AS I SEE IT — by dr omar — On Muslim Mimicry & the Humiliation of Women

The result may not much resemble the Western ideal of secular humanism, Cultural Context of Development but it is a modern, self-conscious reworking of tradition, and not tradition as spontaneously lived before colonization.

Gary S. Gregg, Foreword by David Matsumoto;
The Middle East, A Cultural Psychology, 36.

Muslims made more than significant contributions to the hard sciences during their years of glory.  They established systematic references and exacting categorizations in most major fields of study which amount to nothing less than a concrete ‘codification of science’ for the first time in the history of civilization.  But begging Prof. Nasr’s pardon, I dare say this doesn’t qualify science to fall under the term ‘Islamic Science’ any more than the terms Buddhist, Christian or Taoist would.  Besides, none of the grand Islamic pens of that glory ever used the term.

What is more relevant is that nascent Islam’s remarkably swift success was preeminently due to the polity’s obedience to most of the tenets of their faith, reflecting that the principles of Mohammad’s Medina speech were taken to heart and practiced; the only matchmaker for the marriage of hard and soft sciences in the bright reflection of tawhidic consciousness.  It is this mirror into which the writer gazes.  Sadly, this is not accorded consequent consideration as it is no longer the case and as such, is much too sensitive and shameful a confession for Muslim leaders in particular to attend to and correct because, as they say in the West, “MONEY TALKS!”

  • With the Industrial Revolution … the game of science became the game of the rich, in which whoever is wealthiest has the best chance of being right … In other words, the goal of contemporary science is no longer truth but performability, that is, the best possible input/output equation.  Scientists, technicians and instruments are bought not to find truth, but to expand power.  This shift of attention, from truth to perfomability, has impact in present-day educational policy … with emphasis on skills rather than ideals.  — Hussein Heriyanto[1]

Of course morals and ethics were abandoned except for lip service in order to pursue utilitarianism which continues to enhance the growing global demise.  Muslims, on the other hand, seem to have abandoned utilitarianism for the imagined bliss of pleasing Allah without it.

The pre-modern immoral exploitation of God’s resources specifically dates to shylocks of Venice and the First Crusade in the wake of the Great Khan’s Hammering of a rather impudent Muslim leadership who thought they’d achieved tenure as God’s chosen.  Venice was a post-decline-of-Rome capital for nascent capitalists representing the old “money engine” of Latin palatines.  Its system was based on Mafia traditions of usury, murder, genocide, theft, cunning and the Mongolian pilferage of Eastern gold reserves with whom they’d made an arrangement after Marco Polo’s sojourn.  The wickedness has since matured to Capitalism’s monetization of mankind’s world view and its Orientalists sedulously drove these interests deep into Islamia’s pockets and hearts.

No doubt this is one reason ‘Muslim Ministers of Religion’ now qualify for the position at Cabinet level without having the credentials of a traditional Alim or Qari’.  An example is the tyrant of Sarawak, CM Taib, a blatant thief who headed Malaysia’s chief missionary society (PERKIM) for decades.  The backwaters of this ignominy and stupidity managed to progressively marginalize traditional Sheikhs, especially since Freemasons like Mohammad Abduh and his mentor Afghani paved the way for Ikwanian ascensions.  As it is now and as prophesied by Mohammad, the worst scoundrels or mournfully ignorant mullahs and unqualified academics are at helms of state, mosque, madrassa, bureaucracy and university while the best of Mohammad’s rather singular sect have little or no voice, power, prestige or celebrity in present-day Muslim affairs.

