The Malay Dilemma Revisited

Beware The red Sashed Enemies of mankind: The Cult of Rome

“I must Congratulate you for your courage Dr. Zaid.  You are doing what we [Malysia’s Alim] should be doing.”

Prof. Dr. Jamil Ackdogen,
Islamic Science & Thought, ISTAC (2008), after reading what follows


Pictures Phone Feb 2013 021Author’s Note:

Recently I was criticized for referring to Mahathirism in a comment I made about a foolish raid by Muslim Religious authorities on a Christian Church for hosting an Iftar communal dinner.  It seems some readers are compartmentalized in their thinking, which is exactly what Iblis desires as he leads the ummah on deviation picnics. Hence I am posting Chapter Ten of my book, ‘The Hand of Iblis (now going into second printing, Alhamduillah). The reading and comprehension of this essay should help put lost deviant thinkers back on the correct perspective road.

Please realize that the forthright criticism and observations presented are neither signs of arrogance nor vindictive ridicule, but rather out of a sense of duty as a Muslim and writer.  If my words seem harsh, it is because kinder words and critics have failed to touch the bone of this matter, which is a global phenomenon and for which I write just as firmly on other maters and for the hearts of other peoples.

The Purpose of Submission

  • “O You who believe, on you rests the responsibility for your own selves.  If you follow the right path, those who have gone astray will not be able to do you harm.”  —  The Feast: 105

Though I know many honorable Malaysians, what I write below represents a generic opinion that I’ve garnered after several years experience in Malaysia. The impression is not one of overall admiration and the remarks are my own conclusions; offered as sincere–even if disturbing–criticism for the sake of Allah’s Cause in this potentially great nation.


I read with gratitude The Malay Dilemma by Tun Dr. Mahathir, retired PM of Malaysia.  To my mind however, his expert secular analysis failed to address the real nature of the Malay/Muslim impasse.  This is because the significant light of what he overlooked by means of racial, urbane and political bias is essentially spiritual and not secular.  One of these spiritual laws is clearly stated in the verse cited above.  Spiritual laws[1] that govern our affairs are greater than mere civilized[2] attempts at jurisprudence or legislation, but notwithstanding this fact, pundits continually ignore these maxims and consign them to poets and long-dead scions of truth, which merely adds perplexity to consequently diminished orbs of social and political science.   I believe the lesson is not difficult to grasp: for just as charity begins at home so also does the judgment of God!  And the judgment of God often announces itself with the absence of His blessing.  And many mistake Iblissian gilding for the latter.

Abraham refused to submit himself to the ‘civilized’ governments of Canaan by living a nomad’s life: the very pride and fount of the Bedouin heart.  But this doesn’t mean he was not subject to their laws or customs; however, he avoided the compromised position of their direct scrutiny and he shunned their influence unless absolutely necessary.  Moreover, and what is most important for the present world-historic moment, is that he did not enrich himself by their offers of largess.  The man kept his hands clean from graft, and furthermore, he practiced sound fiscal policies with ‘real money’ and property, after which he saw to it that the hands of his family and retainers were likewise unsoiled and unspoiled by fiat paper, riba and debt.  None could spoil his estate as there was no opportunity for inflation, deficit spending, or the creating of money from the thin air of a 10% cash reserves not backed by precious metals.  His absolute integrity and adherence to this non-ism reality is the reason Allah chose him as the post-diluvian Semite Patriarch! [3]

What is quoted above is a spiritual law followed not only by Abraham, but also by the righteous Caliphs for the initial thirty odd years of Islam’s advent preceding pretenders who returned Mohammad’s ummah to the vain pursuits of stylish ruminations now termed ‘civilization’―as if urban civilization was inviolable holy ground.  Abraham more perfectly kept this law than did the Caliphs, and thus was he exempt from any and all heathen incursion within the boundaries of his domain. Simply put, the man suffered no harm at their hands because of his submissive obedience to Allah’s Shari’ah and fierce willingness to prevent evil and enjoin good.  While on Earth ,this posture is the ultimate purpose of submission and our best defense in a world full of insignificant claimants to authenticity and the cunning adepts of Iblissian ethics.

