Author’s Note:  Mr. Phelps, a contemporary, is neither a scholar nor highly educated person.  In addition, he is a passionate Christian and anti-Jesuit who is almost completely bereft of Islamic knowledge.  His ignorance and enthusiasm blind him from considering ought but the Papist threat as supreme.  Nevertheless, his zeal is honest and his abundant (20 year) research is filled with undeniable facts the Catholic Church refuses to discuss consequently and which most folk ignore, much to their injury.  I include his remarks because they are mostly true or well nigh.  As a Muslim, I accept truth from whatever source I can and Mr. Phelps has the courage and streetsmarts of a gum-shoe detective who never fails to find the trail of the perpetrator because he knows the lay of the land and the back alleys of the beastly beat.
It cannot be said that since Napoleon’s extortion of the pope who banned them that Jesuit or Papal interests have suffered as a result of Adam Weishaupt’s Alliance with Rothschild and Frankist covens.  Their triumverate infiltration of Freemasonry and other institutions of leadership has gone unnoticed and unhindered until recent decades unveiled the ancient continuum of ecclesiarchon pederasty and homosexuality which heretofore had been kept in darkened confessionals.  As the reader will soon learn through subsequent posts, the latter are closets dedicated to the fourth god of the Jesuit Trinity.   I and others also can deduce that the Noblesse Oblige of the Hermetic Rex Deus cults – both Jew and not so Jew – are more than willing to sacrifice Jesuits, Pope, Israel and mainline politicians (including the Bush family) in order to re-establish their claims to legitimacy and the Kingdom of Northern Israel under the Danite Pen-Dragon Banner, with or without a temple at Jerusalem, because the temple can just as readily be erected on Mt. Hermon or at Syria’s Baalbek.

Mr. Phelps

In light of nearly 500 years of history recording the doctrines and deeds of the Society of Jesus, it is safe to conclude the Military Company of Jesus was crafted by Satan for the purpose of first taking Jerusalem away from the Muslims and secondly, to overthrow the… Protestant Reformation.  Using Don Ignatius Loyola, a Spanish nobleman and “Illumbrados” Knight Templar, Loyola was the antithesis to Luther, out of which Hegelian dialectic we understand true world history since the birth of the Reformation in 1517 and the birth of the Order in 1534.

Out of this dialectic we behold the Order’s nefarious doctrines and diabolical deeds.  Those doctrines include twisted and perverse justifications for assassinating political leaders opposing the Pope’s Temporal Power pursuant to the Order’s “Extreme Oath of Induction,” men such as America’s John F. Kennedy (“the leaden bullet” – 1963); South Africa’s Hendrik F. Verwoerd (“the steel of the poniard” – 1966); Katanga’s Moise Tshombe (“the poison cup” – 1969); and Saudi Arabia’s King Faisal (“the leaden bullet” – 1975).  The diabolical deeds of blood include the First Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648), the Second Thirty Years’ War—including the Order’s Freemasonic Young Turks carrying out the Armenian and Assyrian Massacres of non-papal “heretic” Christians, so “accursed” by the Black Pope’s Council of Trent (1914-1945); and the Anglo-American-led 12th Crusade against Islam (2001-present) begun on October 7, 2001—the very same day the Black Pope’s “Holy League” ‒ including Papal Roman Caesar Pius V with his Knights of Malta ‒ fought the massive naval Battle of Lepanto defeating the Muslim fleet of Suleiman the Magnificent, October 7, 1571.

The Society of Jesus, having now reclaimed its former pinnacle of world power once wielded prior to Pope Clement XIV’s Bull of Suppression and Extinction issued in 1773, first gained control of the British Crown by no later than 1760 with the accession of King George III; thus the 19th Century was The British Century: the once Protestant Empire under complete domination of the Society via Illuminized Freemasonic British traitors.  By no later than 1868 the Order was in absolute control of the Pope’s new “Holy Roman” … Corporate Fascist, American Empire; thus the 20th Century was The American Century: America’s CFR-controlled, military industrial complex having been the lever to restore the Pope’s Temporal Power over Europe and the Middle East, then the Far East and Africa; and now, with the Order’s CFR-directed “Project for the New American Century” (PNAC), in the rebuilding of both the City and Kingdom of Babylon beginning with Dubai and Baghdad.  The Order’s endgame is to enthrone a Pope of its making—murdered and risen from the dead—to be the Biblical Antichrist in a rebuilt Hebrew Temple on the “mosque-free” Temple Mount (thanks to the present Crusade) in Jerusalem, while making the rebuilt Kingdom of Babylon the risen Pope’s commercial capital of the world.”

