The Titanic Muslim Dilemma: Islamic Science, Pedagogues, Reactionaries and Enemies by Dr. Omar

Dr. Omar Zaid, M.D., Jan 2013
Dr. Omar Zaid, M.D., Jan 2013

14 Apr 2013

The cause of Islam’s decline is ironic because similar attitudes once enveloped Christianity in the Darkness from which Muslims rescued it.

  • “Investigation of natural phenomena is superfluous and beyond the human mind, and the learning and study of these matters are impious and false.”   – Eusebius, c. 340 AD Church Historian
  • “Let us Christians prefer the simplicity of our faith which is stronger, to the demonstrations of human reason.”   – St. Basil

… etc, etc. ad nauseum vobiscum.  The residue of such deplorable sanctimony remains thickly varnished on the left cerebral hemispheres of Islamia’s minions even now.  Many deem religious ritual (God’s Rites) and the practice of mouthing the remembrance of God as the sufficient exercise of their birthright.  This same moronic pedagogy was once a Catholic specialty in Europe ¾ in Latin America it still is ¾ which is, no doubt, reason enough for Salafis, Becktashis and Whahabis to be welcomed within the Romanist fold of the World Religious Parliament of the NOW Inc. crowd.  This reminds me of the experimental innovation conducted by the Mogul Ali Akbar who ushered all creeds to his posthumously failed ecumenicist state — and sure it was, Jesuits resided there as well.

Prof. Muddathir Abdul-Rahim has this to say about the necessity for authentic Islamization:

  •  … [Muslims] need the systematic development of a holistic understanding of the various branches of knowledge – including scientific enquiry and technical know-how – in which, consistently with the teachings of the Qur’an and the tawhidic world view of Islam, the material and spiritual aspects of nature and human experience will not be seen as dichotomous modes of existence but as a seamless continuum. [1]

While I agree with Prof. Mudhathir, I see little need to develop another circus of pseudo-Islamified pedagogues because the concept of tawhid cannot be assimilated without the work of obedience in relation to principles of Mohammad’s Medina speech or the practice of taqua as exquisitely defined already by the metaphysical sciences of Islam.  Why re-invent the wheel rather than assure that Islam is taught in a balanced manner and correctly so by ‘knowledgeable’ teachers (meaning ‘fully’ educated), and then adhered to as Al’Quran’ copiously instructs under officers dedicated to al’hisbah?

This actually means retraining the majority of teachers who presently think they’re qualified because they’ve adopted the same pedagogy that has dumbed-down Americans sufficiently to toe lines of politically correct Social Darwinism according to Medieval Hermeneutics of the City of London’s Tavistock Institute. [1]   They create nifty boxes, cunning exam questions and lovely flow charts with well defined goals and outcomes.   Nevertheless, I assure you there is no tawhid to be found in this approach.

One must certainly conduct appropriate streaming of student populations towards marks of excellence; but do it according to individual capacities.  This cannot occur with a uniform curriculum that rewards only one kind of intelligence, as there were at least seven types last time I counted them some years ago, and it seems they have increased:

Gardner (1999) defines an intelligence as ‘‘biopsychological potential to process information that can be activated in a cultural setting to solve problems or create products that are of value in a culture’’ (pp. 33–34). According to Gardner, there are more ways to do this than just through logical and linguistic intelligence. Gardner believes that the purpose of schooling “should be to develop intelligences and to help people reach vocational and avocational goals that are appropriate to their particular spectrum of intelligences. People who are helped to do so, [he] believe[s], feel more engaged and competent and therefore more inclined to serve society in a constructive way. [2]

The school systems educate and reward only two of three of these God-Given gifts of intelligence while the remaining majority is marginalized and hence, psychologically demeaned which is neither Islamic nor scientific.