Unfortunately, this Abramic posture was and remains absent among Malay/Muslim rulers who sit at the gates of their nation and need not rehearse their numerous transgressions.  Though they are relatively ‘civilized Muslims, it is not the law of Allah they keep as much as an assiduous attention to the customs of comforting tribal expediencies befitting the hypnosis of mass denial. [4]  When confronted with the largess of the heathen, Malay leaders accept, nay, demand it without restraint and therefore subject their domains—by means of tainted mammon—to influences governed by ideations inspired by reprobate jinn and their Iblisized human partners.  Unfortunately, disobedience is a guarantee that God won’t intervene; meaning that harm will surely come.  It is this divine ’non-intervention’ of ‘protection’ wherein lies the true dilemma — and neither is it unique to this tribe of traditionally polite prevaricators.  Moreover, the moronic behavior pursuant to denial is surely antithetical to the Kingdom or ‘Cause of Allah’ in the earth, and it certainly erodes the vice-gerency that Muslims are wont to claim.  The knowledge of this fact of life is what brings sobriety of spirit rather than perplexity to those with a non-secular light of discernment.

Before his retirement, Dr. Mahatir wept over the failure of his civilized programs to elevate the Malay status to one of at least perceived dignity in the eyes of the global khassa.  The entire nation witnessed tears that marked the failure of a thirty year apartheid attempt to change the spiritual nature of an indigenous culture diseased with moral compromise, pagan ideations (religious accretions), and intense psychological denial.  What is worse is the profound ignorance of their enemies; often obscured by elaborate rituals of accretion and Occidental regalia in contradistinction to the Sunnah.  True Islam carefully selects the simplicity of moral and professional competence rather than the promotion of juvenile incompetence with favoritism (cronyism), and definitely avoids the garish ceremony Malays utilize to adorn their rather peculiar denial syndrome.  These practices are idolatrous in nature and manipulative in purpose and any historian/theologian worth his/her salt knows this to be true.  However, as prophet Isa so succinctly put it: ‘The salt has lost its savor and is therefore useless!’  True Islam—as per the Prophetic sunnah—never promotes incompetence and abhors Persianesque pageantry as did Hadrat Umar, and furthermore, it expels idolaters—especially Triad Chieftains and their confederates—from positions of leadership and counsel; relegating the latter to servile ‘tribute’ status if not absolute exile as did the Prophet ![5]   To retain such cunning experts and still think you’re in charge of your destiny is indeed the epitome of imprudence.

Had Abraham sat in council with intellectual and moral inepts such as Sodom’s civilized King and ministers, he would have lent them credibility as well as authority (power) to control the flow of money and substance to his household by virtue of a partnership rather than treaty.  The balance of power known as the ‘Medina Constitution’ did grant a shared representative government with limited tribal autonomy given to Muslim, Christian, Jew, and Pagan respectively.  However, these pacts were in essence ‘Treaties’ with severe contingencies, and moreover, the Prophet had final juristic authority by common consent.  Furthermore, the Constitution was a necessity due to the ‘fledgling’ nature of the immature Islamic Polity.  Once matured however, the status of pagan and non-Muslim dramatically changed after the conquest of Mecca.  Therefore, the present song of tolerant compromise with its pretense of ‘equality with pagans and monotheist hypocrites in today’s Muslim communities, is little more than apologetics for the ‘fall’ from podiums of valor and autonomous political power, as was recently demonstrated by UMNO’s loss after merely one generation of tenure.  Furthermore, it actually represents a step backwards towards the age of civilized ignorance.  This form of shirk harbors haram consequences.[6] Unfortunately,this civilized status reflects most modern  ‘Islamic Nation States’ and therefore, the qualifier ‘Islamic’, especially in Malaysia, should be dropped as a scientific requirement for precise definition.  Nevertheless, I concede that for any polity suffering the delusions common to communal denial and ignorance, this is certainly not ‘politically correct’, and hence we have Dr. Mahatir’s claim that Malaysia is an Islamic State.  Those who fail to comprehend what I’ve just stated are spiritually asleep!

Capitalists have hemmed Muslims in with ambitious industrial, commercial, banking, technical and educational monopolies [7] that stimulate the inherent Malay penchant towards corruption, indolence and utilitarian greed by politely sidestepping the professional confrontation of problems generated by incompetence! [8]  This caste system of class nepotism cannot equal the enterprise of competition with people who actually know what they’re doing; like the Chinese for example, who surely realize this advantage as their progressive ascendancy demonstrates.  And when nepotic foolishness is added to the hypocrisy of high-minded self-righteous bigotry dressed in ritual without submission to Allah, the recipe for divine judgment is surely written on the walls for any conscious heart of God-fearing humility to read.  Bungling minds dressed in formal habit—even if accompanied by Royal Wit—are simply no match for the keen pagans and occidentals the Muslim thinks he can control by way of superior numbers, which actually is a burden because one then has more unproductive fools to feed.

