Concerning Western Epistemological Dominance by Dr. Omar

Draco, The Serpent: Merovingian Beast of the Sea
  • We have an individualist, Western tradition that excludes others and treats nature as an object to be exploited. We transform land into capital. There is another concept throughout the East; much more collective and communitarian that tries to adjust itself to biological cycles. There is respect, therefore, for what nature can renew. I am talking especially about the Chinese and Japanese cultures, influenced by Buddhism, which is an immense school of ecology, because the basic thesis of Buddhism is that desires should be domesticated and collectively limited.
  • We, on the contrary, exasperate desires to the maximum, to infinite and insatiable desire. We become neurotic and suffer when we try to satisfy all of our consumption possibilities given ever more diversified products that are absolutely useless for human life. They are important for market demands, but not for life demands. Our culture lacks, then, any communitarian base.

Leonardo Boff [i]


This lack of communitarian consciousness is a principle of the Left Hand Path of Satanism,[ii] something far removed from Judeo-Christian principles but extremely suitable for Rome’s sanctimonious fascists, Talmud Chauvinists, and ever beleaguered Zionists.

As the vanguard of literati amassed against the post-modernist surge will agree, the hybridization of native cultures will remain part of the evolutionary process of a renewed regional epistemology; this is a ‘given’.  Nevertheless, once regional historicity upstages these interbred memes, an exponential growth of sound doctrinal influences can be expected.  In addition, myths of ‘alternative modernities’ have also infected the East, but these are readily dealt with by reducing society to the dysfunctional management of human needs and desires, much as Naguib Mahfouz did with the back alleys of Cairo.  Sub-human ‘street’ cultures always surface during the reign of urban and frontier anonymity because the lawless always post guards to protect un-accountability.

Indeed, this is the venue for Darwinian survival with its meme-means for justifying the ends etc.; but it is far cry from the instructions given to Prophet Adam.  This regression of the species is both permanent and predictable as initiates well know because man’s will is slave to appetite when his heart is removed from the guardians of revelation.  Herein we define the un-ascended human being as ‘hominid’ or worse while sadists, pedophiles and clerical molestations serially mark these advancing adjuncts to modern man.

This is not civilization but rather represents post-modern in-civility; an endemic chaos that counters graciousness by opposing the dictums of sages in lieu of the hegemony offered by entrepreneurs of Satan’s Left Hand Path to human governance.  Its epistemology is as irrelevant as are and will be the residents of hell. Therefore, authors of cultural renewal must inspire Oriental regents to join a caravan that will guide them safely to sustainable Meccas of authenticity, lest Western sympathies and subterranean life-ways ruled by Triads, Yakuza and Draco[iii] sympathizers lead us to estates full of spirits bent on vengeance and the doom of affected honor; none of which fulfill the needs of rice paddy farmers or benevolent elders of bona fide civility.

Hence, hybrid constructs of imputed urbanity need be reduced to metaphysical inconsequence in order for a renewed epistemology imbued with authentic propaganda to ensure real success for both the here and hereafter.  This should incorporate the immortal striving of the human soul for justice and truth as a ‘permanent’ absolute because this particular characteristic of the human soul cannot amend its nature and will settle for nothing less.  However, the bias of selfish discontent under reins of misguidance persistently withstands any struggle for equanimity, which, in Islamic terms, is as’Sakkinah or ‘Peace and Security’.  Why else would Solon have written his code or Moses ascended the mount, if not for the benefit of the community and not just the few who can afford the pretense of civilization?  Hence, a revived epistemology needs to confront the New Imperialism with severe resistance by serving New World Order slogan-mongers notice of eviction from the gold standard of authenticity.