  • The primary intent for developing MI theory was to chart the evolution and topography of the human mind, not to prescribe educational practice.  Nonetheless, MI theory has been discussed widely in the Educational field and has been particularly influential in elementary education, where it has provided a useful framework for improving school-based practice in the areas of curricula, instruction, and assessment… it offers an approach to intervention that focuses on strengths instead of deficits. By the same token, it extends the concept of the gifted child beyond those who excel in linguistic and logical pursuits to include children who achieve in a wide range of domains. [3]

I venture to say that some gifted Muslim scholar already developed these same concepts to greater heights quite some time ago and that present day students have rediscovered them only to be ignored in the grand run towards Western Cliffs of mimicry.   I imagine also that Muslims have been far too busy with ritual and ‘saving face’ to either translate the treatise or take its content seriously.  In the present milieu of reductionist mimicry and politically correct brinksmanship, I also imagine it would take another generation of IOK conferences to even broach any practical changes by inviting hard scientists to the dialogue.

Nevertheless, this retraining of teachers is what naturally occurred during the first two hundred years of Islam’s infancy and without recourse to IOK conferences.  It necessarily preceded the Scientific Explosion of Islam’s third century and beyond.  However, the present stumbling block is tolerance for professional inadequacies that promote tribalism rather than competence.  When added to Muslim submission to Occidental governors whose gauchos of greed will never permit authenticity to inseminate culture let alone flourish, I fear the prescriptions for genuine Islamic remedies will never be filled.  I say this because the generic heedlessness and sectarianism of Muslim polities and policy-makers continually checkmates the process of Islam Hadhari so that the exercise remains little more than window dressing for cronyized projects, Ali Baba payoffs and appointments, and the politically-safe rhetoric that protects such corruption of Islamic Adab.  I call such scholarship propaganda mills for recycled humbug.

  • And keep your soul content with those who call on their Lord morning and evening, seeking His Face; and let not your eyes pass beyond them, seeking the pomp and glitter of this Life; nor obey any whose heart We have permitted to neglect the remembrance of Us, one who follows his own desires, whose case has gone beyond all bounds.      — Al-Kahf; 18:27

The ostentation of “Pomp and Glitter” oversees the ummah’s institutions presently and though many call on their Lord ritually they immediately join the ranks of “permitted neglect” by ignoring the corruption just cited while inviting the counsel of enemies and imbibing the forgetfulness of crossing bounds into globalism’s Conference on Paradigm Drift with the West as Chair.

Alhough Tun Mahathir of Malaysia can hardly be considered a model Muslim, his fierce statesmanship and regionalism admirably withstood the onslaught of an intentionally prosecuted fiscal war by the Jewish Illuminatus, Herr George Sorus.   If Dr. Mahathir had repented of his crimes publicly instead of weeping the tears of low-cost sentimentalism, perhaps the entire region would have turned towards authentic Islam and abandoned nepotism and cronyism.  After all, didn’t similar crimes bring on Hadrat Uthman’s demise and civil war?

According to Prof. Wael Halliq, the communal worldview that previously defined and characterized Muslim Society was one that palpably permeated the general public with a profoundly inherent awareness-of and submission-to implemented Shari’ah as opposed to the present swamps of accretion and neglect of justice.  Professor Halliq further claims that this same attitude provided a cohesive elan’ vitae that robustly advanced science with vigor, morality and dignity: he says that ‘Everyone and everything was ‘Islamic’ without the designation “Islamic”.  Hence, there was little need for questions of split-hair Islamicity to arise.  Alas, we may collectively lament the loss of implementation consequent to a consciousness that is soundly thrashed by today’s dim lights of extremism, secular encroachments, material reductionism, ritual fetishism, and artful dodgers of truth and obedience seated on dais of power and mammon.  These circumstances are endemic however, so much so that Prof. Muddathir’s recommendation and this quiescent diatribe must of necessity fall on a sequence of incompetent auditors, politically correct automatons, or marginalized, impotent truth seekers and doers.  Under these conditions, authentic Islamization can only occur far from the urban urbane: amongst communities estranged ‘from it all’ ¾ exactly as the prophet (pbh) prophesied.