Consider Singapore’s preeminence and the recent transference of Power in Penang, and then further concede that the occidental cum pagan subliminal mindset considers all Muslims nothing more than beggars, sorry, I meant ‘Barbarians at the Gates’ [9] of their truly hard-earned prosperity; and believe me, their hidden-hand is more than prepared for the siege of frantic losers running amok.  But for the most part, their subtle approach merely aids the face-saving self-destructive behaviors of hapless Malay fraudsters: a ‘Trojan Horse’ tactic manipulated by extremely capable and ruthless scoundrels[10] initiated into the darkest of Tibetan Mysteries![11]  It matters not how much money or new ideas are thrown into this sink of time-honored ineptness, for their is no help from Allah for Muslims who do not help themselves to the principles of His Right Path in order to protect their polity’s boundary from persistent heathen encroachment; especially among middle and upper managers of maladjusted bureaucracies that collect wealth by letting civilized idolaters give them papers to sign, and officers whose uniform alone puts ‘black money’ in their pocket.

Calling someone competent or pious does not make them so.  Neither does calling this plural farce Islam make it so.  Only repentance to good works makes a nation Islamic!  True repentance is Islam’s purpose and is not an emotional confession of guilt or plea for mercy.  Repentance is a 180-degree change of direction in the way we think about and practice living through total submission to Allah’s Shari’ah!  Islam is far more than ritual, yet it seems that Muslims—like Christians, Jews and Pagans—perform their rituals then immediately return to the traditional sins that enable them to take the least path of resistance for the most expedient material gain.  Is this an expression of Abraham’s example?   Did he simply bow his head to the ground then make partners with his enemies for the prosperity of Allah’s Kingdom and Cause in the earth?  Is this Islam?  By God it is not!  It is the way of Iblitic misguidance, and that reprobate jinn and his followers work far harder and intelligently than most Muslims I’ve met!

Abraham traded with pagans for mutual gain and never did he allow them the legal right of any authority or property within his domain!  [Compare this with the current IMF agreements that paralyze any nation’s fiscal and agrarian autonomy.]  For this reason they could do him no harm because he kept himself and his enemies within the boundaries set by Allah!  What now passes for Islam has conveniently compromised itself by cross-cultural marriage with materially superior civilizations that are morally and ethically inferior and also incompatible with Islam, but, it is accomplished for the sake of Muslim survival due to overwhelming Muslim incompetence brought on by the Dark Age of their own foolish mysticism, indolence and disobedience.  This grave concession belies the failure of Muslims to responsibly protect their boundaries from the antithetical advance of Occidental isms, armies, industries, policies and Capital, as well as the typical Sino-utilitarian expertise that now manufactures trinkets for sale as ‘Arabian’ souvenirs in Mecca.  It is regrettable and understandable, but it is a fact of life and the result of the neglect of Muslim pseudo-Patriarchs for generations.  Therefore, such partnerships should be called what they are: the defeat and consequent submission to the hegemony of an enemy ― but for the sake of as-Siddiq, do not call it Islam!

We should consider also a corollary principle that is not subject to the apologetics of denial: it is true that we do not bare the burden of another person’s sin on the Day of Judgment, however, while on earth, we do bear and share the consequences of each other’s sin; especially those of leaders to whom we are subject — this is most immediately apparent to women and children subjected to the whims of reprobate husbands and fathers.

Before the reign of King Josiah, the Jews were harassed within and without by pagan predators for their own adoption of the Phoenician sun-god idolatry and culture; becoming therefore, subject to the curse of Moses for their crimes (see Deut. 28).   During the reign of Josiah in Jerusalem, Hebrew Priests rediscovered a Book of Law which must have preserved something of monotheist truth!  When Josiah read the book, he wept then called an assembly whereupon the book was read to the entire population.  This took three to five days during which everyone fasted on the King’s command!  Afterwards, there was a national public repentance and Josiah declared war on idolatry, cleansing the land of their shrines and killing the pagan priests.[12]  The judgment of Allah upon the Jews—destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple followed by enslavement in Babylon—was therefore postponed but only while Josiah lived.  This sunnah carries a clear example of spiritual law.