As stated previously, the physical implementation of value-codes that define ASEAN’s multi-cultural interfaces requires leadership devoted to defending and promoting what is socially beneficial and acceptable to inherent knowledge and bona fide tradition rather than imputed constructs, as, once again, is made perfectly clear by Prof. Syed Muhammad Naquib alAttas:

  • Al-Attas makes no attempts to accommodate the modern Western scientific spirit through a reinterpretation of Islam, or to naively import Western technological skills and products while simultaneously keeping intact the traditional understanding of religion.  Problems in the world, he says, are not because of illiteracy or ignorance of modern knowledge; the reasons are epistemological and metaphysical.
  • Modern sciences must be acquired, but their philosophical foundations must be recast into the Islamic metaphysical framework. “We do affirm that religion is in harmony with science.  But this does not mean that religion is in harmony with modern scientific methodology and philosophy of science. Since there is no science that is free of value, we must intelligently investigate and study the values and judgments that are inherent in, or aligned to, the presuppositions and interpretations of modern science. We must not indifferently and uncritically accept each new scientific or philosophical theory without first understanding its implication and testing the validity of values that go along with the theory.
  • Islam possesses within itself the source of its claim to truth, and does not need scientific or philosophical theories to justify such a claim.  Moreover, it is not the concern of Islam to fear scientific discoveries that could contradict the validity of its truth.”Elma Ruth Harder; Review of Prof. Al-Attas’s Prolegomena, p. 38

Hence, social benefits leading to human contentment are far more than the monetary increase of worthless fiats ala PhD economists out of lionized school for shysters.  Social benefits are tied to permanent metaphysical values derived not only from what is economically viable or ‘scientifically possible’ in real terms, but also from what is sustainable and singularly specific for each community.  Hence again, each community demands and deserves that piece of the universal cake of God’s provision as divinely intended for its sustenance, and no one culture has any right to withhold those benefits out of selfish considerations, which is clearly the way of Cain. [iv]

Therefore, the failing frameworks thus far offered by modernity and post-modernity must be critically re-examined, and all ‘must be recast into the prophetic (i.e., submission to divine law) metaphysical framework’ of permanence or accordingly discarded in order to discover whether or not a culture’s verifiable epistemology has an egalitarian footing.  This demands reforms that are not only universally cosmopolitan but also measures that maintain the following in a most un-politically-correct manner: 1) genuine regard for each culture that demonstrates civility both metaphysically and in deed; and 2) genuine disrespect for and rejection of those that do not.  The McDonald/Douglas mentality of Blackwater stockholders and retainers—against whom Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy warned the world (i.e., the military industrial complex of the New Imperialism and their cronies)—is of no service in this venture.

  • “The painful saga of modern Arab-Muslim history evokes the battles fought in Crusades of the 11th century – when the Knights of Malta began their operations as a Christian militia whose mission it was to defend the land conquered by the Crusaders.  These memories return violently to mind with the discovery of links between the so-called “security” firms in Iraq such as Blackwater, that have historic links with the Order of Malta. You cannot exaggerate it. The Order of Malta is a hidden government—the most mysterious government in the world.”

Jamal Muhammad Abidat, Jordanian MP from an editorial in the
United Arab Emirates daily  Al-Bayan entitled: “The Knights of Malta – more than a conspiracy.”

See Also: Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army,
By Jeremy Scahill

  • “Malta is the operational base of Blackwater, the organizer of private military militias which are increasingly taking on more and more roles that used to be undertaken by US forces in Iraq and elsewhere”.
    –  Giovanni Claudio Fava, Spanish National, MP, European Parliament, 2004
Freemasonic Hall, Singapore

Another View of the Pyramid

A lack of the soul-satisfying qualities of equanimity permeates the post modern world of consumers, materialists and downtrodden unfortunates who toil under the tread of the former.  The harmful results to all are not only psychological but also biological. Singapore’s “Benevolent Dictatorship” [v] under the auspice of its ‘Pyramid Club’ has approached egalitarian reform with a near-inquisitional censorship that abides well with Wall and Fleet Street aspirations; not to mention Washington DC, [vi]  the City of London [vii]  and Vatican City ;[viii], [1] — and this is in addition to parallels found in Macau, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

The attractive cosmetics that paint Singapore’s politeness with sanitized Orwellian repression permit little room for Laozi’s ‘spontaneity’ or the independent ‘struggle’ of the individual endorsed by his prized pupil, Confucius.  In other words, Singapore’s success is antithetical to the divine organics that govern human nature, which attributes are naturally introspective and ecologically oriented as per Mr. Boff and Aniceto.  Indeed, the reigning Lee-worthy dynasts have constructed an impressive Cosmo-polity suitable for humanoid ‘existence’ in the service of putative ‘cross-cultural’ success ala Kabalism’s Freemasonry.  Nonetheless, these unsatisfied souls are not reproducing despite the Island State’s purported progress as a prototypical pilot-project under the cult’s auspice.