  • The Saudi ruling family is a vast mafia of princely parasites… the American political and media elites have purposely served them for the continuation of dishonesty and injustice in Arabia.  – Stephen Schwartz, The Two Faces of Islam

Hence, the modern marriage between hard and soft sciences implied by the terms Islamic Science and hadari can hardly progress as required under the auspice of a much discussed but poorly employed tawhid or gestalt synthesis. Hence, IOK has and will continue to follow a similar course of temporal glory as exemplified by the now failing Western Masters who surreptitiously mated modern science with Iblissian Hermeticism.[2]  The reason for this is that mimicry is no substitute for obedience to Mohammad’s Medina directives or Principles of Spiritual Law.   In addition, to gain true success, Muslims must restrain the powerful offensives of Magi who are sworn to contain the Muslim ummah and cause its neutraliztion.  This is according Eliphas Levi, a 19th Century Catholic Priest, Freemason, Jew and Kabalist magician who also endorsed the dogma of Prof. Bakar’s “Universal Soul”.[3]

Considering then the Anglo-Eurocentric monopoly of the Western Hemisphere’s incredible wealth since the 15th Century, Muslims and other Asiatics became increasingly subject to “money machines” and occult fellowship for reasons cited earlier by Shaykh Bayyah, which is straightforward and needs no grandiloquent apology.  The obvious implication is that sophisticated scheming by Occidental Secret Societies aimed at the destruction of authentic monotheism and Patriarchy are not the main impediment to Muslim advance but rather God’s judgment as made evident by the Great Khan’s hammer.

Disobedience, ignorance along with collective inaction and apathy are the real causes of Islamia’s lack of competitive ambition, demise and perennial humiliation.  We may add to this litany the following: haram innovations, superstition, abundant deviations and the God forsaken murderous male chauvinism.[4]  The latter is a leverage point traditionally used by adepts of Satan to control the disobedient children of Prophet Adam because wherever you see poverty it is married to sorcery and the repression/oppression of women—something learned by Babylonian Jews long ago from the angels named Harut & Marut:

  • Hijazi[5] described four main types of defense mechanisms that subjugated persons adopt to bear their shame, fear, and rage:
  1. withdrawal into self (including dreaming of the glorious past and “dissolving” into family and kin-groups);
  2.  identification with authority [any authority];
  3. mythic/superstitious control of fate (achieving an illusion of efficacy and security by protecting one’s self from the jinns, Satan, and Evil Eye and by practicing sorcery and fortunetelling);
  4. violence (sometimes directed self-destructively inward but more often displaced outward, readily taking “paranoid” and “fascist” forms).
  • He argues that the whole symbolic complex by which men dominate women serves as the key equilibrium-restoring mechanism for men, as it creates an illusory dignity of exercising authority, no matter how strongly they themselves may be subjected to the authority of other men. Yet none of these defenses provide a satisfactory equilibrium, and so people typically shift among them according to temperaments and circumstance.  –  The Middle East, A CULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY, by Gary Gregg, Oxf. U Press, 2005, 348.
  • An Iranian woman, beaten every day by her husband, asked a court to tell him only to beat her once a week, a newspaper said on Wednesday. Maryam, the middle-age woman, said she did not want to divorce her husband because she loved him, the Aftab-eyazd daily said. “Just tell him to beat me once a week… Beating is part of his nature and he cannot stop it,” Maryam told the court. The Tehran court found the man guilty and banned him from beating the wife, the paper said. “If I do not beat her, she will not be scared enough to obey me,” the husband said.[i]  –  Reuters News Agency – September 22, 2004.
  • You have asked what is essential for those walking on the Path of Allah … The second condition is that true and complete repentance (Taubatun Nasuh) should be done in such a way that [a seeker of Allah] will not return to this humiliation [of sins].

 Imam Abu Hamid Muhammad Al-Ghazali [ii]

Humiliation is an estate we seek to escape at all costs and it is always connected with the public unveiling of some sort of failure; the greatest fiasco being the disclosures of religious and sexual hypocrisy.  To deny this is an exercise in the penchant for apologetics regarding Muslim peccadilloes, felonious traditions, pederasts, rapists, murderers and leaders, as well as their standard avoidance of criticism.