What significance then does the term ‘Islamic Science’ have in such a corrupt milieu?  I have read several articles on the hotly contested term and have yet to come across a serious characterization of the idiom that withstands criticism or confronts inhibiting corruptors head-on.   Nevertheless, I’ll give it a go.   Since Islam is a term that denotes peaceful submission to Allah SWT’s absolute regency; and since science denotes the systematic study of the universe and all it holds—which does not include Allah SWT or His essence (whatever that is) since He is indefinable and transcends creation and human cognition and comprehension—then the term ‘Islamic Science’ may be succinctly defined in its gestalt sense of Tawhidic expression as follows:

  • The ‘systematic study of the universe according to divine command as well as inherent and revealed knowledge.

This implies that non-Muslims can partake in the enterprise and that Imams attempting to describe Allah would be better off seeking improved living standards for their charges.   In addition, the definition requires that leaders who support the cause need to shape up to the Sala’u’din standard [i] or resign before the grave cashes reward checks and invites more boots from General Allenby’s successors.

‘Inherent’ means those limited faculties and attributes with which things and creatures are created, and ‘revealed’ means knowledge as related by the Prophets (all of them).  The given definition avoids speculation, redundancy and contradiction while at the same time admits contemplative inspiration which is the taffakur that attends authentic tasawwuf implied by the word ‘study’ rather than monotonous mantras leading to amentia, jinn infestation and marabout manias with the provisional mirages induced by endogenous endorphins that are more powerful than morphine.

Nevertheless the offered definition will raise objections from non-believers in Allah’s regency over mankind and creation, and create disquiet in the split-hair fogs that govern ruminations for Islamization pundits who favor the Universalism of Romanist Patricians and pantheists dressed in Ivy League comfort.  In response to any doubt or unease, I can only say that except for the Black Arts of Hermeneutics and Lamaism¾behind which tree pagan cabalists hide¾whatever scientific queries man assumes, all are Islamic whether we admit it, like it, or even fail to describe the fact.   The only qualifiers absent are human consciousness and the application of man’s will: meaning whether one actualizes Islam’s tenets with progressive adab—the latter being the practice of justice that requires putting everything and everyone in its or their proper place according to the traditional Islamic epistemology begun by Prophet Adam.

This, dear reader, is the authentic reality-orientation trial of Islam’s deen for man’s benefit rather than loss.   And since half the deen is marriage and Muslim marriages are increasingly at risk and failing, the socially scientific indicator indicts Islam’s Imams as dismal failures at the adab of true guidance.   Besides all of this, of what use is any ‘direct perception of the ‘Supreme Principle’ to the farmer or native who has lost land income to foreign or indigenous speculators; or to the widows and orphans our leaders failed to protect from the unaccountable Muslims who have abandoned them, or who left their nations open to the generic manslaughter of modern crusades while working for the Israeli Mossad (see: By Way of Deception by Victor Ostrovsky)?

To illustrate the almost silly implications of the term ‘Islamic Science’ for some observers, let us consider the science of Physiology, which is the study of the functions of living organisms and the interrelation of their parts. [ii]  This discipline is entirely Islamic in as much as it seeks to describe and comprehend the bio-dynamics of created organisms, all of which are absolutely subject to performance according to the Word of Allah.  Therefore, and despite the bias of religious beliefs currently imputed by the term ‘Islamic’, Physiology is inherently Islamic and needs no intellectual taut to remind us of the fact.  This is another reason classical scholars never conceived the idiom to begin with!

The significant inference is that it is the individual who must be Islamized rather than the considered discipline, which requires re-building the worldview from the ground up, a discipline that is the real purpose of Islam’s deen; bearing in mind that marriage, family and community (including governance), comprise 100% of the deen.  There is indeed mammalian physiology, ichthyo-physiology, ornithyo-physiology, invertebrate-physiology, even jinni-physiology, but surely there is no Islamic, Christian, Buddhist, Hebrew or Taoist physiology, excepting of course, that which proceeds from the anthropological perspective and perhaps teleological references defining what might be modified of an existential nature as a result of respective religious practices.  Albeit, even these altered states of modified being are Islamic in as much as the guru’s physiological state during trance or fast, for example, is completely subject to Allah’s preordained laws and limitations.[iii]

