Month: November 2012

Overreach: America’s Imperial Waterloo?

By Stephen Lendman, Contributor November 6, 2012 Arrogance defines US imperialism. In 1945, America’s economic, political and military dominance stood unchallenged. In his book titled, “The World in Crisis: The End of the American Century” historian Gabriel Kolko said US decline “began after the Korean… Continue Reading “Overreach: America’s Imperial Waterloo?”

The Truth About Homeopathy

Extraordinary Medicine The truth about homeopathy NEW: Homeopathic Scientific Research Homeopathy’s detractors, whether they are scientists or not, always find arguments to deny the effectiveness of homeopathy, arguing that homeopathic studies are flawed, trials in homeopathy do not comply with the scientific method,… Continue Reading “The Truth About Homeopathy”

Trouble in Brown Sahibville: Sarawak, Malaysia

Editor’s Note: Farce is farce and marriage definitely betrays a man’s lack of authenticity, especially as a Muslim Leader, and more especially when one’s sons and their relationship with women is anything but exemplary. This fellow is headed for the hellfire and I pray… Continue Reading “Trouble in Brown Sahibville: Sarawak, Malaysia”

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