In addition, the neo-Patriarchy of ego assuagement so neatly described above is oft joined to the vain-glorious recapitulation of a history that is punctuated by gross rapscallion predilections such as the crypto-Jewish Fatimid saga.  Islam’s history since the second generation is capped by classroom avoidance of insufferable tyranny such as the Moghul insult to India or as presently demonstrated from N. Africa to the ‘Arc of Crisis’ and genocide in Papa New Guinea, not to mention the Indonesian Cultural Revolution that murdered more than a million progressives on behalf of papal knights in Washington DC.

The saga of intrigues punctuated with traditional fratricides is a continuum of woe that chronicles cowardly decamps from personal and collective liability by throwing stones, shoes, fingers, Korans and AK-47’s at others while avoiding mirrors.  This is not only juvenile but antithetical to the implementation of the moral imperatives required by Islam’s venerable scientific traditions. In short, Muslims no longer qualify for the position of Mohammad’s bequest.  Where is the national repentance that is required from God’s people, such as that which King Josiah commanded of his nearly reprobated polity in Judea?

In the eyes of Neo-Colonial power-mongers and their masters who know these matters rather intimately, our envoys are little more than idiot-savants at a costume party celebrating mankind’s generic pretense of dignity!  Why on earth would rational, educated men-of-the-world take regents from the land of Ikwania seriously when more than 80% of their women still suffer sexual mutilation as a religious rite of passage; or from lands where the threat of honor killing remains a rule of thumb? [6]  It’s no wonder Western Institutions support writers like the B’nai B’rith darling Bernard Lewis; [7] a man who praises their dubious rationale, collateral damage sorties and imperial stealth.  This is so because the occult purpose of Black Magic (i.e., the traditional khassa propaganda [dialogue]) is to enslave any people by holding them back from progress.  What better measure of this success is there than to repress the status of women?  In Egypt, after two solid generations of thoroughly infiltrated Ikwanian influence, they’re either mutilated or liberated to Lady Gaga’s belly dancing mimicry.  Perhaps you don’t believe me?

  • “There is nothing whatsoever in shari’a, ethics, or medicine to justify female circumcision,”  – al Ahzar, Shaykh M. Shaltut

A sizeable percentage of the ummah still practice the barbarism of female mutilation in the land of the Brotherhood (66.2% of the educated class and 97.5% of uneducated women in Egypt suffer either complete clitoral amputation or radical amputation of the entire vulva[8]). One would think that after three plus generations of Brotherhood Reforms they’d have reversed the savage atrocity vis-à-vis the guidance of Allah’s grace and upheld the fatwa. [9] So much for sixty odd years of IOK influence eh?  Tell me, where is the tassawuf alawyi correction of the Ikwan on this matter?  Ah, I see, they have a tradition to follow I imagine:

  • Beginning within a few decades after the Prophet, and by the 11th Century, almost each and every principle established by the Qur’an and the Prophet—confirming the rights and status of women … had been to a greater or lesser extent negated.”—“By the early 20th Century, the ummah had been reconstituted as a series of nation-states based on the European models, not only in the political, but also in the legal, educational, economic and other spheres … placed in the hands of secular oriented elements … nurtured by the former colonial powers. … A disjuncture exists between theory and practice that dominates the political process … the overall condition of democracy and human rights in the Muslim world in general, and especially at the official and government levels of its Arab core is truly dismal.

Muddhatir’Abd Al-Rahim [10] 

As damning an assessment as this is, even the words democracy and human rights demonstrate the enemy’s success:

  • Prof. Muddathir speaks of “human rights and democracy”.  The use of such terms in their Western, liberal connotation is a common disease displayed by those who mimic secular western frameworks.  Most of them picked these terms up when they left homelands to study abroad in the lands of their colonialists.  In addition and of great significance, it is no secret that such terms were coined by liberal spin masters in order to deceive and to promote their Freemasonic [Jacobin] ideas of ‘liberty, fraternity and equality’.    – Mustapha Karalli, op.cit.

In short and in the eyes of professionally crafty manipulators, the polity of more than 1.6 billion ‘Muslimites’ is a convenient if not experimental punching bag, or a trough of exploitables, and an irritating pebble (cost-of-doing-business) in the shoe of hegemonic capos.

