Gog & Magog by Dr. Omar

Gog & Magog, a Synoptic Scope:   

Taken From My Book, Cain’s Creed, The Cult(s) of Rome


Map of Khazaria

Gog = ancient Semitic word for King or Mountain of Darkness.  As a king, he is clearly identified as the Prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal, in the land of Magog.  [See Ezekiel, Chap 38: 1-4 & 39: 1-2].

It is also significant that the prophetic literature identifies a ‘Prince’ not necessarily as human but rather as a Spirit or guiding Folk Soul [Zeitgeist] of a nation.  This same claim is made in the Book of Daniel.

Tubal (the name of a son of Cain) and Meshech (Moskva or Moscow) are two rivers north of the Caucasus Mountains.  Hence, Rosh is readily identified as part of Russia.

Magog = highest point known to ancient Semites.  The word derives from Maghoph, meaning the Land of the Moon and Tree Worshipers; tribes who placed totems (Asherah) in the Caucasus Mountains.  These peoples inhabited regions north and east of Syria, extending into Scythia and Russia.[i]

A Time-line derives from recent Scientific Surveys [ii]

  • 5,500 BC –  Black Sea drops 500 ft below the Bosporus Strait causing collapse and cataclysmic floods extending to Mesopotamia.  Salt water destroys fresh water fish and causes massive toxicity.  The Black Sea becomes known as the ‘Sea of Death’ as noted in the Acadian/Sumerian tale of Gilgamesh.  This is most likely Noah’s Flood.
  • 5,000 BC Land Bridge between England & France sinks beneath the waves — Yangshoo Culture in China is well established and signs of civilization in Nubia are found. 
  • 5,200 BC – Forests emerge on western shores of the Black Sea, extending into Europe.  This period also marks the initial diversification of proto-Indo-European language accompanied by mass migrations to the Levant, China, India, Russia & Europe.  Current consensus is that the primal language and cultural center was Armenia at Ararat, the site of Noah’s landing after flood.

This region (Anatolia, Syria, Lebanon, Khazaria etc.) is a major focus of Monotheism’s eschatology and deviancy as it holds ancient houses of satanic cults that are directly related to the present globalist menace.  It appears that Gog & Magog refer to the peoples descended from Tubal-Cain and Noah’s errant stock that became Slavonic and Teutonic Caucasian Races respectively and then trod in all directions during the course of two dispersions, reaching Egypt, Persia, Pakistan and beyond.

Their occult fellowships certainly have ascended the mountain of darkness in consult with reprobate jinn and now send their princes to all nations.  Nimrud, we must remember, married into Cain’s family (his wife, Queen Semiramis was Cain’s great grand-daughter) and this religion has been adopted to limited degrees by both the Roman Church (via Pergamum), and the descendents of Khazarian Jews (Eastern European Jews or Ashke-Nazis) who adopted the Babylonian Talmud and Cabala.

There is a Satanic Brotherhood that stands above both that incorporates the highest orders of Iblis and Magick, and these Dragon Cults have mixed with Merovingians (descended from Danites) and other possessed bloodlines. (See: Sion, Zion and Jerusalem: Truth, Lies and Historicity http://www.scribd.com/doc/104130463/Jerusalem-Sion-amp-Zion-Revision-Aug-2012).

This thesis is reinforced by Al’Qur’an’s reference to Dhu al-Qarnayn (Perhaps Darius the First?) and his confrontation with tribes called Yajuj and Majuj (Gog & Magog).  He may have built what is mistakenly called ‘Alexander’s Wall’ to contain their incursions.[iii]  An eighty km remnant of its 145 km total remains standing south of the Caucasus with the River of Cyrus to the north of the Zagros Mountains that border Iraq & Iran.  Somewhere here may be the mountain pass spoken of in Sura Al’Kahf.  These races are identified with al’Dajjal’s Aryans as opposed to the Semites who gave us Isa and Mohammad; not that this excludes the latter tribes from the dishonor of reprobation as we shall amply demonstrate.

