Insight Conference Files

These are the three PPT presentations which I will use as references during the conference on 2-3 Sep 2012.  (Updated 28 Aug 2012)

1. Three Principles of Spiritual Law Intro

Insight Hosein_CAIN_CLINTON Sep 2012

The Cult of the Star

In addition you may download the following unpublished books for inclusion in the DVD Package

Click to access cains-creed-cult-of-rome-final-revision-october-2011.pdf

Click to access trinity-the-metamorphosis-of-myth-oct-2011.pdf

Click to access refuge-from-the-damned.pdf

Click to access jerusalem-sion-zion_revision_aug-2012.pdf

Click to access in-the-shadow-of-the-new-world-order-10-feb-2012.pdf

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