Terry Melanson… parrots the historic Jesuit line that Weishaupt was an enemy of the Jesuits and that he loathed them, that he had broken with the very Order that had educated him and had secretly given him the Chair of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University in that Jesuit stronghold of Bavaria after the Order’s expulsion from Bavaria.  Roman Catholic author Nesta Webster also promotes this calculated deception—remembering that she was the intimate friend of Jesuit ultramontane (fascist), Cardinal Manning, the Archbishop of Westminster.

The reason Roman Catholic Bavarian authorities expelled Weishaupt from the country was the Illuminati had been identified as a clandestine arm of the Order. Remember, the Society had formally been expelled from Roman Catholic Bavaria – the foremost Jesuit stronghold in Europe north of the Alps and springboard for the First Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) – because of the Pope’s Bull of Suppression.  Thus, the expulsion of the Company from Bavaria in 1773 was followed by the expulsion of Jesuit Weishaupt’s Illuminati eleven years later in 1784—it serving as a mere undercover tentacle of the Jesuit Order.

Furthermore, none have refuted my chain of evidence regarding the benefits derived by the Order as a result of the French Revolution and subsequent Napoleonic Wars; not to mention the fact that Napoleon’s Second Consul and foremost advisor was a Jesuit, Abbe Emmanuel Sieyes.  “Who benefits?” always answers the question as to the real culprits behind any plot.

1)       Did not the Jesuits benefit when their Jacobins murdered King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, as Louis’s Bourbon grandfather, Louis XV, had expelled the Society from France in 1764 and Marie’s Habsburg mother, Maria Theresa, had expelled the Order from Austria in 1774?  Was this not revenge?

2)       Did not the Order benefit when the Jacobins killed nearly every Roman Catholic priest in Southern France, especially the Dominicans having taken the Inquisition away from the Jesuits after the Order’s suppression — was this not revenge?

3)       Did not the Order benefit when it raised up Napoleon from the Island of Corsica, the very island upon which thousands of Jesuits had been confined as a result of their expulsion from South America and Europe?

4)       Did not the Order benefit when Napoleon destroyed the Protestant Dutch Republic in 1806 in accordance with the Counter Reformation Council of Trent — was this not revenge?

5)       Did not the Order benefit when Napoleon sacked Malta in 1798, thirty years after the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta had expelled the Order in 1768 — was this not revenge?

6)       Did not the Order settle an old score for the Vatican’s suppressed Knights Templars when Napoleon invaded Egypt and killed the entire Islamic Mamluk bodyguard of the Sultan of Cairo, the Mamluks having driven the Templars from Acre in 1291, thereby ending the Pope’s Kingdom of Jerusalem? — Was this not revenge?

7)       Did not the Order benefit when it used Napoleon to invade Acre and proclaim Palestine to a homeland for the world’s Jews-— Napoleon being the world’s first Labor Zionist for the Jesuit Order?

8)       Did not the Order benefit when Napoleon invaded Portugal thus driving its king into exile, Portugal having expelled the Society from not only Portugal, but from all its colonies in South America in 1759?  Was this not revenge?

9)       Did not the Order benefit when Napoleon invaded Spain and drove the king into exile, Spain having expelled the Order from not only Portugal but from all its colonies in South America in 1767?  Was this not revenge?

10)   Did not the Order benefit when Napoleon sacrificed his Grand Armee in the snows of Russia in 1812, thereby eliminating hundreds of thousands of true, anti-pope/anti-king republican nationalists that would have posed a threat to the ultimate re-entrance of the Order into France via King Louis XVIII?

11)   Did not the Order benefit when Napoleon held Pope Pius VII prisoner (1809-1814) until the pope  agreed to revive the Order upon his return to Rome at the hand of the British ruled by Jesuit-directed King George III?

The list is nearly endless and none can refute that the chain of evidence leads to the undeniable conclusion that Weishaupt was a Freemasonic Jesuit until the day he died — as a Roman Catholic!


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