13 Facts All Americans Must Know Now

1. The United States individual (personal) income taxes go directly to the Bank of England, City of London, which is wholly owned and controlled by the family Rothschild.

2. The United States Federal Reserve Bank is NOT a U.S. government institution.

3. The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE bank, which is wholly owned and controlled by the family Rothschild.

4. The Federal Reserve was established in 1913 illegally, when the Rothschild’s lieutenant, U.S. Senator Nelson Aldrich, forced through a Congressional bill that mandated it.

5. The family Rothschild is directly responsible for starting all major, and many minor, wars over the past 230 years.

6. The family Rothschild is directly responsible for every recession and depression in the United States over the past 210 years.

7. The family Rothschild (The First Sphere of Influence) controls all major banking throughout the entire world, and has the power to bankrupt entire countries.

8. Thomas Jefferson fought vehemently against Alexander Hamilton to ensure that the newly created United States would NOT fall under the control of the Rothschilds. Jefferson said that the Rothschilds were a greater threat to our country than any standing army.

9. Andrew Jackson also fought to thwart all the efforts of the Rothschilds, and was able to do so during his term. When his term was up, the Rothschilds installed their own U.S. president and then, in a retaliatory measure, plunged America into its first depression.

10. The Rothschilds have assassinated four U.S. presidents, who refused to toe the Rothschild line, and are thought to have murdered others, although the evidence for the latter is as yet inconclusive.

11. The Internal Revenue Service is a private corporation, licensed by the Fed as a collection agency.

12. The Rothschilds are wholly responsible for the deaths and murders and assassinations of tens of millions of human beings worldwide.

13.  The Rothschild henchmen are Zbigniew Brzezinski and his sons. Forget Kissinger; he’s an idiot.

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8 Comments on “13 Facts All Americans Must Know Now

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  3. That first fact is not true at all.. the rest are sure, but not sure where anyone is getting this info from. It’s all just word of mouth, or text of paper, but with no real sources..

    • The Fed collects them via the illegal IRS Mob, Fed is 50% owned by Rothschild, the other 50% by cronies and Vatican friendly houses, for which I have read documented sources elsewhere. If these collected taxes go elsewhere then please tell us where?

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