Upon his death, idolatry reigned once again; pagans seduced Hebrew chiefs with whores, wealth, magic and icons as they do today,[13] whereupon Jerusalem was utterly destroyed and the Jews slaughtered and dispersed.  Christians believe the Kingdom was given to them but where is the evidence?  By the time of Rome’s Christian cult, it was already a swamp of Gnostic idolatrous pollution.  And Gnosticism—as made clear by the histories related in the Appendices below—is the metaphysical cancer of mysticism, whether orthodox or heterodox—that has led to the present demise of mankind’s spiritual sobriety.  Only Islam was given the ‘protected’ Dominion of God’s promise to Abraham, and Allah preserved this autonomy even through the 700 years of its decline.  Nonetheless, for the last 200 years, Muslim’s have apologized for the crimes of their leaders as well as their copulation with monist materialism’s covey of isms—which I’ve demonstrated is actually the humanism of Orientalist morality.  And the reader will soon come to understand that the Enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries was actually guided by ideologues of the blasphemous Cabala and Talmud.

Thereby have Muslims committed shirk as a polity and specifically as prophesied by the Prophet.[14]  Consequently, Allah has withdrawn his protection because Muslim Leaders have ‘permitted’ this Illuminized cum Freemasonic infiltration and rise of the Western Sun-god cult of so-called ‘Modernity’ on what is left of the ummah’s powers of reason!  They have made partners with the enemies of Islam, received their accursed coin and religion (Freemasonry), adopted their flags, icons and ideologies, and have permitted the autocracy of these fraudsters a free hand in the oppression of their own peoples.  This is the same felony as Israel’s and unfortunately, it calls for similar, if not an even worse judgment.[15]

The dilemma confronted by believers today is very clear to the wise.  Once subject to pagan authorities by receiving their unclean coin and the official governmental sponsoring of heathen custom (e.g. gambling) and/or festival worship[16]—most especially fornication with their women—the die is cast and cannot be changed without national repentance!  This is spiritual law and we need only observe the Levant’s torment to see the law and Allah’s judgment at work, why else are Muslims suffering harm if not for the collective crimes of their leaders and people?  Look around you in the so-called Islamic State of ‘Modern’ Malaysia:

v  Pagan shrines and idols are everywhere;

v  Muslim men sexually consort with enslaved Indons, Phillipinas, Hindu, Thai, Slavic and Chinese harlots under the thumb of Triad Syndicates;

v  Gambling is a sanctioned institution and national pastime, funds from which are brought into the government’s coffers adding curse upon curse;

v  Zionist usury governs all banking systems despite the ‘Islamic’ cognomen;[17]

v  women and children are raped and murdered, abandoned, neglected and abused;

v  teachers sexually molest their pupils

v  tattooed pagan gangs roam the streets;

v  immorality, adultery, and fornication are rampant;

v  police corruption is the norm;

v  immodesty is common place and divorce is expected (> 90-100 cases filed daily);

v  80% of the Nation’s wealth is confiscated by plutocrats, most of whom are non-native;

v  indigenous tribes lose ancestral lands to heathen mongrels of profit;

v  Medical incompetents are kept in office in order to ‘save face’;[18]

v  unlivable wages are paid to common workers while Zalim and their confederates parade wealth with contempt;

v  plantation workers go unpaid or live on no more than subsistence for the toil that enriches their oppressors;

v  babes, nurtured by enslaved and impoverished women are sold to wealthy couples whom nature has rendered sterile;

v  children attack and kill each other in so called religious schools;

v  drug use, manufacture and distribution is endemic under Triad auspice;

v  incest is institutionally ignored and endemic;

v  so called Muslim ‘businessmen’ and government agents extort ‘Ali Baba’ wages, embezzle enormous quantities of cash from government contract funds, and practice time honored nepotism by placing incompetent relatives at the helm of public enterprise and monopoly;[19]

v  Malay men fail to achieve educational goals, while at the same time 70% of their professional women remain unmarried for fear of dominance by unqualified testosterone factories;

v  Obesity, diabetes, heart, and mental health problems are epidemic, having become the advancing symptoms of a culture attuned to prosperity’s largess and Occidental mimicry;

v  Environmental rapine and pollution destroys a pristine creation at an accelerated pace, such that >30% of the rivers are now dangerous and fish stocks are so diminished that the Orang Asli must be satisfied with catches less than half the size and quantities of but a few years ago;

v  The pretense of peaceful co-existence is belied by many conversations I’ve had with Indigenous tribes, who so mistrust the Malay and Chinese they would strike their necks given half the chance or slightest pretext;

v  Qualified and morally upright foreign professionals are denied Resident Status, despite years of dedicated service to the community and family; yet at the same time criminal elements thrive and receive the government umbrella;

v  Muslims sitting at the gates of this rot go to Mosque on Friday dressed in fine silks, preach Hadhari, and actually believe they are serving the Cause of Allah on returning to mansions Hadrat Umar would despise.

