Without British Freemasonry there would be no modern state of Israel. In the 1860s, the British-Israelite movement was initiated from within Freemasonry. Its goal was to establish a Jewish-Masonic state in the Turkish province of Palestine. Of course, that would mean dealing with the Turks at some point down the line, but first the country would have to be repopulated with Jews. And the idea wasn’t to bring in more of the same religious Jews who already were the majority in Jerusalem and elsewhere, but the kind of Jews who would eventually accept the Masonic view of history. Initially, British Jewish Masonic families like the Rothschilds and Montefiores provided the capital to build the infrastructure for the anticipated wave of immigration.

However, luring the Jews to Israel was proving difficult. They, simply, liked European life too much to abandon it. So Europe was to be turned into a nightmare for the Jews. This led to the rise of pogroms and Zionism. The leader of Zionism, Theodore Herzl certainly had some British support but he apparently was not thinking in terms of a Masonic state. He died mysteriously in 1905 at the tender age of 43, and the movement fell into British hands under the immoral leadership of one Chaim Weizmann. Then things began moving quickly. British Masons like Arthur Balfour and Herbert Samuel led the campaign for official British recognition of a Jewish homeland during World War One. At the same time, a million British troops, badly needed in the trenches of Europe, were sent marching to Palestine to oust the Ottomans.

When the war ended, the campaign for a Jewish state went into full speed at Versailles. In 1919, The Royal Institute Of International Affairs was founded in London and two years later, the Council On Foreign Relations began its nefarious activities in New York. Their agendas called for a world governmental takeover and a global religion based in Jerusalem. So far, so good for the Jews one might think. In fact, the British finagling led straight to the Holocaust, which Mason Winston Churchill refused to prevent or disrupt, right to the next attempt at a Holocaust called the Oslo Peace Accords, which began with a meeting in London in November 1992 between arch-criminals Beilin, Hirshfeld and Pundak and members of the outlawed PLO. Since then, secret meeting after secret meeting have taken place between Israel’s “peacemakers” and British Freemasons. The results are there for everyone to see.

The British have turned on Israel, but for reasons very few could even contemplate considering seriously. However, the reasons are deadly serious. What follows is information privy to only the very highest degrees of British Freemasonry and British Royalty. Upon threat of agonizing death, these secrets are to be withheld from the meaningless masses of humanity. Perhaps only several thousand people in all Britain and Israel are aware that British Freemasonry and Royalty are totally convinced that Jesus was King Of Britain and was stoned to death in London, at Ludgate, the location of St. Paul’s Cathedral. This conviction is based on a history many are going to find insulting. Nonetheless, it is vital to understand the thinking that has led to the 20th century slaughter of the Jews and the current attempt to annihilate Israel.

Initiates into the deepest secrets of British Freemasonry are taught that Jesus was born with an identical twin, Judas Thomas. Their mother Mariamne was the granddaughter of King Herod. She was raped by a Roman soldier named Tiberius Julias Abdes Pathera. In his time, Jesus was known as Yeshua Ben Panthera. The twins had very different personalities. Judas Thomas was violent and irresponsible. He led a revolt of Galileans against the Romans. The Galileans were, in fact, from Gaul, a captured Celtic Roman province with a highly hostile population. Judas Thomas took his revolt to Rome and in his 33rd year was ordered crucified by Pontius Pilate. However, invoking royal Herodian privileges and a large bribe, his uncle Joseph of Arimathea persuaded Pontius to replace Judas Thomas on the cross with another victim. Judas Thomas was sold into slavery and died much later in India.

Jesus, meanwhile took his priestly vows seriously. He was cousin to John the Baptist, the chief Rabbi of the Essenes and second in line to take over the position. With the executions of John and Judas Thomas, Jesus became the chief rabbi of the Essenes. During much of his youth, Jesus lived in Britain with his uncle Joseph of Armathea, who ran a lucrative tin trading business between Cornwall and Phoenicia. While in Cornwall, Jesus learned the secrets of the Druids, a Celtic religion which was closely allied with the Essenes. Both shared a belief in fraternal love and a strict set of fatal punishments for those who betrayed the mysteries of their faiths. And both demanded a rigorous three stage initiation process for those wishing to be privy to those mysteries.

