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Editor’s Note:
I received this email from one of my readers which details, in his opinion, some interesting aspects of eschatology regarding the events surrounding Malhama, Mahdi and Prophet Iesa.  I am not a traditional scholar and frankly, this area confuses me.  However, I found this letter intriguing due to the writer’s sense of certainty as he conveys elements according to Hadith and current events.
I advise readers to listen to Imran Hosein’s description of current events as well; especially with regards to Contantinople at this site:
Wasalaam –  dr omar


Salam Alaykum

Sorry I took so long. It would seem that the war taking place right now in the Middle East is not the prophesied Armageddon. The hadith states between the Great War (Malhama) and the Opening of Constantinople, there are six years, and in the seventh year, Dajjal emerges. It is also known from hadith that the Imam Mahdi will be the Muslim leader for both the Great War as well as the Malhama. Therefore, there is a seven year period in which all of this will take place. Some people have done some research to show that the 7-9 year sequence will start now, in 2013, and in 2022 Hadrat Isa should appear. This view does not seem very accurate because there are many events which have yet to occur before that seven year sequence can commence, one of which is the appearance of Imam Mahdi himself and the allegiance given to him by the Muslims.

Here is the timeline roughly in my brief study:

Right now, i.e. in a short period of time, the ‘third world war’, i.e. the third in a series of Illuminati inspired wars will take place, which are insignificant in the eyes of Allah, since they are engineered by greedy men for purposes of Satanism. During this war “the agentur of the illuminati will cause the mutual destruction of political zionism and the leaders of the Islamic world (i.e. the political Islamists who work for the CIA). Biblical prophecy also shows that Israel, i.e. the Zionist state of Israel will be destroyed by Magog, i.e. Russia. We can see clearly right now that there is going to be a Muslim alliance with Russians in this anti-zionist war in the middle east.

Previously I thought that the Illuminati would succeed in actually establishing the one world order for a short while, before the Roman Catholic church declares some sort of crusade to overthrow that Orwellian state, but now however, after reading the bible prophecies on this matter, it seems to be much more likely that the Illuminati will not even get a chance to spread Satanism publicly, since they depend on the world being in a state of mutual destruction after this third world war, but it will not. This war therefore marks the end of Zionism and the Illuminati, as well as nuclear/machine weapons. The bible prophecy also hints to the idea that the Jews will spend seven years destroying their machinery of war. This sets the stage for battles waged with sword and spear in the time of  the Imam of Muslims.

The next stage after this war is a period in which Russians, e.g. ‘RUM’, e.g. Eastern Orthodox Christians have dominion over the whole earth, as shown in Sahih Muslims, “up until the gates of Khaybar”, so the dominion of Rum is clear in the hadiths of the Holy Prophet as well as in the bible prophecies. After a while living under a Russian world order, which does not sound so bad to me, we are looking few particular signs which signify the arrival of Imam Mahdi and the commencement of the seven year period.


There will be in Ramadan a double eclipse, a lunar in the first of the month and a solar in the middle of the month. Then in Sha’ban there is a particular sign, Then in Dhu’L Qi’dah there is a particular sign, then in Dhul Hijjah fighting breaks out after the death of a governor and there will be general disarray. During this period, a famous tyrant emerges from the depths of Syria known as Sufyani, who will “rip open the bellies of women”, he will send his troops to Damascus, after being outside it, to pillage the city, then he will send soldiers to murder Muslims in Iraq. At this stage, a Muslim army, the most famous Muslim army in Islamic History, the ‘Black Flags’ from Khorasan, led by a man named Shu’ayb Ibn Salih will send a force to Iraq to defend the people there.

When Sufyani sends a force to Khorasan, then another army from Khorasan, led by a man named Hashmi will go to join with Shuayb and they will fight Sufyani, who is finally defeated when the two armies send for the Imam Mahdi, who will have been discovered in Makkah in the month of Muharram. This begins the era of Imam Mahdi, he will have two wars with the Romans, i.e. Russians, in one war, which is the first ‘Malhama’, the Muslims join with the Russians over a third enemy, then after the first war, the Christians will say “it is because of the cross that we won”, which will spark the second Malhama, which is short, it takes three days to vanquish the Christians, after which their capital, Constantinople will be reconquered by Muslims.

A year after this, Dajjal physically appears in our world, as the hadith states and tours the world for a precise period of 14 months and 14 days according to Ibn Kathir, in his Book of the End, this is the Day like a Year, Day like a Month, Day like a Jum’ah ( a week) and then the rest of his days are normal. On the last, or perhaps according to some, the 37th day, he arrives to confront the Muslims whose fortress in this period will be Baytul Maqdis (Jerusalem), at this stage, the Muslim army that was sent to conquer Hind will return and will find that Isa b. Maryam has descended amongst them. On that day Dajjal is slain. So there is no such thing really as a utopian period under Imam Mahdi, but he will certainly spread justice and Islam, many westerners in that time will accept Islam, that much is certain, but it is not like all fighting and struggle will end, not at all, there are two great wars in that period. Also, after Hadrat Isa descends, killing Dajjal, Yajuj and Majuj will be sent out, then destroyed, then there will be a peaceful period on earth when there will be no disbelievers, shortly after which the Muslims pass away and then the horn is blown destroying all in creation.

So the key for Muslims in this period is, have good intention, do not have your heart set in living in the West, since it is about to be destroyed, along with everything that defines it as a nation, and get to the southern hemisphere, far east, or other places like south america, if you survive the third zionist war, then its happy days for you, since what follows is the dominion of Rome and then the arrival of the Mahdi, the period in which Jihad will take place truly, and if you do not survive, then that is what is decreed for you and may your soul be taken gently. So it is good right now that you are in Malaysia.

I am interested to hear your thoughts on this brief and incomplete timeline.


Nameer Ahmed