Gay Muslim men have marriage blessed in France

Editor’s Note: This does not represent the changing face of Islam but rather the changing or even emerging face of those who call themselves ‘Muslim’. The conundrum is real, God did not create them this way.  Rather, mankind’s foolish disobedience to fitrah and revelation has allowed the aberration which occurs during the first trimester as the result of man’s interference with embryo-genesis; much of which has to do with toxic insult and spouse abuse… To know more, read my book THE TAQUA OF MARRIAGE

Two gay Muslim men have married in France – where marriage between gay people is not yet recognised – with the blessing of an imam.

French-Algerian Ludovic Mohamed Zahed and his partner, Qiyam al-Din, a South African, were previously able to marry in South Africa – but their union was not recognised in France.

Mr Zahed recounted his story on France 24 TV, telling the channel how he met Mr Din last year at a convention on AIDS in South Africa.

“I was in the lecture hall when an imam – who incidentally, is gay himself – introduced me to Din. We discovered we had a lot in common and a mutual admiration was cemented. I stayed on after the convention for two months, deciding to get married, since South African laws were more friendly [to same-sex unions],” he said.

After the wedding – organised by Din’s family – the couple decided to return to France and settle in a Parisian suburb, hoping that the French government would recognise the legality of their marriage, but the authorities refused.

Mr Zahed says he has his family’s blessing over his marriage, and that he’s surprised to be facing more hurdles with French law than from Muslim homophobia. The marriage took place in a house in Servon, on the outskirts of Paris, and was attended by his parents and few close friends.

“Being married in front of my family, was like a new start of life for me. I could have never imagined such a day would come, seeing the joy in my parents’ eyes after they had battled with my sexuality and tried with all their might to change the course of my sexual orientation,” he said.

Mr Zahed is following doctoral studies in Islam and homosexuality and also heads an organisation that researches issues relating to Islam and homosexuality. He said his absolute priority is to get a legal permit for his new spouse to stay and work in France.

  1. Dromio  about 18 hours ago

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    Good luck to them. The French election is coming soon and it looks as though the left will get back into power and hopefully then fulfill their promise to introduce marriage equality.

    1. de Villiers  about 17 hours ago

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      The upcoming election is for the President rather than the Assemblée Nationale.

      In the life of the Fifth Republic, there has been only one President on the Left – President Mitterrand. In any event, it is not the President who controls this but the Assemblée Nationale. The left introduced the PACS when there was a left-wing majority under Prime Minister Jospin (who went on to lose the Presidential election so badly that he allowed Le Pen of the Front National to reach the final stage against Chirac.

      The Parti Socialist, however, have promised to introduce gay marriage should then win another majority. As it happens, a PACS in France has some advantages over marriage in England – specifically in the tax treatment where those in a PACS can file a joint tax statement whereas in England each person is taxed individually.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington  about 16 hours ago

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        I’d still have a civil marriage than a PACs or a CP, neither of which will ever be the universal gold standard. I can live without the privilege of filing a joint tax return in exchange for a real marriage.

      2. de Villiers  about 15 hours ago

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        A joint tax return can be a substantial benefit when one of you is not working. My partner and I have adopted a boy and he no longer works. We would be in a far more advantageous position with a PACS – save that we could not have adopted in France.

  2. Nathan  about 16 hours ago

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    If you are reading this congratulations! And good luck with the fight for recognition!

  3. myself  about 15 hours ago

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    Mashallah! Bless you all who love. Our time will come. We shall overcome.

  4. NIgel  about 13 hours ago

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    The very best of luck to them – they deserve it, and their time will come. Every country and faith needs people like them to move the rest forward. Congratulations if they see this!

  5. Billy  about 11 hours ago

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    A good example of, be the change you want to see in the world, Allah Bless them and congratulations to them, may they live long happy lives together.

  6. GingerlyColors  about 10 hours ago

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    Good luck to them and hopefully they will be able to have their marriage officially endorsed soon. France has registered partnerships or Pact De Solidarite but after 221 years of legal homosexuality it is time they made that final step into marriage equality. The Muslim community in France is much larger than ours but are subject to more restrictions and there is the ban on full-face veils. Recently Nicolas Sarkosky summarily threw out two terror suspects in defiance of the European Court Of Human Rights. The Muslim population of France is also more ghettoised and trouble in those suburbs is frequent. Having said that there are Muslims who are enlightened in both Britain and France.

  7. Staircase2  about 9 hours ago

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    Bless em!
    I wish them all the best :o )
    What a lovely story :o )

  8. Nick  about 9 hours ago

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    This convinced me that there are some decent religious figures in existence, hence there is some hope for humanity.

    1. Jonpol  about 9 hours ago

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      Me too. We need to hear more about and from educated gay Muslims.

7 Comments on “Gay Muslim men have marriage blessed in France

  1. Salam OZ!
    So after reading some of the replies… WTH man haha.. Looks like no one but me read the editors note or understands what he’s trying to communicate by posting this article… but umm he’s definitely NOT supporting this “couple”. I can’t believe I have to spell this out.. maybe I missed something 😲🤔.
    Correct me if I’m wrong. Unbelievable lol

    • Sorry I thought the posts directly under the article were posted by Zaidpub readers I was shocked!! Misunderstanding.
      These two posts can be deleted. (I thought readers from this site were giving them blessings and congratulating them)

  2. The final time is surely within a hairs breadth of us now. Islam is being abandoned by the Muslims – wholesale! and like the dust of riba, the dust of abandonment is surely touching us all. We are the trash at the end of the 80 or so generations which have passed since the prophet(saw) gave us the ultimate code of life.

    I have just caught Nida’s last sentence. It is not coincidence that we (and I presume you Dr O.) can plainly see the writing on the wall. I am sure it will take almost all by surprise. Even the strong Muslim will be decieved and follow the way of the dajjal This I posit is abundantly visible when one looks at the so called “leaders” we have today.

    May Allah forgive us for what we have done and protect us from what is unfolding.

    A chill ran through my spine from 9m:29s on one certain part.

  3. Salaam Aleykum Dr. Zaid,

    More disturbing news. There was a similar story last year on BBC about two women demanding the right to a ‘religious marriage ceremony’ inside a mosque in the UK. They were equally encouraged by other ‘Muslims’ to follow their desires and ignore the ‘homophobic dictates’ of their religious commandments. The worse issue is that now so-called “imams” are increasingly succumbing to the external pressures and encouraging people with same-sex attractions to act on their feelings. And then there are “gay imams” too who openly profess their corrupt values in public and engage in physical relationships with the same sex, while calling themselves ‘Muslims’.

    These are surely signs of the end. May Allah protect us.

  4. it is so hard to get married and girl doesn t want sex,two solution for young muslim, masturbate themselve, watch porn film or become gay, thats the reality because nobody teach them to get married young , it is hard to stay moraly clean, the only way is the pornographic movies

  5. Though not a Muslim i can understand the feelings of those Muslims who keep true to Allah and the true ways of marriage and relationships that does not mean that we should persecute those who trangress those laws but that we must ensure that male and female relationships are the priority

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