Jesus was in Rome at the time of his brother’s crucifixion. He and his family and followers escaped the city in the wake of the crackdown on Zealots following Judas Thomas’s revolt. Most went to Marseilles and from there spread throughout Gaul and Britain. Jesus and his wife fled to Britain. Yes, wife. According to British Freemasonry, he had four of them. His first, a Nabatean named Cypros produced five children, the most famous being Caradoc, a future king who would fight Rome with savage success. But it was the second, Mary Magdelene who was even more significant. Her father was an early British Celtic king and she a Celtic princess. Their children and all their descendants produced the British royal lineage. With this marriage, Jesus became a Celtic royal and he was given a suitable new royal name, Jesus Cunobeline. Shortly after his arrival in Britain, Jesus Cunobeline and his family were given royal jurisdiction over a huge tract of land in southern Wales. It is for this reason that the Prince Of Wales is considered a direct ancestor of the first king of modern Wales, Jesus Cunobeline, with privileges that extend to all of Judaism and Israel.

Just before Emperor Claudius attacked Britain, Jesus abdicated his crown to his son Caradoc, who defeated the Romans at every turn. But through trickery, he and his father, Jesus Cunobeline were captured and shipped in shackles to Rome. Caradoc appealed to the Roman Senate for clemency and was granted it on condition that Britain never fought Rome on its soil again. He accepted the proviso and he and his entourage were given a palace of their own. Jesus lived there for seven years. Then he sailed to Egypt to learn the secrets of the Egyptian mystery schools. He was an honored student and soaked in the secret handshakes, cryptic messages and graduated revelations.

The Christianity of Jesus became Freemasonry. Jesus wanted to share his new complete Essene/Druidic/Essene religion and that proved his undoing. He was stoned to death in London, aged 63, for betraying his vows and revealing the secrets of the mystery schools. However, back in Rome, presbyters had combined the lives of Jesus and Judas Thomas to create a rapidly growing religion. The British-born Roman emperor Constantine of York, a direct descendant of Jesus, and his mother Helena saw a great advantage in spreading a publicly accepted story of Jesus to create unity in the empire, while keeping the true story alive amongst the most trusted of British royalty and their closest allies.

Constantine gathered a British army and smashed his way to Rome. Shortly after, in 330, he convened a conference of presbyters in Nicaea to unify Christianity. Final gospels were voted on and a New Testament created. But to assure that his empire’s newly official religion never forgot the Israelite roots of Jesus and the British royal line, Constantine tacked the Jewish scriptures onto the New Testament. As far as British freemasonry is concerned, they are both the true Jews and true Christians. This, they reason, is the right that comes with knowing the secret truth of Jesus. And when they re-created Israel in their distorted image, the Freemasons had no room in the country for those Jews they considered deluded.

Through Chaim Weizmann, they eliminated religious Jews and patriotic Jews from the Zionist movement. They were condemned to die in Europe. Those who did arrive in Israel were thoroughly inculcated in socialist, secular, occultic values. Israel was to be transformed into a Masonic Jewish state ruled by their rightful leaders, the Freemasons of Britain. But something unexpected happened during the 1930s. The religious Jews, both of Israel and Eastern Europe, rejected this peculiar Zionism as a foreign growth on G-d’s intended Judaism. And non-religious, but patriotic Jews led by the likes of Jabotinsky, Begin and Shamir fought to expel the British from their land. And they fought so well that the British ordered their Jewish Masons like Teddy Kollek (33rd degree) and Yitzhak Rabin (32nd degree) to betray their fellow Jews and turn them over to the British or to murder them outright.

The British Freemasons and their Jewish quislings managed to do the bidding of the British, to the point of joining them in an attack of Egypt in 1956. There was still hope that a British Freemasonic Israel could yet be created by the Ben Gurions, Weizmanns and Dayans they had placed in power. But in 1977, all illusions were smashed by the election of Menachem Begin as prime minister. Since then, Britain has declared a covert war against an Israel that turned to G-d and Jewish patriotism instead of rule by Masonry. The Oslo process begun in London in November, 1992, was their ultimate revenge.

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