Hence, the need I and perhaps others perceive for the term’s advent since Prof. Nasr’s thesis, which dates from the year of Zionist triumph, is either one of ideological manipulation on the part of Occult Sponsors [iv] – as was the case with Darwin’s ‘Origins’ and Rousseau’s ‘Noble Savage’¾icons used to promote anarchy and false idealism alluded to by the term ‘liberty’.  Of course the term Islamic Science could also be a Reactionary Formation on behalf of those who feel obligated to defend a civilization that has lost its luster, dignity and dominion because of moral, ethical, academic, religious, fiscal, scientific, social and political degeneration and decadence.  Both reasons give cause for grave concern and have historical precedents and respective apologists.  In addition, either reason gives momentum to Western hegemony since reactionary responses are phlegmatic and characteristic fronts that avoid real change in order to protect the status quo.   Occult Magi well know these matters of human psychology.  Hence, I submit that they fostered a false conservatism with Luciferian values.

With regards to the former charge, the reader must understand that Hegel’s Dialectic proceeds from the Hermetic consortium that comprises the satanic elite who preside over every significant institution of governance and education in the West, East, North and South.  They do this in order to control consensus building on both sides of any issue or war and thereby assure their own management of the outcome.   When and if this possibility appears lost, they induce chaos and start all over with whosoever survives.  A well known precedent is Lord Rothschild’s manipulation of the London Stock Exchange via machinations of Nelson and Napoleon at Waterloo.  This is the standard Roman protocol as established by Julius Caesar, adopted by Jesuits and others who inherited the ancient pagan crowns.  It is the only explanation as to why it is that Wall Street Jews funded Hitler and Stalin and why Jesuits educated Karl Marx, Stalin and Bill Clinton, and Fidel Castro, et alia.

On the other hand, reactionism is not without apparent justification or idealist defenders:

  • Probably, this Islamization would not be necessary if there were no secularization of science in the modern world.   Again, the Islamization of Science would not be so urgent an agenda, if this secularization of science did not create dangerous threats or even destructive effects on the pillars of faith … and we believers feel threatened theologically by these secular scientific theories … therefore, the Islamization of Science as a form of naturalization should be done to minimize the negative impacts on the religious system and thus protect it from a complete ruin.”     –  Mulyadhi Kartanegara [4]

A key word used by Prof. Kartanegara is ‘threatened’.  The only reason the ‘best of all ummahs’ would feel this way is because they are no longer the best; meaning, of course, that the ummah (rather than knowledge) is what needs to be Islamized all over again — but since Islam Hadari is no longer politically correct or better said, fashionable, this is an unlikely occurrence indeed.

Perhaps “Islamizing” contemporaries assume the role of reformers or agents of a much needed renaissance, and if so I applaud the intention but solidly criticize the focus and question their source of inspiration and focus.   Pursuant to Islamia’s falling away from dominion via the demerits of heedlessness followed by an allowance of progressive Occidental infiltrations, I reluctantly agree that the reaction may help forestall ‘complete ruin’.   Yet I insist and will establish that there is a greater priority than the mere Islamization or religious tagging of any body of knowledge.

As established above, physiology needs no such defense or Islamic adjective and neither do astronomy, physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc. etc., since they are all inherently subject to Al Musawwir (SWT).  Nevertheless, there is indeed a colossal need for Prof. Muddhathir’s ‘holism’ that requires curricular adjustments that progress towards the realization of tawhid.  What holism implies is akhira or mindfulness of the continuum that exists between the samawat, mind, body, spirit, here and Hereafter.  This is to say between the physical and metaphysical as manifest in the dependent unity of the diversity presented by God’s visible and purposeful Word as reflected in a responsible participation in that purpose with regard for man’s accountable post-mortem estate.  In other words, it is once again man who needs the re-awakening of the childlike tawhidic consciousness he was born with, rather than recycled treatises filled with rhetoric about bygone glory and dizzying categorizations.