Though it is much safer to walk the streets of Singapore or Bangkok, the ascendance of this lauded Muslim progress occurred under Dr. Mahatir’s Malay-insulating programs. No wonder he wept and may he be praised for his honest tears!  On review of this abbreviated list, one sees nothing more than an accelerated advance of the process of material gain and moral decay under the guidance of corrupt leaders of compliant and oppressed citizens.  Nevertheless, this very suspect progress is noised abroad as a pristine example of an Islamic State’s Tolerance and Magnanimity of Spirit as a Modern Developing Nation.  But … is it not becoming exactly like the Freemasonic American prototype of Enlightenment?  People the world over arrive at these shores and praise what appears to be an overwhelming success, so it is obvious Malay primates have learned to copy the American Dream!  But such a dream is far from the reality of Islam’s eternal success, and we must ask what indeed is being developed?  Does this phenomenon of Modernity represent Islamic Dominion and the responsible protection of righteous borders by submission to Allah’s Shari’ah?  Surely not!  And if not, then why call it Islam unless those who proffer the term—ignorantly or wittingly—are colluding with the Master’s of deception revealed within the pages of this tome?

True Islam is the way of morally imperative civility as opposed to civilization based on materialism.  It is the path that preserves both probity and environment for the benefit of all who encounter it with the Grace of God’s Blessing and Bounty, in a manner that promotes and preserves dignity, ethical propriety, and minimizes criminal activity and graft with swift and consequent measure.  But this latter requires stern resolution, fierce constraints, and above all, the honest criticism that avails itself naturally under a government of qualified shura.  Most unfortunately, criticism is taboo in Oriental Societies, especially among Malays who’ve perfected the art of denial to such an extent they’ve become a tribe of gracious fabricators who avoid confrontation at all costs.  The integrity of criticism’s virtue is considered ‘impolite’ and therefore antithetical to the Malay, and is never employed consequently in emulation of the Sahabah until a moment of crisis, which, of course, is far too late for appropriate remedy!

The Malays, like most Muslims, have failed to forthrightly carry the ‘Burden of Arabia’, the very purpose of Islam’s submission to Shari’ah.  Most likely, this is why the Thais conquered and still occupy the Pattini Kingdom and the Chinese community has its ‘strangle-hold’ on the manufacture and distribution of necessary goods in the country.   This defeat of the Muslim-Malay autonomy correlates 100% with their loss of moral integrity with its subsequent rise of hypocrisy, mysticism and the correlative fixation on ritual; all of which reflect the failure of Muslim submission to Allah’s decrees.  A Muslim polity’s submission must be as absolute as was Abraham’s as any compromise invites a gift bearer from Iblis bearing Pandora’s Box with his champions awaiting release!

Allah will not bless a Muslim Prince with Abraham’s absolute Dominion as long as he and his polity continue the ‘pretence of submission’ rather than its fulfillment via actual practice.  This is the default reality of Islamic Faith!  A maxim reflecting this truth may be expressed as follows: The greater the pageantry the less the sincerity … or again: In the multiplicity of laws and lawyers lay the institution of insan.

During the regencies of Abraham, Josiah, and Mohammad (pbut), idolaters were banished or subdued by treaty, and Shari’ah was the law of the land.[20]   There is no other way to govern other than compromise with people in league with Iblis and his plural polity of shirkers and Iblissian adepts of cunning and magick; and Allah will not bless such a compromise for He will not share the Power or Dominion of His Kingdom with pagans and hypocrites but will indeed provide a severe chastisement such as Islam suffered under the fist of Genghis Khan.  This is spiritual law!  ‘Compromise’ is not the equivalent of ‘Treaty’ as it does not protect boundaries!  Therefore, Islamic Polities where pagans roam unrestrained and un-subdued by Shari’ah are un-ransomed captives of their own concessions to apologetic ideals [isms] and cannot possibly fulfill the goals of an Islamic State, which indeed is the purpose of the polity’s submission to God.  Why would God respond to Leaders and people who speak His Words but do not do them?  Does Allah defend hypocrites?  No!  He lets His grace and mercies, as well as the consequences of their disobedience rain on them until Judgment Day as a trial and sign for all.

