Shepherds in Kedah: Insaniah University College, their flagship of incompetence.

Omar & Zaida I Dec 09 ISTACSalaam and Ramadan Kareem To All,

For those unfamiliar with this matter please see:

I have had a growing number of disappointing encounters with Malaysian Academics and their leaders over the years, but recent developments at Insaniah University College have disheartened me enough to erode what little hope I once held for this nation’s leadership.  It was not without good reason the prophet (pbh) warned us that the worst of his followers would be at the top during these latter days of world shaking events.  I can attest from personal experience that this is, in fact, the case here in Kedah, and most especially at Insaniah University College, their flagship of incompetence and self-absorption.

I’ve no doubt the University produces excellent examples of religious indoctrinairians who are absolute dandies at recitation and other useless matters that never penetrate the heart deep enough to evoke consequential actions that require the maintenance of justice from their superiors.  Producing docile lambs in the slaughterhouse of Malay incertitude is a specialty in this country, as are servants in the House of Riba called Islamic Banking — no doubt giving an edge to their competitors who’ve taken Singapore and Penang in one generation.

An example of the latter came across my desk just yesterday when I was asked to sign a letter of cause and intent for the Muslimah lawyer who is taking our case.  Her firm demands 45-50% of whatever staff earnings they might recover from the university by court ruling.  If that’s not Riba then I really am the monkey’s uncle of Darwinian eschatology.  I know, I know: it’s a customary fee eh? — after the Western Anglo-Zionist fashion eh?  But what would Hadrat Umar have to say about it?  Good thing for these shepherds and their legal system of slavery that he’s not the one who drafts this county’s laws or protects it’s citizens and and guests eh?

Anyway, I really am expecting this corrupted non-creature of Iblissian sorcery called “KUIN” [See: Foundations of Magic & Real Political Science: ‘Magi, Magic & You’, by Dr. Omar] to start charging me rent for faithfully coming to my office in spite of their lack of professional etiquette for not notifying me/us that they decided to shut the medical school and purposely not pay us or inform the students or the entire faculty while continuing to pay their own salaries for doing next to nothing and even fouling that up.  Now that’s pure arrogance isn’t it? — something Allah swt hates, or so I’ve read.

So in a few days time I will vacate the premises.  I’ve considered formally resigning but the truth of the matter is I really have no one I know to whom I can hand the resignation letter.  Besides, the last time I sent a letter to the Rector via the university’s grossly inept administration they lost it — three times.  So I intend to ‘stay on the books’ until they give me the satisfaction of acknowledging my essence with the professional civility I deserve or until I meet the death angel — though I fully suspect the latter will come first.

Journal CoverBut all is not lost.  Here is the unpublished Journal I prepared for the flagging ship of incompetence and dis-merit:

The Health & Wellness Journal

Oh sure, I’m angry. Who wouldn’t be?  It is my right to redress this matter with these words of righteous scorn and indignation.  Fie upon them all.  I leave them to the  excrement of their warped sense of metaphysics and Islamic ethics.

Meanwhile, my wife and I are still in need for a few more weeks.  Anyone able to help us, please do so.  Pray for our successful relocation to a position in KL.  If this doesn’t occur, I will have to leave the country soon.

If you care to help, please do so.  If the money you give is intended to help my colleagues, please advise me and I will set it aside and hand it over to Dato Marzuki for distribution. You can write to me direct at for book purchases.  If local you may deposit to the following accounts:

Bank Islam # 02039024727704
MAYBANK  # 162085 446625

or donate directly to Paypal at

Thank you kindly and Wasalaam

dr omar


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There is also the issue of Kolej Universiti Insaniah (KUIN), a RM 330 million project that has been a total disaster for the state. The college which was supposed to be completed early this year still sees no sign of completion. The staff at the college has not even been paid their salaries, let alone their EPFs.  The accommodation for students which was supposed to have completed months ago isn’t ready yet which has forced students to seek accommodation elsewhere.

An Example of Clear Incompetence at the Helm:

About a week prior to the collapse following the election, a Captain of the Ship called me personally on a Monday and asked me to produce a paper for an international conference on ancient manuscripts being held on Friday.  First of all, had this captain actual first-hand knowledge of research methodology and writing he never would have made such a request.  Secondly, the field is entirely outside my professional purview, which only proves my case.  Enough said.  – oz

Happy Author I April 2010

4 Comments on “Shepherds in Kedah: Insaniah University College, their flagship of incompetence.

  1. Salam Dr.

    With your qualification and expertise, I think you really deserve a better work place than there. Instead of that position in KL, do you have other alternative option? I don’t really know how local academic institution recruiting a new staff, but If you want to try your luck here in UTM Skudai Johor, I may offer some help because I’m a postgraduate student here.



  2. I’m sorry to hear that, Dr. Zaid. It’s a really disturbing news, me that have high esteem for the Malaysian society.
    It looks like there is no safe place on the earth, in this world dominated by Gog & MAGOG.

  3. leave this country!
    come to algeria!
    Arnold Schwartzeneger understood!
    He came to Oran and u will find your happiness!

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