Raising Funds to Feed Refugees in Kuala Lumpur

I just received this appeal for help from Tuty Ashikin Abu Bakar, whose parents I know personally and whom I trust.
Please help if you can, insh’Allah.
you can write to her direct @ tuty.abu.bakar@gmail.com
Assalamualaikum Dr. Omar.
How are you? Hope everything is good with you.
I am currently helping to raise funds to feed refugees in Kuala Lumpur. There are 550 families from Myanmar, Syria, Palestine, Iran, Iraq and also other countries. They come to Malaysia with hopes of getting some help, unfortunately the Malaysian government do not recognize refugees.
When they arrive in Malaysia (some with only the clothes on their backs), they usually would register with United Nation, so they could start the placement process for these refugees.  This process takes a very long time, they need a year just to get an appointment! The process sometimes can take as long as 8 years.
Since they are not allowed to legally work in Malaysia. They works odd jobs to sustain themselves but most of their money goes towards rent and leave very little for food, education and other basic necessities. Most of them are malnourished.
There are stories of pregnant women losing their hair because of malnourishment.
We are currently looking for donations to be able to feed these Families for one month during Ramadhan. As mentioned there are 550 families and RM 200 could feed a whole family for the entire month of Ramadhan.
You can donate cash, rice, cooking oils, or powdered milk for children.
Of course this is just a pilot project for ramandhan only. we are also looking for solutions on how to help them long term
I hope you can help us to promote this issue in your blog. Please help us spread the word. May Allah reward you for your effort.
Please visit http://carefugees.wordpress.com/ for more information.

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