A Letter from One of My Readers

Alsalam Alikom Dr. Omar,

My name is Mohammed and I’m from Saudi Arabia ((Almadina)) I don’t know how to begin my message to you, you are my teacher you teach me a lot already from your youtube videos.
SubhanAllah I sow you three times in my dreams hugging you and thanking you for this knowledge . and Inshallah I will see you in real life and the life after.
nowhere in the world is teaching what you teach. you and Shikh Omran Hussin. I love you and love Shikh Imran some times I feel sad and my tears comes to my eyes I wanna stay with you learning as much as I can from you but I can’t right now. I feel the light inside my chest every time I learn from you teachers from every videos you post.
I tried to teach around me about all this things ,, but nobody is believing me there is a dust in their eyes which make me sad.

I have some conclusion about the reality of Dajjal ,, he is not a human begin he is Shitan ((Jinn)) they do all this Ritual and killing shred blood to make him appear as human in future.  That’s why when Jesus return and Dajjal sees him he will melt ,, humans don’t melt but Jinns do.
He was in earth even before prophet Mohammed birth ,, and Muses see him ,, he is the one who deceive Muses people and make them worship the Calf his name is ALsamery and this guy saw the angel Jebreal ,, no humans can see Angels except prophets. or Jinns. and muses didn’t even beat him up or shout on him..!! because he knew this isn’t ordinary human.

In this days US has named it self Uncle SAM = AlSAMry; any way maybe I’m right maybe not I’m not a professor or Shikh to decide but I wanted to share this knowledge with you and see if you agree or not.

Thank you professor and may ALLAH reward you with the best Janah with prophets and his honest servants. Ameen

Mohammad Naji

7 Comments on “A Letter from One of My Readers

  1. I’m not trying to be paranoid!!,Dr Omar.Are you sure this is from Saudi Arabia?.It looks a bit strange!!.Like it’s written or type from Israel,by the Mossad maybe!!

  2. I think Vatican know a lot about Dajjal, The Sun God is the ones and he will enter all city and his Embassy will be such the big Cathedral and all symbols inside cathedral are the sign and explanation for his arrival.

    • Brother Houssine!!.Is not about whether the Vatican know about Dajjal or not!!.My thinking is that everybody inside the Vatican is “DAJJAL”.All of them!!.It doesn’t matter if it’s Black or White!!.

  3. As’sallaam Aghlaykum Warahmatullah,

    It is really true on what brother Muhammad of Saudi Arabia says. If you remember I sent you my first message mentioning what I identified with the NWO, Illuminati and Freemasonary movement in relation with Anti-Christ (Dajjal). You posted me a lot through videos (lecturers) and I do request you to send me (us) more than that. The same to Brother Muhammad, whenever I mention the issue of Dajjal some do think that I’m wasting my time on nonsense things but in actual way they know nothing about where are we from, where we are and where are we going.

    I hope and believe that the ones who converted to Islam from Christianity or polytheism and learn Islam he’ll be knowledgeable and mostly binding himself with monotheic fundamentals

    May Allah Aghza wa Jallah bestow You (and all of Us) with HIS Mercy and Bless

    Nassor H
    Dar es Salaam

  4. Humans can see angels and jinn, we have a veil over our eyes and if Allah wants to remove it He will.

    Jinns do melt, recite Ayat al Kursi, it burns them. If you have bad dreams, try to take control and recite the ayat or the Adhan.

    I think that perhaps the Dajjal will be a human possessed with the spirit of the Dajjal. This tends to be a theme in Hollywood.

    Just as the “Holy Spirit” can fill a pious person, I believe the opposite for evil.

    If you research some lecturers like David Icke, they believe that mankind has been infiltrated by a species of inter dimensional Reptillians who are capable of shapeshifting. They do not call the Jinns because this is a secular view. They believe that these Reptillians are demons and make up the elite of the world.

    This is also interesting because on top of possession, Hollywood puts out movies like “End of Days” where the devil is trying to find his bride so they can sire a child. There is also a movie called “Babylon A.D,” where the main character brings a Virgin Priestess to New York because she is carrying “the savior.” This could be something they are currently trying to find, a vessel, or something that has already been done.

    There are many theories, one pertaining to symbolism. The Dajjal will be represented by the “one eye” the Eye of Horus. The Eye of Horus is the “sun.” Hitler wore a sun flag swastika, and Obama’s logo is an “O” rising from the waters. Perhaps people preparing for the advent of the dajjal?

    Perhaps the celebrity of Obama is the dajjal? He already has world fame and an army.

    Allah Knows Best.

  5. Salam alaykom Dr Zaid,

    Thanks for sharing this letter and I must add that we are all learning from you that’s why we keep coming to this site and read more and more. Thank you.

    Quran tells us that Allah created angels, Jinn and Inss (human being), so dajjal can only be from one of these three, can not be angel since angels do not do evil things and that leaves us with jinn and Inss. Since dajjal was released and doesnt live in our dimension of space and time, he can not be (human being), that leaves us with jinn. Jinns can appear in human form, that’s remains to be seen when he stands in Jerusalam (thanks to Sh Imran Hosein).

    Dajjal is not shaytan himself because dajjal will be destroyed by Isa (as) and life will move on while shaytan is still with us until the end of the world.

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