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What has happened in these last 2,000 odd years has been the sedulous consolidation of occult powers who’ve traditionally utilized Religion as an instrument of delusion, absolutism, tyranny and gargantuan plunder.  What were once sophisticated deviations such as ‘Japanese Emperor Worship’ or the parochial Thai adaptation, have now come to the point of Global amalgamation.  Since the political reinvigoration of the Illumes by Weishaupt (a Jew  & Jesuit), the Freemasonic Brotherhood has been used as the institutional vehicle to carry the monist creed of deism to a universal acceptance among the leadership of mankind.  It is now ready to implement the final phase of an ancient plan.


The Roots of Evil in Jerusalem

The Golden Report, 11/16/2003, by Jerry Golden

  • “In this report I use pictures showing the establishment of the Illuminati and establish proof that there has been a diabolical plot by those we refer to as the New World Order. Showing the architectural design of the New Israeli Supreme Court Building―designed and paid for by the Rothschilds―reflects the presence of Free Masonry and the Illuminati.  I took all but one of the pictures you see so I can assure that what you are seeing is real and in place.  The same families who own and control the Federal Reserve and other major financial institutions have their eyes set on the Temple Mount, and the Holy City of Jerusalem “
  • “The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the ‘agentur’ of the ‘Illuminati’ between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World.  The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.”

Barry Chamish acknowledged expert Investigative Reporter and author on Israeli affairs reports on WWIII:

  • Israel is in enormous trouble and is about to be a fatality of a plot for world domination recorded in 1871.  The means to its end will be the Jews made influential by forces salivating at the opportunity to see Israel finally finished off in the flames of a ritualistic Hell…   Since the terrorist attacks of Sept 11, 2001, world events in the Middle East show a growing unrest and instability between Jews and Arabs.  This is completely in line with the call for a Third World War to be fought between the two, and their allies on both sides.  This Third World War is still to come, and recent events show us that it is not far off.”

“And when it is said unto them: Make not mischief in the earth,
they say they are Peacemakers only.”

(Al’Qur’an; 002: 11)

O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other (not that you may despise each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).

(Al’Qur’an 49: 13)


Under Catholic Auspice really means Jesuits who would like to use the Universality of Islam represented by this passage as bait and justification, to seduce “Young Muslims” while at the same time they blaspheme Allah with iconography and secret councils.  This WCC—called into being by the Illuminati under Bohemian counsel and sanction—has increased in influence and dialogues, engaging the Youth of the World as did Mazzini’s Youth Movements during the last two centuries.  Calling for peace, they achieve the opposite by cunning design:

World Council of Churches
Geneva Info; Contact: + 41 22 791 6153 +41 79 507 6363 or


  • From 7 to 31 July in Bossey, near Geneva, some 25 young adults – Muslims, Jews and Christians – from European, Middle Eastern, Asian, African and American countries are exploring together the question: “How can we affirm our religious identities not in separation or against each other but in relation to one another?” The 7-31 July interfaith summer seminar at the World Council of Churches (WCC) Ecumenical Institute in Bossey includes spiritual and academic exercises as well as sports, recreation and everyday tasks.
  • Each day starts with a moment of prayer and spirituality, prepared alternately by the Christian, the Jewish and the Muslim participants. The experience of living under the same roof, sharing meals and prayers, is enriched by lectures offered by specialists from Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities as well as through participation in the religious activities in Geneva. The monolithic society created on the pattern “one nation, one culture and one religion” is rapidly becoming a relic of the past. In this context, the one-month programme “Building an Interfaith Community” taking place in Bossey prepares the future generation of leaders in churches, other faith communities and society at large for the challenges of living peacefully in a world of religious plurality.[i]

