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ภาพถ่าย0083Salaam To All,

For nearly five months now I have been without salary, but thanks to Allah (swt), many readers have supported me and my family through this time, which now seems to be coming to an end, Alhamduillah.

Yesterday, I was offered a position with AUCMS (http://www.allianzeunicollege.edu.my/portal/).  They are forming a ‘joint-venture’ with Insaniah that amounts to a restructuring and rescue, Alhamduillah.  Insh’Allah, in about three to four weeks, I should once more be ‘salaried’ and reasonably secured financially.

The even better news is that Alliance University Medical Administration has invited me to have a hand in their development of a Department of Integrated Medicine, to include curriculum from Complimentary Medical (Alternative) disciplines (Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, etc.) that are considered authentically Islamic.  May Allah grant me the wisdom and strength to be of good service in this venture.

Meanwhile, during the next three to four weeks, while I am awaiting job initiation and the new salary, I need financial help from those who can offer it.  September was the first month I was unable to send funds to my children, or pay rent and other obligations.

Anyone caring to help me through the next month, please do so.  My accounts are below.
Name: Leonard Joseph Owsiany, Jr.   or   Leonard Joseph Omar Ziad

Pay Pal:         ozaidmd@gmail.com
MayBank:     # 162085 446625
Bank Islam:  # 02039024727704 Jitra, Kedah [SWIFT BIMBMYKL]
Malaysia: CIMB  # 02040008673209
Bank Muamalat # 1205-0041876-72-0

Thank you kindly and May Allh (swt) grant us His refuge, guidance and success.


Dr. Omar