If Abraham left his father’s house and community for this reason, why then do Muslims stay under the auspice of the spiritual decadence represented by the icons on their flags and Masjids?  Who is responsible for the introduction and Maintenance of such idolatry other than leadership in league with Iblis and his earthling cronies such as the Chief Minister of Sarawak?  How can they expect their prayers to be answered except for the sake of God’s mercy on such benighted stupidity?

Throughout Islamia, “Where is the God of Mohammad?” is the cry of hapless souls whose lives are rendered like cattle in the slaughter house; who work and toil for crumbs while headmen dine with jinn-filled conspirators; whose children whirl like disco dervishes and dress and speak like hip-hoppers in heat; whose Imam’s cannot rehearse the history of Abraham’s seed but recite Al’Qur’an word for word without comprehension; whose leaders place the mite of Zakat when & where all can see, but keep chests of stolen gold under beds of greed [21] safely deposited with Zionist banksters; whose professors re-invent the wheels of ancient tomes of wisdom never practiced while competing for the largess of gilded brigands or swords of rebellious fanatics; whose fashionable women demand jewels & silk instead of grace and virtue, and whose men demand pay without sweat; whose people run to Shamans at the slightest bump in the night or to wreak havoc on an enemy; and whose futility is slaked only when the blood of ‘amok’ baptizes a pretentiously shocked community that never speaks truth to one another critically?

If you kill, imprison or silence the teachers and speakers of truth and righteous admonishment, how then can you avoid the bloodshed of futility’s inevitable surge of volcanic fury?  Where indeed is Allah’s Kingdom in this mired disobedience? …  It awaits the fulfillment of the trial’s iniquity, that the fools may convict themselves!

Dr. Mahathir’s treatise and policies define well-intentioned efforts much like the Dutch Boy at the dyke.  His government even opened the sluice gates for tides of foreign encroachment on a culture rife with ignorance and superstition; stunted by traditions of accretion; poisoned with traditional nepotism and shirk; imprisoned by an unqualified Jesuitical obedience to extremely suspect nobility; and metaphysically manacled by the systemic denial attending such conformity.  Here we have waters of ungodliness wedded to waters of the exquisitely attuned hypocrisy so readily manipulated by adepts of Iblissian diplomacy: the Masters of illuminized Orientalism!  The connubial inundation could notbe checked or detoured by civil props, money or clever apologetics because there is no substitute for levees constructed by repentance and God-fearing righteous deed: i.e.,the speaking and doing of truth (criticism and corrective action), the fierce forbidding of evil and patent enjoining of good!   In fact, the apartheid favoritism of this melancholic clan instead encouraged base attitudes meant to be corrected, which in turn, only endorsed tribal vanity at the expense of truth.

Forbid does indeed mean forbid.  It does not mean forgive, or discourage, or tolerate, or apologize, or deny, or pretend, or be nice, or be lovingly affectionate, or understanding, or compromising, or even prayerful!  It means forbid!  Therefore, dear believer in Allah and His Apostle,readthesura that began this chapteronce again with the sober comprehension that should bring tears to humble hearts who embrace the heartrending truth of this archetypal human condition.

Allah will not preserve a people from harm if they do not meet the responsibilities of their oft spoken but rarely enacted submission.

This is a very straightforward Spiritual Law.  Muslims do not bear this burden responsibly as a polity, and the Malay’s collective irresponsibility is the true cause of Dr. Mahathir’s weeping over their dilemma.  It needs no apology except that of a repentance that must begin with leadership—which is why I personally admire the man, though his tears should have come sooner than his dotage.  This latter fact however, compounds the predicament as Malay leaders are too proud to repent then turn in consequent action to correct their blunders or sack a relative.  Instead, some sort of ‘transference’ is made so the offensive seepage is swept under politically correct carpets … or much more likely, their behaviors indicate this khassa is in the enemy’s camp as are the Saudis.  Words are cheap, action is dear and the Khassa will do anything to cut costs, save face and increase income.  Public tears are indeed an inexpensive ‘face saver’ but nevertheless useless in the light of such inconsequence!