The World Council of Churches promotes Christian unity in faith, witness and service for a just and peaceful world. An ecumenical fellowship of churches founded in 1948, today the WCC brings together 347 Protestant, Orthodox, Anglican and other churches representing more than 560 million Christians in over 110 countries, and works cooperatively with the Roman Catholic Church. The WCC general secretary is Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia, from the Methodist Church in Kenya. Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Only July 8, 2009, the Congress of World and Traditional Religions held its 3rd Conference since 2003.  It is hosted by UN and Vatican backed sponsors under Zionist and Illuminati auspice, ostensibly for the purposes of World Peace; the usual shill that drags unwitting participants to all such dialogues to purchase snake oils of pretense and false hope as sponsors continue to undermine the autonomy of each represented polity:


Chamish Continues(internet post, 3 Jul 09):

On July 10, Pres. Obama attends the final session of the G8 gathering in Rome and then meets the “ex”-Nazi pope Benedict XVI. There, a proclamation will be forthcoming, outlining the end of Israel. PM Netanyahu has been running around Paris and Rome trying to short-circuit the fateful event but to no avail. At this meeting, the world, EU, UN, Quartet, CFR… all the real decision makers, will give Israel the final ultimatum… Clear the “settlements,” divide Jerusalem, because, if not, Israel will suffer the wrath of a total war; economic, financial, and finally, a military attack on the country. BY EVERYONE. Preparing for the end, the Vatican’s highest ranking agent in Israel, Pres. Shimon Peres, opened a major religious gathering, though his only god dwells in the netherworld. Watch as he leads his people out of Judaism to the world below:

  • During his keynote address, Peres called on King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia [Occidental Lackey], who instigated the Arab peace initiative, to meet in Jerusalem or in Riyadh, or to travel to Kazakhstan, where, together with other Arab leaders, he could advance the Israeli-Arab peace process.  “Together with all the Arab leaders, we can realize your vision, our vision and the vision of all the leaders and all believers in our shared god of peace and justice.  “We are aware of the big change which has occurred in the positions of a majority of Arab countries toward peace with Israel, a transition from the ‘Three Nos of Khartoum: – no negotiation, no recognition, no peace – to the three ‘yeses of the Saudi initiative,” Peres said.  “The king of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Abdullah II, [Freemason] defined the Saudi initiative as a readiness for peace between the state of Israel and 57 Arab and Muslim states,” the president continued….
  • With 60 business figures and government officials in Peres’s entourage, this is very much a working visit. But after the space technology agreement signed Tuesday and agriculture, communications and construction projects launched in high-level meetings, the visit turned away from hard-nosed business and diplomacy to a gentler discussion about how religion can be brought to bear on the problems of the region. As well as both of Israel’s chief rabbis, also in attendance were a cardinal who leads interfaith issues in the Vatican, an Anglican bishop and representatives of other Protestant denominations worldwide. Also participating were some of the top leaders of the Muslim world, including Sheikh Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi, the venerable grand imam of Cairo’s Al-Azhar Mosque.

Jul 1, 2009, The Jerusalem Post



What Preceded This Convergence:

From Barry Chamish 28 May 2008

Israel’s president had rare praise for Saudi Arabia’s king at a U.N. interfaith conference Wednesday, saying King Abdullah’s initiative to end the Arab-Israeli conflict inspired hope that all countries in the Middle East could live in peace.  Speaking to hundreds of guests in the General Assembly chamber, where Israel has often been vilified by its Arab neighbors, Shimon Peres appealed to Abdullah to maintain his leadership in the Arab world during the difficult peace process.  Minutes earlier, Abdullah said it was “high time” the world learned the harsh lesson of history ­ that differences between followers of different religions and cultures “engendered intolerance, causing devastating wars and considerable bloodshed without any sound logical or ideological justification.”

Please bear in mind as you reflect on the above statements and the report that follows, that Freemasons, in collusion with the Black Nobility and Vatican, have historically fomented these so-called ‘Religious Wars’.  What we have here is their collective approach to the ‘final solution’ for problems they have professionally engendered for the purpose of attaining absolute world hegemony.

