“Tch, tch, Poor Jews! poor-poor Jews” — The Medieval Genesis of the NWO’s Elite – by Dr. Omar Zaid

An Extract from my Book: “Cain’s Creed, The Cult(s) of Rome”

In brief, the elite that confronted the legitimate kingdoms of Medieval Europa were the remnants of Mind Controlling Merovingian Myth-Mongers (many disguised as monks and sundry ecclesiarches) vs. Carolingians and Guelphs vs. Ghibilleine Nobles; each coven infiltrated by Jews (Danites & Benjamites of the Northern Kingdom: Israel) and Latin remnants from ancient Troy (human sacrificing ETRUSCANS) mixed with real Jews (Bani Israel or Judah of the Southern Kingdom), pseudo-Jews and Khazar Jews; all of whom had opposing agenda‘s sired by tribalism, the Kabala, Mystery Religion Gnosticism from Alexandria (i.e. the ‘G‘ of Freemasonry = the Deep things of Satan or Illumination) and the Talmud (Babylonian Jews); each group vying for the papal keys and each group deluded by or manipulating the populace with contrived Trinitarian Theosophy; each group being degree-ably idolatrous and/or significantly influenced by Kabalist cum Khazarian pretenders in search of the Grail‘s long lost Rex Deus Messiah of the ancient Red Brotherhood of the Snake Fellows or Danites and Yezidis.

The same contention grips the Globe presently.  However, since the late 17th
century these partisans managed to resolve most of a number of inter-sectarian conflicts under Al-Caponean cum Meyer Lanskian Charters, and now comprise two major factions: those who support the papacy and those who wish to usurp and/or destroy it under the Priory of Sion‘s Grail King megalomania (Merovingians); and even these two are seeking compromise via a recent ‘Rothschild-House of Stewart’ marriage.  In addition, there are Far Eastern Oriental ‘Royal’ factions that threaten the autonomy of both, especially since the former have been exploiting the latter for centuries.  But the Orientals have finally ‘come into their own‘ as it were—under the crimson shadow of the fellowship‘s newly awakened ‘Sleeping Giant‘.

All has occurred while ruthlessly cunning Jesuit counselors played all sides of the board against the other—bearing in mind of course that even Kings and Queens are naught but pawns made by these King makers and murderers—who seek only the ultimate papist advantage regardless of who is sacrificed, even their own.

The compulsive demigods have confederated to utilize Freemasonic cum Rosicrucian Hermetic fraternities and various noblesse oblige Councils such as the Olympian 300 of the Dutch & British East India Companies and Bildebergers; reversing the term‘s definition in Luciferian style by becoming a self-serving, tyrannical and global Synarchy of Sociopaths.

Being fortified with this apocalypse of the Catholic saga, we may now return to Mr. Gerald Rose‘s review of the Venetian Shylocks (primarily Khazarian Jews); those masters of deceit who gave Jews such a poor self-image the latter have compulsively overcompensated on a continuum by making almost the entire lot (Americans included) a horde of thriving neurotics.

Tch tch… poor Jews … poor-poor Jews.

6 Comments on ““Tch, tch, Poor Jews! poor-poor Jews” — The Medieval Genesis of the NWO’s Elite – by Dr. Omar Zaid

  1. Salam Doctor Zaid

    What is the black magic influences in our modern society if so ?

    Do they ( the jesuit ) govern obama? Or the europe parliament?
    How people can understand if no explanation, all is hidden like the messonery lodges,etc…..

    King regards

    Wa salam Aleykoum

    • The Black Magic is achieved through symbolism that cause subliminal suggestions that then undermine ‘free will’ … e.g. the pentagram is everywhere, even on Islamic Flags, and this gives it a legitimacy that people fail to question. It is just accepted, however, it is a symbol that attracts certain jinn and the powers that they have and suggests social conformity of will and deed.

      As for the Jesuits, they are everywhere and have greater influence over mankind’s affairs than people realize or even think possible.

      wasalaam dr omar

  2. What about the gold and silver and all diamond etc….. Is it a tale or is it true that the pope control the monney?

    • Salaam Mounir,

      Through various of these societies, most of the gold reserves are certainly controlled. But it is a mistake to say that the “Pope” controls them, because, like Obama or the Queen, he is a figurehead who is, in turn, controlled by others, and in particular here, the Jesuits.

      • So, the Jesuit are simply a catholic order , they couldn’t be everywhere?
        The Patriarcat in Moscow is not controlled by the jesuit ?
        The question is what’s the jesuit influences in the modern society?

      • They are far more influential than people imagine. History records their black hearted arts in almost every nation, and the headsof state throughout the last 500 years have lamented their presence. They are not only disguised as priests, and they are much more than merely Catholic. You would do well to read up on them.

        Dr. Omar

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