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Dear Friends

wa ‘alaiki assalaam!

I am back in my native island of Trinidad after the US authorities refused permission for me to over-fly US air space on my Aeroflot flight from Havana (in Cuba) to Moscow on Sunday. 

Aeroflot’s Russian and Cuban representatives were quite apologetic and were also very helpful to me, helping me to get a prompt return flight to Trinidad. Of course I had to purchase a return ticket to Trinidad.

I had no problems while flying to Cuba, as well as on my return flight to Trinidad. 

I am now seeking a refund of my Aeroflot return ticket to Moscow. 

Please bear with me  while I decide on new plans for travel to Malaysia. Aisha has been badly traumatised and I need to devote time and attention to her at this time.

Kindly convey my love and salaams to your husband as well as to Wan Ainun.

with love,

Imran N. Hosein

Website: www.imranhosein.org