Editor’s Note:  If Muslims were so dedicated to the proper disciplines as were the Samurai, they would have withstood the Western onslaught which has been destroying their people since the first fall of Baghdad.  Instead, Muslims became too spiritually preoccupied with useless metaphysics and ritual to be of little value in the real world of disciplined science and living.

Dr Omar, June 2013

Dr Omar, June 2013

The Samurai may have lost, but only because they were outnumbered.  Muslims have never been outnumbered since their ascension, but they have always been outsmarted, especially since the Battle of Leponto.  Is this evidence of holy guidance? — hardly dear brothers and sisters.  It is, however, evidence of a religious decadence that has morphed into the fanaticism of the Salafi and MB, for example, which groups, amongst others, are wielded like a mace against the ummah by its enemies.  What Fools.  The samurai were never fooled.

19th-century samurai training text deciphered | Fox News.