Specifically it means that Islam needs to be actualized as the relevant and necessary solution for humanity’s perplexity it is meant to be.  Unfortunately, this is best done in one’s native tongue rather than the lingua franca of the Muslim League’s Tartufferie.   However, and despite the following observation, this requires a corrective political surgery that dwarfs any concept of renaissance, which is why both Imam Mahdi and Prophet Isa are required to end the present pretense:

  • … Islam is capable of providing a broader framework to eliminate the negative effects of secular science. It can establish sacred-religious science accommodating man’s need for knowledge and science.  Islam has a profound epistemology, which is appropriate for overcoming the skepticism and relativism … it has rich resources and great authority for the establishment of ethics and codes of conduct for scientific enterprises.   — Hussein Heriyanto [v]

For this to occur it is mandatory that Muslims repent of the moronic denial of their neglect of Islam’s personalized and relational tenets of behavior and social purpose: meaning that the “ethics and codes of conduct” required for this effort’s success must be applied first of all to leadership.   This is a call that mandates the Hanbali Imamate and obviously means war since most national leaders are in league with Western Imperialists.   Since war is an obvious absurdity in the present vacuum of authenticity as hedged by awesome Iblissian encroachments; and since rebellion is forbidden as long as prayer is upheld; then the only option is for the Alim to have enough courage to stand at Friday prayer and ask Allah to impeach Judeo-Christian-Alliance-loving traitors as did Imam Nik Aziz in Malaysia.  In the lack of such valor and opposition, it appears to this writer that Allah SWT has seen fit to defer the triumph of truth until the cited iniquity is fulfilled, whereupon traditional Qari will announce the advent of Mahdi in Medina as prophesied.

Meanwhile, those of us who comprehend the present estate should try to awaken the ummah to the presence of clear and present enemies within its ranks and treat them as such as commanded by the Prophet.  Nevertheless, many “alim” are mesmerized by a requiem entitled “Progress and its Comforts”.   I used the term ‘requiem’ because the so called “progress” of modern (secular) science as accompanied by Romanist Universalism—the former being divorced from spiritual values and the latter being Luciferian—only accelerates the facilitation of mankind’s morbidity as patented by the multiplicity of modern illnesses and anti-social maladies during the radioactive and most barbaric century ever experienced.  The post-Fukushima 21st Century holds little promise of improvement and since “progress” is Islamically defined as ‘success both here and hereafter’, those who laud and submit to material progress without obedience to Allah only hasten their demise and that of their constituencies.

Such folk develop the modern infirmities of family dysfunction while heaping booty and conspicuous consumptions that cause environmental degradation, diabetes, dementia, neurosis, substance abuse, strokes and heart disease etc. as consequences.  All the while they’re charmed by accolades for the pretentious achievements of deviant cultural norms that contravene common sense, truth, and the purposes of Islam under auspices of Hermetic icons such as the Star and Crescent or red-white-and-blue of the cited Alliance.  This is exactly why the British and Madame Clinton chose Malaya as a model Islamic State, because malleable Malays are exquisitely amenable to such foolishness.  This divorce of authenticity from consciousness and practical implementation reflects the spiritual paralysis of modernity’s psychic grip while premature entropic processes mime the final separation of the soul from its body and reward in the Hereafter.

There is a titanic dilemma facing imams and their polities as well as non-believers in Allah’s regency, both scientist and laymen.  It is this reality I attempt to describe because I disagree with Prof Heriyanto’s implication that a sacred-religious science can be re-established so readily—for it is not science that needs to be Islamized but rather scientists and those who must fund and attend the results of their work according to Sunnite principles of the Imamate as stated already.   This must be the real focus of any effort to apply the term ‘Islamic Science’ to the contemporary insanity that masquerades as authenticity.