  • …  Why would the King Of Saudi Arabia organize an interfaith conference at the UN, declaring that all religions caused intolerance and bloodshed?  And why would Israel’s mafia President applaud the King?  Look out Jerusalem! The roadblock has been lifted and you’re about to be the divided capital of the world’s united “religion.”  And while the ignorant Israelis fear that Jerusalem is about to be divided for “peace,” close to none understand that Jerusalem is to be divided to create The World Parliament Of Religions, naturally, For Peace…  The Bilateral Permanent Working Commission between the State of Israel and the Holy See has held a Plenary meeting at the Vatican today, Wednesday, 28 May 2008, for the purpose of advancing the negotiations pursuant to Article 10 12 of the Fundamental Agreement between the Holy See and the State of Israel (30 December 1993).
  •  The Delegation of the Holy See was led by Monsignor Pietro Parolin, Under-Secretary for Relations with States at the Secretariat of State, and was composed also of the following Members:  Mr. Bahij Mansour, Director of Inter-religious Affairs Department, MFA; The Vatican Council On Foreign Relations cabal is very real, very powerful and has the full backing of the crooks we all, no matter where, call our “leaders.”…  Normally, I never write such long pieces. I keep the facts as simple as possible to try and persuade the unacquainted of what, seems to be, a truth too complicated for them to understand. At the conclusion of this piece I’ll make a suggestion. Meanwhile, bear with me. Beware the super liberal peace talk. It’s a facade intended to sound good enough to fool, especially Jews and Israelis.


Extracts & Agenda for the Inter-Religious Peace Summit in Jerusalem 2008:

In particular we aim for the establishment of World Parliament of Religions (for Peace), an international, inter-religious council or court consisting of selected and worldwide recognized spiritual and religious leaders committed to deal with the necessary corrections, steps, strategies and solutions towards our goal of world-wide reconciliation and atonement under the guidance of (selected leaders of) the conflicting parties and their prophetic scriptures…  It is His explicitly given Promise (to the people of Israel and the entire world!) that His Glory shall return to His chosen Place – Mount Moriah – in form of the Sh’khinah, the living Presence of JHWH, descending from Its abode above at His time (“and the time is near”) to take possession of the Holy of Holies then being provided by a joint effort of Muslim-Jewish cooperation. From there it is meant to flood Jerusalem with God’s grace, bringing final redemption to humanity and its nations…

To sum up, the unique goal of the Summit is to clarify the religious roots of the Middle East Conflict and to straighten out misguided and perverted religious beliefs in Judaism and Islam and to lay a foundation for a joint and close cooperation by establishing a Permanent Parliament of World Religions, an inter-religious council or court vested with the legitimate authority and power to judge in matters of (rightful or unrightful) religious claims from any particular tradition and to speak right in the question of the authenticity of the Biblical and Islamic Scriptures as well as of the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish State, equal rights for all its minorities and the access of the Temple Mount for Jews as well as for non-Jews and to define the legitimate ownership and/or sovereignty over Mount Moriah (Temple Mount), which is God’s.

The central issue in this conflict is an increasing world-wide neglect of God’s (JHWH’s) promise to restore Zion to His righteousness and the return of His Sh’khinah (the fullness of His spiritual glory and power) to Mount Moriah (the Temple Mount of old, a part of Mount Zion)…  (A mutually agreed and signed Charter should be released and dealt with as a model to be advocated and brought before the UN as well as the local governments for a resolution (in line with the 1948 foundation concept of the State of Israel).) Secondly to establish and empower a “Permanent Parliament or Council of Religions for Peacein Jerusalem in the likeness of the UN as a monitoring institution alert to any kind of intentional distortion of divine revelations and the misuse of them and as a court legitimized to judge in questions of neglect and hostile acts against persons or rights from any other religious community.

– End of Extract

[i] Ecumenical Institute in Bossey:

  • Additional information: Juan Michel,+41 22 791 6153 +41 79; 507 6363