From Dictatorship to Democracy; Thoughts On the matter of Gene Sharp’s Thesis

Dr. Omar Zaid, M.D., Jan 2013
Dr. Omar Zaid, M.D., Jan 2013

By Omar Zaid, M.D.
May 2013, Thailand

Brother Justin Johari of Urban Village (KL) asked me to examine Dr. Sharp’s work and comment.  Although I had no prior knowledge of this thesis, I learned that much interest has been generated and given momentum by his approach to non-violent protests-of, resistance-to, and even the overthrow-of oppressive regimes — including people involved with Balkan and ‘Arab Springs’. See:

I must say that I found his thesis extremely valid but not without fault due to limitations which I will try to explain.

In addition to the reductionism of a monetized worldview, since the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution the political and social sciences, like most fields, have suffered a general lack of the comprehensive perspective which Goethe called ‘Gestalt’ and what intelligent Muslims call Tawhid.  Some may prefer the word, ‘holistic’, a term that defies definition and which, in my view, borders on the indefinite realm of untried speculation.  On the other hand, the comprehensive perspective of a ‘Gestalt Consciousness’ infers a sagacity that derives from knowledge born of experience, which, in turn, infers the wisdom of the ages married to scientific updates, the actual experience of empirical knowledge, and what is gleaned from Revelation: a realm of knowledge that transcends reason only to perfect it.  It is the latter realm that divorces Dr. Sharp’s work from beneficial consequence and thus delimits his approach to methodical reaction rather than any scientific solution to mankind’s perennial problem of oppression.

As an intellectual response to tyrannical subjugation his design is laudable.  Indeed, Dr. Sharp deserves the esteem and attention thus far gathered.  But as a singular or all-inclusive resolution for the dilemma posed by the Ponerology of organized political evil, his approach falls far from the mark of beneficial consequence.  It may be likened to laundering, in that you wash the clothes only to soil them again and again in a never ending cycle.  As such, it provides a very real false hope for the naïve and/or uneducated idealist.

I say this because the problem of organized sociopathic evil[1] as embodied by the occult world of Talmudic Jews and sundry Secret Societies remaining from the Astro-theology of ancient Mysteries is not addressed at all by Dr. Sharp.  The fact is that such evil is not merely a problem but rather is a ruthless force that can only be met head on by violence.  Jesus threw sociopath Jews out of the Temple; the Roman’s decimated them by the millions because of their treachery; Mohammad destroyed their Yathrib tribes for similar reasons after much patience; and the tide of their perseverating mischief-making rises presently to the threshold of yet another World War and represents the mischief making of only one such organized cult — there are others.

Japan is overrun by the Yakuza, China and all China-towns are run by Triads, and Protestants responded to Catholic mania for dominion by casting them from European thrones by force of arms.   And it seems that Catholics and Zionists persist in their competition to possess the throne of Universal tyranny.  In fact, it is difficult to discern who is using whom as we observe the race leading to the final unveiling of the anti-Christ and return of Prophet Isa who will murder him in full view of mankind — Praise God Almighty.

Hence, it is a bit naïve for believers to lend unqualified support for Dr. Sharp’s shortsighted solution for the oppressed of the world since God Almighty has decreed a violent rather than non-violent end to ruthless oppression under the guidance of Dajahl, a jinni.  Nevertheless, it is true that Dr. Sharp’s methodology did/does indeed work to a degree.  But the framework of the respective political orders addressed by his remedy remains as do the economic and fiscal facilities of its manipulation by the hidden hands just mentioned.  Hence, corruption remains in the political temple to re-infect and sicken the entire constituency and what is/was gained is naught but an outward ephemeral elation celebration of liberty’s boundless illusion.

Those who control the purse strings of central banking and industry know this too well and will let the ‘people’ exhaust themselves with the inebriation of a ‘revolutionary frenzy’ as a kind of ‘pressure letting’—even to the point of allowing what appears to be a temporary victory by sacrificing one or another of their political pawns, including expendable Presidents and Prime Ministers.  In addition, they can always use the chaos created to replace certain other of their spoiled/soiled minions with young-bloods (youth movements: boy scouts, green shirts, brown shirts, black shirts, etc) fitted with new gloves for gauntlet upgrades; all of which they control because good men have gone home to ‘trust in God’ as it were for far too long.