  • Singapore’s economy is booming, with growth forecast at about 9% this year. It does have problems, however, with divorce and unemployment on the rise.  Singapore’s birth rate dropped last year to 1.26 babies per woman of childbearing age, a record low [2.2 /woman are needed just to maintain a population…  Singapore’s birthrate dropped to 1.2 as of 2009].  That compares with a rate of 5.8 in the 1960s.  The number of childless couples, meanwhile, has tripled during the past 24 years.   –  BBC, 23 Aug 2004
  • If after 41 years, we have arrived at a situation where it becomes too expensive to have even one child, then we need to question our priorities in life and the way we organize ourselves. Is our national education system any good at all in producing better prospects for its citizens when it doesn’t allow them to earn enough to even start a one child family? What do we mean by a better life? Is a double-income couple a desirable development for the long term? Are the pressures on performance at work putting undue pressure that inhibits procreation, in spite of the government’s best effort and generous incentives?   –  Tan Kim Lian, The Online Citizen, Dec, 2010..What we need is a more conducive environment for people to reproduce, which includes managing stress levels in society (a problem ironically brought about partly by the aggressive pro-foreigner policy), keeping the cost of living from ballooning, and providing comprehensive social nets for families struggling to balance career and child-raising, as well as for single parents who have bravely taken the responsibility for their own choices…  – Ang Po, 18 June 2009, Singapore News
  • In its singular pursuit of material gain, the PAP Government has neglected all these intangibles, and now they are coming back to haunt us.    –  Ng E-Jay, 21 Aug 2008, Singaporean Correspondent

Japan has also suffered a greater than twenty percent drop in birth rates these past 10 years, and now stands at an unsustainable 1.29/woman.  Japan’s current population of 128 million is expected to drop to 100 million by 2050, and this estimate preceded the Fukushima intervention in natural resource management.  S. Korea fairs even worse at 1.15/woman.  Therefore, perhaps something within Far Eastern national constitutions has fallen vitally wide of the mark when women deny natural instincts in pursuit of post-Modernist illusions? — And this in spite of Gnostic Magi poking ‘Doll-House’ phalluses into resistant heavens.

Singapore's Merlion - Another Type of Draco - Representing The Ancient Serpent Cult of Cain

Although the grandmasters of Singapore’s social engineering experiment knew that ‘Lionized Mermen’ and humanist icons arrest man’s ambitions in favor of the compliant servitude that conformism marshals towards the ranks of blind obedience—which is surely a misdirection of loyalty born of free will—they truly did not realize how deep their meddling interferes with divinely pre-ordained human physiology.  As established above, this remarkable clinical achievement is neither the native desire of their revered ancestors and Masters of wisdom nor that of common stock human resources under traditional ASEAN purview.  Something is missing in the communal stew of this post-modernist melting pot as well as in Japan’s and S. Korea’s rather insular “alternative modernities.”  But—Are they really alternative?

The Anglo-Euro-American centrism that gave Singapore its Rafflelian legacy has little to do with this cultural initiative epistemologically, except as examples of what should be avoided. Occidental constructs and traditional governance have proven fallacious and inhumane in their grand prosecution of hegemony and unilateral approaches to cosmopolitan pluralism.  Indeed, their systems fail as they resort to exoteric fascist control mechanisms that announce the end of esoteric experiments; something initiates and a few scholars know very well.

Uncle Sam and the Papist Knights of whatever un-holy grail NATO’s synergists defend hold precious little egalitarian concern for Thailand’s rice farmers, Bandung’s need for urban renewal, or S. Korea’s quest for the lebensraum afforded by regional alliances or student demands for meaningful work.  Nevertheless, the interpellation of the White Man’s Burden continues to percolate throughout the region out of deference to bombs they’ve dropped on non-whites for centuries; which is why the US Secretary of State makes red carpet Capital rounds from time to time, just in case natives forget the portable-crematorium experiments of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which effectively declared the Dresden method obsolete.