If this were accomplished, the sciences would automatically fall into place and pious step with little effort as they did in third century Islamia.  This is an Islamization process that should necessarily begin at the top of today’s rather heedless pyramids of power.  It is also a course that requires more time than it appears we have left, seeing it’s 800 years since the Great Khan’s Hammer destroyed the Abbasid farce from which Islamia and its sciences have never fully recovered; a hammer with which the Bush bunch have revisited Islamia for their own occult purposes.  And with regards to the latter, one must realize that Saddam Hussein was rebuilding Babylon, a project Allah said He would never permit (see Isaiah 13:20).[5]

Frankly, I’m afraid it’s too late, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make the attempt.  Moreover, though the West could surely benefit from the sacred sciences of authentic Islam, there is little sense in trying to persuade them to do so when our leaders and polity fail to practice hisbah in earnest and the principles of Spiritual Law.

[1]  The Role of Governments, ISTAC Conference Proceedings op.cit., p. 182

[2]   An informal talk given on the 350th anniversary of Harvard University on 5 Sep 1986. Harvard Education Review, Harvard Publishing Group, 1987, 57, 187-93.

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[5]     Of note here is that OT prophecies suggest that Babylon must be rebuilt in order for its final destruction and utter desolation.  Hence, the Magi of the NOW Consortium may wish to re-establish its ancient prominence after which Prophet Isa and Hadrat Mahdi will be sent to intervene.

[i]     Sala’u’din pursued every Knight Templar he could find to death without mercy.  These were the precursors for the Freemasons and Knights of Malta who Suileman the Magnificent also pursued without mercy, as did the Mamluks.  His group and its several off shoots still plague the Levant as follows:

Sun., November 23, 2008 Cheshvan 25, 5769 /
Shimon Peres: State president, Nobel laureate and now – knight by Anshel Pfeffer

LONDON – President Shimon Peres yesterday added ‘Knight’ to the long list of titles he has acquired over the years. Peres received the honorary knighthood of the Order of St. Michael and St. George from Queen Elizabeth II in Buckingham Palace in London yesterday. Further coverage on Page A4. Peres also met yesterday with Prince Charles, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Foreign Secretary David Miliband. May. 24, 2006 (

Four of the newest members of the College of Cardinals, after receiving their red hats from Pope Benedict XVI (bionews) on March 24, have received high honors from the Knights of Malta. Cardinals Agostino Vallini, Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo, William Joseph Levada, and Franc Rodé received the Grand Cross of Honor and Devotion from Fra Andrew Bertie, the Grand Master of the Order of Malta. The honor– one of the highest available in the Order– was conferred on the four new cardinals who are currently stationed in Rome, and are now members of the Knights of Malta. Pope Benedict XVI is also a Knight of Malta, having receiving the same honor in 1999. He is the second Pontiff to be a member of the Order, following Pope Pius XII.

[ii]    Oxford Dictionary, 10th Edition

[iii]   The implication here is that if an observed phenomenon appears to counter accepted scientific definition, the phenomenon remains subject to divine laws not yet comprehended by the observer.

[iv]    Prof. Nasr is Islamic Chair at George Washington University, an Institution steeped in Freemasony.  Freemasons are controlled by Hermetic Fellowships of Jesuits and Kabalists.  “The George Washington University, like much of Washington, D.C., traces many of its origins back to the Freemasons. The Bible that the presidents of the university use to swear an oath on upon inauguration is the Bible of Freemason George Washington. Freemasonry symbols are prominently displayed throughout the campus including the foundation stones of many of the university buildings. The Freemasons feel a special bond in helping the school throughout its history financially.”  (See: “Building the University: Freemasonry, SJT, and GW”” by GW Hatchet.  Its founders and Presidents have all been Freemasons of the highest degrees.  Graduates included Secretary of State Colin Powell, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Peter Pace, former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and former Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, and cult leader L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology), all Freemasons and major players in the Globalist Conspiracy.

[v]    The Secularization of Science as the Problem of Humanity: Proceedings, Islamic Science and the Contemporary World, Conference at ISTAC, KL, Jan. 2008. Pub. ISTAC, IIUM, 2008, p 67

[1] see: Foundations of Magic & Real Political Science: ‘Magi, Magic & You’,

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