Remember, Spartacus had millions with him and still failed to escape the wrath of the Roman Senate after several victories and years of freedom’s illusion.  Ponerocrats are extremely patient; are far wealthier than you can imagine; and are far more organized than what is widely known.  What is more important is that they have helpers from the unseen world of reprobate jinn, another area where Dr. Sharp and those who praise him walk in error.  Why do I say this? — Because this is where the reductionist limit of his thesis is reached and where Tawhid begins its induction of Spiritual or Metaphysical Law.

The emotional elation that feeds the sanction of undefined concepts such as ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ is a poor substitute for the reality orientation (wisdom) of knowledge derived from Spiritual Revelation; especially since democracy is not an Islamic concept.  After all, who elected Prophets Moses, Jesus, Abraham, Kings David and Solomon, or Prophets Mohammad and Adam (pbut)?  Egalitarian democracy therefore is—in fact for mature believers—a construct that only favors wickedness and finds but limited applications within the realm of a pure monotheist polity.  Why do I say this? — Because all men are not created equal, contrary to the Freemasonic Unitarian Logo that has sustained its socialist mania since the French Revolution. [2]  Hence, the vote of a drunk in no way should be equated with that of the sober well respected scholar.  As for freedom: men desire liberty from wicked oppression which is an estate achieved only by the limitation of man’s freedom under threat of violence towards the substantial number of organized sociopaths who fail to agree.  Anyone thinking otherwise is a kindhearted fool whose education and growth are underdeveloped.

If Allah had not exiled Cain from the company of his father’s family for the sake of our trial, I dare say Adam would have had no alternative but to slay the ruthless murderer.  Hence, the prosecution of war is incumbent upon Muslims because the descendents of Cain and his curse remain in the earth and they desire nothing less than absolute dominion, whatever the cost.  And since Cain’s posterity has none but the Shaitans to help them because God has turned His face from their reprobation, anyone who opposes them without the ‘Help of Allah’ is destined to fail.  I’ll not bother to list the numerous references to the ‘Help of Allah’ mentioned in Al-Qur’an.  But add to this the hadith regarding Gog and Magog’s superior genocidal capabilities during the last days in addition to ‘creatures only Allah can kill’, and any so-called Muslim attending the work of Dr. Sharp as the solution for oppression has indeed, abandoned Islam.

Having said the above, we can also deduce that Dr. Sharp’s sophisticated reasoning presents an intellectual trial of faith for sober believers.  Those who place faith in his methodology alone have abandoned the recommendations of the best Islamic scholars in favor of apologies for the unsound constructs of Freedom and Democracy.  They forget that the righteous Caliphs were not elected via plebiscites and that that the unredeemed nafs reigns supreme and thus enslaves man’s will to lower appetites instead of the ‘Cause of Allah’, which (i) consequently removes such people from Allah’s help which (ii) is absolutely necessary when dealing with Gog and Magog.  Hence, it becomes little more than an exercise in measuring the vicious circle and cycle described be several classical scholars, including Ibn Khaldoun who everybody lauds but nobody in Muslim government seems to pay any heed to because they’ve surrendered their will for righteousness to the nafs.

The proof for what I propose is currently playing out in Syria where Dr. Sharp’s methods were introduced a few years ago followed by chaos, murder and support for FLA ‘freedom fighters’ from Zionist occupied Western powers whose weapons (in the hands of Muslims) are murdering other Muslims[3] in the cause of a spurious ‘Liberty’ that serves the purpose of gaining ground for Eretz Israel.    Here is a case where the ruling elite simply let a mob of believers in liberty rather than the rope of Islam run with Sharp’s methodology knowing full well there was no way or means to present any permanent solution to mischief-making — meanwhile desiring to reopen the ancient Persian Highway from Damascus through to Iran via Babylon after securing their rear and flank in Libya and Egypt with similar movements.