Nevertheless, I propose an epistemological search and rescue mission for the missing components that will heal the wombs and honor of patriarchs and matriarchs of Asia’s indigenous cultures and religions, both living and dead.  The immediate questions are how, why and who, and the only congruent response is to take the Master’s advice and let it happen organically and with equanimity.  In other words, the success of this effort resides with the will of heaven and its reflection here on earth.  Hence, let the respondents decide in synchronous concert as an act of destiny, or remain silent and hence, doomed for the same reason.

In this regard however, ‘Third’ or ‘Developing’ World epigrams and metaphors have no place in the renaissance of ASEAN’s cultural dignity and epistemological uniqueness.  This task has everything to do with the particular self-knowledge that refuses to identify with attributions of ‘otherness’.  ‘Differentness’ is acceptable however.  Hence, I propose to underscore the macrobiotic self-realizing struggle the Master says is required for the perfection of one’s purpose, as this is required not only for the individual but also for community, culture, nation and region—even if it is not possible—as the pursuit of knowledge is indeed cosmopolitan and transnational.  Therefore, the communitarian approach required is transnational cooperation rather than unilateral impositions of foreign values, especially when the latter are unethical, demeaning and epistemologically non-beneficial.  Struggling under an ascribed identity that purposely debases one’s soul with alien characteristics is hardly conducive for the success of equanimity.  Nay, this causes naught but contraction and sterility of purpose and genus.  I further propose a retro-active undertaking that requires inter-departmental, inter-institutional and inter-regional if not international collaborations of a near encyclopedic scope.

Concerning Malaysian Traitors

There is an emerging trend in Malaysia amongst business men who kow-tow to the Zionist-Anglo-American war cabal and to spread the unfounded fear that opposing the Imperialist agenda is detrimental to the interests of Malaysia. [They] should be exposed as compradors and collaborators and confronted at every turn…  They are also traitors to the Ummah and must be treated as such.

Matthias Chang, Brainwashed for War, Programmed to Kill  //  Thinkers Library, KL, Malaysia, 2005, p. 299.


The defacto role of the US armed forces will be to keep the world safe for our economy and open to our cultural assault.

Major Ralph Peters, US Army

High Priests

The British are the ultimate mind controllersand High Priests of War.[ix]

Spies & Assassins

“The hand of the military must not be tied by any silly prejudices in the minds of the general public.  War is the end of the law.  In the last analysis, any device is justifiable if it enables us to protect ourselves from defeat.  The key to creating a good spy or assassin rests in splitting a man’s personality, or creating a multi-personality with the aid of hypnotism [schizophrenic].  This is not science fiction.  This has and is being done.  I have done it.”        – CIA Briefing, 1968, by Dr. G.A. Estabrooks [x]


[1]       Each has its own flag, articles of incorporation, police force, and Mayor

[i] “There’s No Heaven Without Earth,” Envio Magazine , Nov. 1997

[ii] The Left Handed Path

… The Right Hand Path takes some responsibility away from the individual by having a formal dogma, a code of ethics and behavior and by having the individual participate in an organized grouping, however loose that grouping may be. In brief, the identity of the individual is to some extent taken away – by the beliefs systems which that individual has to accept, and by them accepting some higher ‘authority’, be such authority an individual, a group or an ‘ideology’ (or even, sometimes, a supra-personal Being – a ‘god’ or ‘gods’).

In contradistinction, the LHP in its methods is non-structured. In the genuine LHP there is nothing that is not permitted – nothing that is forbidden or restricted. That is, the LHP means the individual takes sole responsibility for their actions and their quest. This makes the LHP both difficult and dangerous – its methods can be used as an excuse for anti-social behavior as they can be used to aid the fetishes and weaknesses of some individuals as well as lead some into forbidden and illegal acts. However, the genuine Initiate of the LHP is undertaking a quest, and as such is seeking something: that is, there is a dynamic, an imperative about their actions as well as the conscious understanding and appreciation that all such actions are only a part of that quest; they are not the quest itself. This arises because the LHP Initiate is seeking mastery and self-knowledge these being implicit in such an Initiation. Accordingly, the LHP Initiate sees methods as merely methods; experience as merely experience. Both are used, learned from and then discarded.

