since, Jews have held prominent positions in the Turkish government, including three presidents, Ataturk, Inonu, and Bayar.” No known English translation exist of Rifat’s book, however it was translated to Armenian in 1939.

Barry Chamish believes that the Armenian Genocide was a dry run for the Jewish Holocaust. Berry is a former Israeli military man turned to investigative reporter who is warning his fellow Jews about a coming Second Holocaust of the Jews in Israel proper. This time the Arabs and Muslims playing the role that the Nazis played during WW2.  Barry’s research lead him to the fact that basically both the planners and instigators of the Armenian Genocide of WW1 and the Jewish Holocaust of WW2 were the same entities and that those same entities are planning another holocaust of the Jews during the coming WW3, which is going to be ignited in the middle east.

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