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Last week, a reader asked me to write a quick summary–which he needed within hours–of how or when the West (as we know it today) became morally and spiritually corrupt.  What follows is the result, edited for typos, spelling and a few amendments.
The Western system was corrupted first via the transformation of Roman idolatry into Christian idolatry.  This allowed for the Roman senatorial system to expand under feudal ‘Divine Right’ Estates which is continued to this day under Cannon-Law.  What happened is that the magi of the ancient Hermetic Mysteries simply changed outer garments without removing the underclothes of religious semiotics that harken to Babylon; including Pontifex Maximus and the entire Mythraic system of the seven sacraments adopted by Catholics.

By the time the Prophet arrived (pbh), Alexandrian Jews had expanded on the gnostic monasticism of King Thoth of ancient Egypt — their first Pharaoh and Initiate — whom the Greeks called Hermes and the Romans called Mercury.  This system hid behind the frock (Monasticism) and was imbued with Libertarianism, but only for the masters.  Some two centuries later, the same occult mysteries formed the Red Cross of what became Rosicrucian Initiation to the ancient Mysteries of Hermes under the guide of esoteric Christianity: later it became the red Cross of the Crusades and formed even the basis for Knights Templarism.  A millennium later we had Freemasonry under the B’nai Brythian Hand of the Sabataen Jews whose doctrines were basically Libertarian and harked back to the Dionysian Mysteries which embraced human sacrifice and complete licentious liberty (Libertines), though most know it not.

Add to this the Maranos roots of the Jesuits and you essentially have ancient Dannites and Benjamites (who were dismissed from the 12 tribes) added to the Khazar Pretenders and genuine Sephardi, both of whom adopted the  Mysteries of the Kaballa after Babylonian reform: hence and you’ve got a lovely crew of misdirected adepts (Magi) corrupting everything and everyone under the sun — nothing new as Prophet Solomon said.

All along the way, various other Satanic cults, including Etruscan Latins, all kept pace and competition going strong, not to mention Nordic fellows with their Valhalla who had been  weened from Prophet Odin’s creed of pure monotheism.


What must be understood here is that Christianity was always corrupt.  I say this because because Jesus and his brother James never preached the Pauline doctrine that later became Trinitarian Christianity.  The latter actually occurred with the help of the Magus of Serapis, The House of Titus Flavius Vespasianus (the Flavians), and a Cousin of Philo adopted by that same Roman House.  Hence the wealthiest Jews and Wealthiest Romans along with the cult of Serapis gave early Christianity a boost in order to preserve their covens.  Not only this, but what became the Eastern Orthodox Church was founded by a sub-cult of the Sadducees known as the Boethusians, which eventually melded with Emperor Constantine’s magnificent accretion in the East (Constantinople).

Hence, the Western semiotics are entirely Pagan, Egyptian and Babylonian — they always have been:  see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pIBB19hfro for another perspective.

Therefore, the system has always been corrupt in the West.  The only chance the West once had was with Islam, which, unfortunately had been corrupted by the time it reached Spain; or again in Colonial America before the Revolution, had they listened to Native Americans, who, for the most part, were true monotheists.

Hence, despite all the magnificent contributions, the Western Mindset was never truly based on pure monotheism.  It has always been misguided by the ancient mysteries, out of which Allah delivered his people, which people (Judah) returned.

Hope this helps some,


BTW: The Baresian National logo in Malaysia–the ‘balanced scales of Justice’–is actually the occult logo for the ancient tribe of Dan which was cast out of Ancient Israel for idolatry and sodomy.