Because of this, the LHP is by its nature ruthless – the strong of character win through, the weak go under. There are no `safety nets’ of any kind on the LHP – there is no dogma or ideology to rely on, no one to provide comfort and soften the blows, no organization, individual or `Being’ to run to when things get difficult and which will provide support and sympathy and understanding. Or which, just as importantly, takes away the responsibility of the Initiate for their deeds. The LHP breeds self-achievement and self-excellence – or it destroys, either literally, or via delusion and madness. Further, the goal or aim of the LHP is individual specific – it is the raising of that individual to ‘god-head’; the fulfillment of individual potential and thus a discovery and fulfillment of their unique Destiny. That is, it breeds a unique character, a unique individual. The RHP, on the contrary, is concerned with ‘idealistic’ and thus supra-personal aims aiding ‘society’, ‘humanity’ and so on: the individual is `re-made’ by abstract and impersonal farms.

The LHP by its nature means that its Initiates work mostly on their own. Followers of the LHP are masters of their as yet unmanifest Destiny. And while they may accept guidance and advice, they eschew any form of subservience: they learn for themselves, by their own experience and from their own self-effort. This is crucial to an understanding of the true nature of the LHP. The LHP means this self-reliance, this self-experience, this self-effort, this personal struggle for achievement. The RHP means someone else – some individual, or some authority or some hierarchy – awards or confers upon the RHP Initiate a sign or symbol of their “progress.” That is, the RHP Initiate assumes the role of student, or ‘chela’ – and often that of sycophant. They rely on someone else or something beyond themselves, whereas the LHP Initiate relies only on themselves: their cunning, skill, character, desire, intelligence and so on. The successful LHP Initiate is the individual who learns from their own experiences and mistakes. The RHP Initiate tries to learn from theory – from what others have done. Essentially, the LHP Initiate is a free spirit, already possessed of a certain willful character, while the RHP Initiate is in thrall to other people’s ideas and ways of doing things.

Excerpt: The Mark of Cain: The Light of Iblis AZOTHOZ: A Book of the Adversary (excerpts)
By Michael W. Ford, Succubus Publishing (2009)

[iii]     Draco (pronounced /ˈdreɪkoʊ/; Greek: Δράκων, Drakōn) was the first legislator of ancient Athens, Greece, 7th century BC. He replaced the prevailing system of oral law and blood feud by a written code to be enforced only by a court. Because of its harshness, this code also gave rise to the term “draconian.”

Mythology: Draco represents Ladon, the hundred-eyed dragon that guarded the golden apples of the Hesperides.  The eleventh of The Twelve Labors of Heracles was to steal the golden apples.  Heracles killed Ladon with a poisoned arrow, allowing him to freely take the golden apples.  According to the legend, Hera later placed the dragon in the sky as the constellation Draco. Due to its position and nearby constellations in the zodiac sign of Libra (i.e. Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, and Bootes), the group of constellations can be seen to tell the tale of the eleventh labor.  In another legend, Draco represents the dragon killed by Cadmus before founding the city of Thebes, Greece. In a third legend, it represents the dragon that guarded the Golden Fleece and was killed by Jason. The fact that the stars of this circumpolar constellation never set plays an important part in its mythologies.

The Grail Kings of Merovingian legend and blood line identify with this symbolgy and call their royal linage and companions “The Dragon Court”—hence we have Arthur Pendragon, for example and even Vlad, the Impaler. This bloodline and court is honored by the European Parlimentary System as a separate metaphysical estate.  Also see endnote XXXii for the modern fellowship of the Golden Fleece. – oz

[iv] The reason why Nimrod was ruling in Babylonia at that time may be that he was the last representative of Cain’s dynasty if, as Bishop Cumberland (r) surmised,[iv] his grandfather, Ham, took as his wife Naamah, Cain’s female descendant.  Nimrod may have succeeded to the Babylonian throne through her…  according to Plutarch, the wife of Cronus (the mythological form of Ham), was Nemaus, which he says would be just the Greek form of the Hebrew Naamah, the only female descendant of Cain mentioned in the Bible.  As we have seen, for instance, “Enmerkar” (History of Egypt, Birch, p.25) to whom they ascribe the building of Erech, is obviously Sargon, who under another name, if Professor Sayce is right, was Cain who built that city…  Amon was probably the mythological representative of Ham, and that the least anthropological discoveries show that a ruling race went down into Egypt from Syria or Armenia at the very beginning of history.  (Ancient Egyptians, Professor Elliot Smith)…  If, as seems probable, Ham was the first Egyptian ruler, we may reasonably assume that human sacrifice and cannibalism[iv] (both of which were practiced in Egypt) were instituted by him, for from all we gather about him from the Bible and ancient records, he “went in the way of Cain… [therefore], Cain was probably the instigator of “cannibalism … That human sacrifices, however, were known as far back as the Acadian era, is shown by a bilingual text (K 5139) which enjoins the abgal, or ‘chief prophet’, to declare that “the father must give the life of his child for the sin of his own soul, the child’s head for his head, the child’s neck for his neck, the child’s breast for his breast.”