The region is also homeground to the Yezidi cultus of jinn (angel/snake) worshipers whom Gurdjieff (Count Stefan Colonna Walewski) and other Hermeticists admired, emulated and whose disciples were Occidentally institutionalized a century ago.  A demonized Yezid temple is pictured below and the tension between Kurdish Yezids (there are others) and their Sunni neighbors makes frequent headlines.

These are societies whom politically correct scholars ignore and/or dismiss as superfluous, a symptom of the trenchant denial cum avoidance devices that Jesuit Academics elaborate and Muslim academics emulate with a remarkable re-feudalization of White Tower success.  These latter tyrannical and supposedly “objective” methodologists avoid passion at all costs and divert relational truths to realms of extraneous intangibles.

Since Islam is absolutely relational I hope you understand the point of this satanic ploy.  This useless and vain philosophy of learning is exported, imported and integrated with targeted co-operatives in order to avoid the scent of collusion while obstructing righteous temerity.

There is indeed a Unitarian evolution and devolution of Iblitic traditions and institutions from the post-diluvial dispersions cited above.  Cain’s Creed exposes their professional dissimulation, ancient cum modern blood rites, human sacrifice and the sexual perversity of execrable rites that have long been utilized under facades of Christianity, Judaism, Patrician Republicanism, and even Islam to hide coteries of perdition.

The greatest of these Cults happens to the Cult of Rome’s Stygian aristocrats who conduct global perplexity, general mayhem and legalized wealth confiscation that maintain gentlemen carnivores and sundry god-eaters of Olympian appetites, girths and wealth.  These reprobates pose as saints and knights of immaculate humanitarian resolve while administering death and damnation to all groups so far considered by conspiracy manics who’ve also pondered the demise of generic common sense.

[i]       The Two Babylons by Alexander Hyslop; Israel & the Prophecies of the Holy Qur’an by Ali Akbar.

[ii]       See: Noah’s Flood by W. Ryan & W. Pitman, Marine Geologists,Columbia University, Touchstone Books, 2000.

[iii]      Report on a Newly-Discovered Extension of “Alexander’s Wall”  by Martin Charlesworth, J. of Persian Studies, Iran: vol. 25, (1987) pp, 160-165; British Institute of Persian Sudies

20 Comments on “Gog & Magog by Dr. Omar

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  2. Assalam.I. May Allah bless you and gives you appropriate reward for your work.It doesn’t matter if someone rejects your views. Unless Allah helps no one can appreciate the truth.

  3. What utter rubbish. Anyone with any understanding of history will see the glaring errors. The rest are conspiracy theories that can never be proven, hence anyone is free to say whatever he pleases in the name of research and proof. There are plenty of other quakes like him who have said strange things before. The whole thing is laughable.

    • Care to share a glaring error or two Ahmir ?? Am always ready to learn and /or admit an error … thanx – Omar

      • I have just googled Loki, as i dont watch films and brainwashing material at all, y did u call me that ?

      • My apologies …. that was meant for the fellow named “Trickster” I think I sent to you by mistake … Loki is a Norse god of lies and sinister tricks …. cheers ~ dr o

      • Thats alright, i am the trickster, and i wrote sheep alert. I called ahmir a sheeep. Wats wrong in that.

      • Just a little misunderstanding from your, side, i changed my name from trickster to ahmad. But u thought that im calling u sheep, infact i was calling this ignorant man (Ahmir) a sheep.
        Anyhow stay blessed, and keep the brialliant work up, Jazak Allah.

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  5. @ Hassan – I’ve tried to tell my family members, neighbours and friends. Most, if not all, just cannot fathom what I have said. They do not want to comprehend what I have said. Like Dr Omar has said in his tweets, cognitive dissonance (sp?) ….

    • Yes, i have received such responses as well, we can only share and spread. Allah chooses whom he chooses to reveal to. Insyaallah your, family, neighbours and freinds may gain hidayah from Allah swt

  6. I cant believe that I still hear muslims who say gog and magog were not released yet.

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