Let it be understood therefore, that the emotive fantasies and traditions spawned by the systemic habits of denial are the very reason Abraham left His Father’s house, because sentimental imaginations only give birth to the impotence of shirk at the expense of Allah’s blessing and protection!

The global community is thus like Mesopotamia in the Daysof Prophet Noah—neglecting and denying the words and admonitions of their respective Prophets as they enjoy the commerce of insan and pagan fortitude.  It is far too late.  Prophet Isa said the entire world would come to such a pass during the last days.  Was he lying?  Am I?  If this then is the reality, what can be done? … In answer, I agree with Mohammad and Professor Hossein, and advise that you go and live like the Bedouin—i.e., like Abraham.  And in the case of Malaysia, Bedouin likely translates to the ‘Orang Asli’ who’ve been so mistreated by pretenders of righteousness and wisdom.  Surely, bitter woes pursue the latter unto eternity!

As Leviathan’s Dragon wends its way each year through the streets of the Federation’s Capitals, look on in genuine dismay and remember this Malaysia: Your Imams invited the pet and made it welcome.  They told you it was tame, gave it a home, asked for its counsel and help, received its gifts, and showered it with praise and concessions in return for its many talents and profitable charms.  All the while they thought it was the Will of Allah for their good and thanked Him for the gainful services of this remarkable beast.

However, as you mourn the stench of its excrement on the pavements of your communities and in the hearts of your children—and then shed the use less tears of Dr.Mahathir—please realize there is no ‘Political’ solution for the immense pile of denial Muslims  sweep away with brooms of tolerance and self-deceit! The dykes withstanding this tidal ruse will indeed rupture, for they’ve been neglected by greater truths than were the levees of New Orleans.  We can only emulate Prophet Noah and save the seed by God’s Mercy, for this effluent cannot be drained or siphoned by the few whose eyes and hearts remain moist; it is far too late!  The contaminated tides have turned against the people and its iniquitous tsunami approaches as they basque in pools of confounding disavowal, refusing to turn from falsehood and submit to Truth, which according to the ‘Night Prayer’ is obedience to Allah and the example of His prophet.



[1]       See my book: Principles of the Kingdom – Essays on Deviation from Spiritual Law, avail on request.

[2]       Civilization: “… urban refinement in the framework of a worldly and mercantile outlook, hostile to both virgin nature and to religion.”              – Fritjof Schuon, Light on the Ancient Worlds, Perennial Books

[3]       “The supreme example of this [ikhtiyar] is the Prophet Ibrahim.”  — S.M.N. Al-Attas, op.cit. p. 4

[4]       “Denial: An unconscious defense mechanism in which any unpleasant aspect of external reality is rejected and disavowed, and at times is replaced by a more satisfying internal fantasy.”  – Understanding Human Behavior, Waverly Press, 1983 … This form of dementia is culturally ingrained amongst Malays. – oz.

[5]       e.g. The slave who killed Hadrat Umar was a skilled foreign idolatrous craftsman, admitted to Medina at the insistence of his companions despite his ‘rightly guided’ better judgment.  And the tax of jizra makes plain their subjugation, otherwise they will demand ‘rights’ as equals, and how is an unbeliever to be equated with a believer if the latter is given dominion, and how is the latter to maintain that status in the eyes of the dominated, if not via superior ability, morality, ethics, knowledge and mercy by the grace of Allah that is now currently withheld from a disobedient polity?

[6]       For the full Scholarly dissertation on this matter, see the works of Imran N. Hosein, Director of Islamic Studies for the Joint Committee of Muslim Organizations in New York,

[7]      Usury: interest, contrived inflation of a worthless paper currency controlled by central banks, and the taking of exorbitant profits without the correlative earned effort, all lead to oppression and wealth accumulation by a select group of cunning coveters.  E.g. > 80% of Malaysia’s wealth is controlled by 20% of the people and 50% of this group are Chinese, not all of whom are citizens.  By contrast, in Indonesia, a mere ten Chinese Families control 80% of that nation’s wealth. This is surely not Islam.

[8]       e.g., medical Morbidity & Mortality Conferences which correct or censor medical incompetence!

[9]       “Whether we like it or not, a great Muslim empire will take shape, grow strong and sprawl over half the world, compelling civilization to throw vast resources into the furnace of nuclear confrontation…  A strong Russia must lead the way…  in alliance with many non-Muslim countries to provide a counterweight.”