Professor Archibald Sayce,; Hibbert Lectures, Oxford, p.78, 1887

[v]     Singapore hypocrisy: hang the drug couriers while investing with the drug barons

Elizabeth Krantz – 8 December 2005, Australian News Commentary

The net effect of the Singapore government’s barbaric hanging of drug courier Van Nguyen will be to increase profits for the government’s trading partner, Burmese drug lord Lo Hsing Han.  While the high-profile execution will no doubt reduce the supply of heroin somewhat, the inelastic demand by addicts will just increase the margin to the wholesaler, Lo.

Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his authoritarian government display extreme hypocrisy in executing dozens of drug couriers while at the same time going into business ventures with drug trafficker Lo.  The former US Assistant of State for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, declared in 1997, “Since 1988 over half of the $US1 billion investments from Singapore have been tied to the family of narco-trafficker Lo Hsing Han”.

The Singapore government, in cooperation with Morgan Guaranty Trust Company, is directly connected to key business ventures of drug kingpin Lo through an investment group called the Myanmar Fund. The fund, which provides investors “with long term capital appreciation from direct or indirect investments in Myanmar (Burma),” is registered as a tax-free fund in Jersey, Channel Islands, according to documents provided to the Irish Stock Exchange.

Singapore’s largest government-controlled financial institution – the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) – is listed in the documents along with Morgan Guaranty Trust Bank (a J.P. Morgan subsidiary separate from the Trust Company) as a core shareholder in the Myanmar Fund. A September 1996 GIC business profile from the Registry of Companies and Businesses in Singapore shows that high-level Singaporean politicians were officers and directors of the GIC, including senior minister Lee Kuan Yew; his son, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong; and finance minister Dr Richard Hu. As a core shareholder, the GIC helps determine how the fund’s money is invested in Burma.

Singapore’s economic linkage with Burma is one of the most vital factors for the survival of Burma’s military regime,” says Professor Mya Maung, a Burmese economist based in Boston. This link, he continues, is also central to “the expansion of the heroin trade.” Singapore has achieved the distinction of being the Burmese junta’s number one business partner -both largest trading partner and largest foreign investor. More than half these investments, totaling upwards of US$1.3 billion, are in partnership with Burma’s infamous heroin kingpin Lo Hsing Han, who now controls a substantial portion of the world’s opium trade. The close political, economic, and military relationship between the two countries facilitates the weaving of millions of narco-dollars into the legitimate world economy.

The Burmese military dictatorship- known by the acronym SLORC for State Law and Order Restoration Council until it changed its name to the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) in 1997-depends on the resources of Burma’s drug barons for its financial survival. Since it seized power in 1988, opium production has doubled, equaling all legal exports and making the country the world’s biggest heroin supplier.  With 50 percent of the economy unaccounted for, drug traffickers, businessmen and government officials are able to integrate spectacular profits throughout Burma’s permanent economy.

Both the Burmese generals and drug lords have been able to take advantage of Singapore’s liberal banking laws and money laundering opportunities. In 1991, for example, the SLORC laundered US$400 million through a Singapore bank which it used as a down payment for Chinese arms.  With no laws to prevent money laundering, Singapore is widely reported to be a financial haven for Burma’s elite, including its two most notorious traffickers, Lo Hsing Han and Khun Sa (also known by his Chinese name Chang Qifu).

Lo Hsing Han is chairman of Burma’s biggest conglomerate, Asia World, founded in 1992. His son, Steven Law, is managing director and also runs three companies in Singapore which are “overseas branches” of Asia World. Although Singapore is proud of its mandatory death penalty for small-time narcotics smugglers and heroin addicts, both father and son travel freely in and out of the friendly (to them) island-nation.