As for any saving grace offered by Dr. Sharp’s thesis: — On its own there is none except for the momentary elation offered by freedom’s illusion.  An example of this is Mubarak’s resignation only to be replaced by the repressive neo-Patriarchy of a Brotherhood that permits clitoral amputation along with Christian persecution.  The only place within Islam for Dr. Sharp’s methods is in the hands of an authentic Islamic leader backed by an authentic Shura, of which both, unfortunately, are non-existent. This is especially forbidding when considering the Prophet’s decree that the latter generation oversees tall buildings and guilded mosques and will be the worst with its ulema (Islamic Scholars) held by heaven amongst the worst of men.  This being the case, the delimitation of Dr. Sharp’s methods lay far outside the bounds of authentic Islam while Allah permits its incursions on those who have abandoned true guidance.

Otherwise, Dr. Sharp’s methods are worthwhile exercises in social mobilization, cohesion, and lessons in wisdom gained from their inevitable failure despite the current popular wave riding amongst youthful idealists.  ‘Go for it’ by all means if and when no other consequent means are open.  At least it offers positive momentum which is far better than the passive futility of apathetic doom.  But please realize that the reduced limits it draws on stem from a non-gestalt Westernized mindset that lacks the foresight of Tawhid.  It is far better to follow the advice of the Prophet (wslm) or Imran Hosein when you see the pearls of calamity dropping from the strings of current events: go live like the Bedouin.

[1]     Łobaczewski, Andrzej, Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes, (Grande Prairie: Red Pill Press, 2006)

[2]      For dissertation and history see: CONSPIRACY IN PHILADELPHIA, Origins of the United States Constitution by Gary North, Dominion Educational Ministries, Inc., Harrisonburg, Virginia, 2004.  For serious students, Download PDF here: Conspiracy in Phildelphia: Origins of the US Constitution by Gary North (2004)

[3]     The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted overwhelmingly to arm elements of the Syrian opposition in a bill co-sponsored by Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN). (22 May 2013)

4 Comments on “From Dictatorship to Democracy; Thoughts On the matter of Gene Sharp’s Thesis

  1. salam Dr Omar,

    it’s been awhile since your last writing. I observed a pattern that your current writings was initiated by someone else curiousity. thank you very much for your effort in answering it. I hope this will pave the way for more critical curiousity in the future that we may benefit from it.


    • Salaam Brother Zulhelmi,

      Have been very busy with proposals and planning for the new training center in KL, plus a few other projects. You’re right though. generally speaking, when I am asked a worthy question, I try to give a worthier answer.

  2. Dr. Zaid’s critics was as expected, but we’ve more oppression by hidden dimensions
    seen in all Islamic, Western world et al.
    Now what to do in ASEAN I.E. Vietnam, Cambodia & Miyanma, these are the issues
    at hand: what to do with Post-oppression nations like those in the following areas:
    Low-cost Housing w/energy & iT upgrading.

    Dr.C.Bahk- KUDPI, Prof.Emeritus

    • Hello Dr. Bahk, how delightful to hear from you. Recently Iceland gave us a good example of what to do with the ‘hidden hand’ — simply have courage enough to stop supporting a corrupt banking system, which includes all central and especially “World Banking’ systems and programs (UN). They are at the core of corruption and sociopathic politics. Usury is mankind’s greatest enemy. Regional exchange is needed, remove the dollar based system, trade directly and exchange goods and services for goods and services whenever possible. Re-empower the farmer with a noble wage, and stop treating politicians as nobles. The patriarchal system must be returned and local customs and traditions must be re-ennobled before the Western mores’ completely destroy the elan vitae of Asia. Corrupt officials must be held accountable and prosecuted, and the local strongmen must be treated with respect not deference. All terrorists must be hunted down and destroyed like the dogs they’ve become (for example SE Thailand’s Muslim extremists). Many things can be done, but corruption cannot be ignored if what you want is to be achieved dear friend.
      Kind Regards – Dr. Omar

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