Thanks to intrinsic failure and the amplification of propaganda, today’s Muslims are generally viewed as anything but respectable contributors to human progress by the 5 billion plus balance of earthlamites.  The impunity exercised in the systematic and heartless destruction of Palestine and Iraq[iii] and the World Bank’s incessant plunder are unfathomable without acknowledging this reality.  An example of a shockingly open outrage is the mockery offered by architects such as W. S. Atkins who built the UAE’s Burj Al Arab hotel with the world’s largest cross facing the ka’ba.

If Islamia cannot defend its honor, banks, borders, built environments or women and children from internal and external ravages and the cited public mockery under the nose of ostentatious imams, what weight bears the cause of so-called “Islamic Science” in the balance of self-evident indictments of humiliation?  By Allah swt, what world power steeped in “Real Politics” would/will entertain the diplomats of such wretchedness except for the cause of additional fleecing and mockery?

The problem is therefore, that Muslim academics may exquisitely recite and define any terms or phenomenon they may trifle with under these deplorable conditions, but until they turn and confront the corruption of their own leaders head on, and until Muslims wean themsleves from mystic delusions and the stupidity of noncompliance with Divine Imperatives, there is God’s hell to pay for these crimes.

[1]     The Secularization of Science as the Problem of Humanity: Proceedings, op.cit. p. 68

[2]     Many of those intimately associated with the Manhatten project were Satanists, kabalists, Freemasons and ex-Nazi occultists.

[3]     See: The Hand of Iblis, op.cit. for details

[4]     Asghar and Mr Hussain had decided that Miss Wilson was ‘a loose cannon and they had to get rid of her’, Sheffield Crown Court was told. Asghar then lured her to a late-night meeting by the Sheffield and Keadby Canal near her home and stabbed her several times. One wound was seven inches deep. Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board, which co-ordinates agency work, undertook a serious case review after Miss Wilson’s murder but its findings have not been published. Earlier this year, the issue of vulnerable white girls being targeted by Asian men for sex prompted Jack Straw, the former home secretary, to claim some British Pakistani men regard white girls as ‘easy meat’. He spoke out after two Asian men who raped girls in Derby were given indefinite jail terms.

  • ‘We need to get the Pakistani community to think much more clearly about why this is going on and to be more open about the problems that are leading to a number of Pakistani heritage men thinking it is OK to target white girls in this way,’ he said.  21 Dec 2011

[5]     Hijazi, “‘Ilm al-nafs fi al-‘alam al-‘arabi” (Psychology in the Arab World)

[6]     See: The Society of Muslim Brothers by Richard P. Mitchell, Oxford Univ Press, 1969;

[7]     Lewis advocates following Ataturk’s example, another Freemason and Crypto-Jew.

[8]     The Hidden Face of Eve, Nawal El Saadawi, M.D. St. Martin’s Press, 2007, p. 50

[9]     The Hand of Iblis; op.cit., 2009

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[i]     Radio Farda – October 10, 2004:  Based on the research on violence against women in Iran conducted nationally, 66% of families are subject to such studies. The report indicated that in 30% of the cases, 10% end in lethal or permanent injuries. The research indicated that most violence occurs in the first year of marriage or during the pregnancy of women. This research was conducted in 28 states and 12,500 women along with 2000 men were interviewed during the study. The research also indicated 63% of the marriages are forced marriages.

[ii]    My Dear Beloved Son or Daughter, “Ayyuhal Walad” from His Three-Volumes Collection of Short Books “Majmu’a Rasail Imam Ghazali” Translated into English By Irfan Hasan, From the Urdu Translation of the Book, p. 13.

[iii]   “No End In Sight: The American Occupation of Iraq”— Documentary Film by Charles Fergusen, Magnolia Pictures, 2007. Includes testimony from Secretary of State Richard Armitage, Ambassador Barbara Bodine, Lawrence Wilkerson, Chief of Staff to Collin Powell, and Gen. Jay Garner, as well as prominent analysts, journalists and Iraqis.

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