In 1996, when Law married his Singaporean business partner in a lavish, well-publicized Rangoon wedding, guests from Singapore were flown in on two chartered planes. According to a high-level US government official familiar with the situation, Law’s wife Cecilia Ng operates an underground banking system, and “is a contact for people in Burma to get their drug money into Singapore, because she has a connection to the government.” According to the official, Ng spends half her time in Rangoon, half in Singapore; when in Rangoon, she is headquartered at Asia Lite, a subsidiary of Asia World.

The husband-wife teams are also the sole officers and shareholders of Asia World subsidiary, Kokang Singapore Pte Ltd. Founded in Singapore in 1993 with $4.6 million, the company “engages in general trading activities in goods/products of all kinds/descriptions.

The Burmese junta’s control of its impoverished population through crude methods such as torture, forced labor, and mass killings leaves it open to international condemnation. In contrast, Singapore takes a more sophisticated approach to repression, both at home and abroad. While the island-nations citizens have material benefits and the appearance of rule of law, they live in fear of an Orwellian government that closely monitors every aspect of their lives. The ruling party often sues those who dare to oppose it on trumped up defamation charges, forcing many into bankruptcy or exile.

Author’s Note:  JP Morgan is part of the Rothschild Consortium, and opium trafficking by Raffles et alia (East India Co.) is old news that everyone conveniently sets aside.  The Raffles Group has just built the Raffles Hotel in Dubai, another Pyramid in honor of Pharaoh and ancient Egyptian magic, a Freemasonic and Illuminati specialty.

[vi]    Not being part of any U.S. state, Washington, D.C.’s government operates under authority derived from the U.S. federal government. The city (generally referred to as the District of Columbia) is run by an elected mayor and a city council.

[vii]    England is in fact a financial oligarchy run by the “British Crown” which refers to the “City of London,” not the Queen. The City is run by the Bank of England, a “private” corporation. The City is a sovereign state located in the heart of greater London. Considered the “Vatican of the financial world,” the City is not subject to British law.

  • “When we speak of ‘The City’ we are in fact referring to a privately owned Corporation – or Sovereign State – occupying an irregular rectangle of 677 acres and located right in the heart of the 610 square mile ‘Greater London’ area. The population of ‘The City’ is listed at just over four thousand, whereas the population of ‘Greater London’ (32 boroughs) is approximately seven and a half million.”
  • The “City of London” was created after the invasion of William of Orange, who acted on behalf of the disbanded Knights Templar. This is why the Templar Shield is at the center of the city’s crest. The descendants of the Templars organized Freemasonry with the Rosicrucians and, later, the Illuminati [perhaps Jesuits] *at the head.

*      “Freemasonry, professing mysteries, instantly roused all these people, and the Lodges appeared to the adventurers who wanted to profit by the enthusiasm or the avarice of their dupes, the fittest places in the world for the scene of their operations.  The Rosycrucians were the first who availed themselves of the opportunity…a set of Alchymists.  Pretenders to the transmutation of metals and the universal medicine, who, the better to inveigle their votaries, had mixed with their own tricks a good deal of the absurd superstitions of that sect, in order to give a greater air of mystery to the whole…These cheats…persuaded their pupils that they were the only true masons.  Rosycrucian Lodges were soon established and became numerous, because their mysteries were addressed…to the curiosity, the sensuality, and the avarice of men.  They became a very formidable band, adopting the constitution of the Jesuits, dividing the Fraternity into circles, each under the management of its own Superior, known to the President, but unknown to the individuals of the Lodges.  These Superiors were connected to each other in a way known only to themselves, and the whole was under one General… All of them received their institution from England and had patents from a Mother Lodge in London.  All seem to have got the mystery through the same channel, the banished friends of the Stuart Family. Many of these were Catholics, and entered into the service of Austria and the Catholic Princes.”

Proofs of a Conspiracy; J. Robison, (1798), Pub. 2008, BiblioBazaar

[viii]   The Vatican City State has its own citizenship, diplomatic corps, flag, and postage stamps. With a population of less than 1,000, it is by far the smallest sovereign country in the world.

[ix]    Michael Collins Piper, American Free Press

[x]      See: Science Digest, 1971. P. 44 – 50; “Hypnosis Comes of Age”

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