Michael Poltoranin, President Yeltsin’s principal spokesman, 1993

[10]     The Chinese Triad (Clan) System is a government within any government, with each Tong or family system coming under the Protection and Guidance of unelected Gangster Lords who command absolute obedience.  It is a secretive and insulated social system with deep occult roots dating to the early Manchu Dynastic Period, and is well documented and respected by Western law-enforcement agencies.  Its Initiation Rituals are similar to the Freemasonic Rite.  The Triad structure ensures Tong survival regardless of the outward political structure, often under the guise of Benevolent Societies and/or respected business conglomerates, in exact mimicry of the Japanese Black Dragon Society (Yakuza).  This corporate system, along with its cunning dissimulation to outsiders, protects the society from significant infiltration and change.  They are the’ Jews of the East’ and do not countenance lightly any foreign incursion or intermarriage unless it be with an alien woman, which concords are permitted solely for exploitation of the wife’s property and/or influence in order to expand and protect the secreted empire beyond its boundaries.  The once genteel and noble order of the Chinese Sage was the apex of Civilization’s achievement, but now it is utilized by a deeply criminal patronage, especially after Communist Pogroms destroyed what remained of true patrician blood.

See: BBC’s televised interview with a Triad Chief, Nov 2005, in which he confesses that  Peninsular Prostitution and Drug running are coordinated with scheduled lapses in operation, during which “Police Opps” are conducted for PR purposes under the aegis of Government Officials.  The Malay population (Muslims) is their key market, and they utilize Hindu gangs to facilitate pandering and distribution of both women and drugs.   Several of their multi-millionaire Crime Bosses have been given the honorary title of Datuk by Sultans; a social status of Nobility within the Malay Culture.  These latter appear immune to prosecution.

[11]     If you think Buddhist Leaders are as benign as they appear, I refer you to your nearest Library in order to read their Bible: The Tibetan Book of The Dead, and I will be bold enough to remind you that their Himalayan leaders were allied with and prayed for, Hitler’s success!

[12]     A resident Chinese sage personally informs methatmany pagan temples located within residential communities of Malaysia are operated by shamans who claim sexual favors as a medium for the god’s intervention on behalf of the petitioners;especiallyfemales (married or single). This is nothing more than the ancient temple prostitution worship. This ancient adultery and idolatrous fornication takes place in the very heart  of a so-called Muslim State, and the absurdity of the ritual is ignored and thus permitted in the name of  religious tolerance.

[13]     For Example: observe the repeated use of ‘Crystal Balls’ and ‘sacred-gongs’ to open official Government projects and buildings.   This is not the Sunnah.   Nor does it even begin to broach the sorcery of well documented accretions of Malay Bomohs and Sultans.

[14]     Faith Versus Materialism – The Message of Surat-ul-Kahf,by Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi ,Islamic Books Trust, 2006, also see the works of Imran N. Hosein, cited previously.

[15]     Bearing in mind that many Muslim Freemasonic Leaders worship idols and symbolic icons in secret, as did the Hebrew priests of Ezekiel’s day within hidden chambers of the Temple itself.  Many Malay Sultans and Politicians readily consult with spiritualists (Bomohs) for example, and routinely follow rituals of frank accretion, and there are many Freemasons among the realm’s royalty as it is in the Middle East.

[16]     E.g., the idolatry of Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur:  I understand the Government granted funds for the 50 foot idol at the entrance; granting Holiday on the pagan [communist] festival of May Day, celebrating Christmas, etc., etc.  True Muslims would work on those days.

[17]     In the case of the so-called Islamic Banking, these enormous profits are simply added to the fees and payment schedules upfront and merely have the appearance of Islamic Propriety.  The reality is that their Islamic loans actually cost the consumer far more than their fukr competitors!

[18]     During seven years in Malaysia, I witnessed serious medical incompetence causing severe injury and suffering to several of my friends and acquaintances, including one of my wives, and for which there exists no avenue of redress for either justice or correction of the incompetence.

[19]     A major shipping port in Sarawak was built, but engineers ‘forgot’ to dredge the entrance so that seagoing vessels could enter.

[20]     Unfortunately, since the day of Napoleon, Freemasonic Temples have blemished the once spiritually pristine land and a band of Sufis have even resurrected Egyptian rites in ancient ruins of Luxor.

[21]     “Surveying the spoils of Persia “Umar wept.  I see that the riches which Allah has bestowed upon us will become a spring of worldliness and envy and, in the end, a calamity for the people.”

– Guy Eaton, Islam and the Destiny of Man, p 149

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