Islamization Is A Zionist Diversion

Mama Papa Jan 2014Editor’s Note: What the author asserts below is what I have been telling my Academic colleagues for the last four years. They refuse to listen however, because Iblis has grabbed them by the pocketbook and gonads of pride. Nevertheless, the enemy of all men knows just how to manipulate the spiritually immature and the worldly naive’.

Islamization is a construct of small value lest it is backed by enforcement (the office of hisbah). The Illuminati know this, so they give just enough money to keep hapless academics talking at conferences, building more religiously oriented institutions and schools etc; which is to their advantage because Muslims then neglect to invest in real knowledge, research & development of the office of Calipha over the earth..

How many hafiz, imams etc., do you have who can do nothing else but recite the Koran without understanding or teach religious precepts? How many books, papers, grad certificates, etc. department heads, etc? But how many scientists, architects, geologists, engineers, doctors, sociologists, surgeons, captains of military science, martial arts masters or physicists? By comparison to other faiths, very little, especially when you count the number of Universities. I once presented the only genuine scientific paper at an ISTAC Conference on ISLAMIC Science and was actually called on the carpet because the hard science did not support the Fundamentalist interpretation.

Islamization is a diversion not a delusion. It remains impotent as long as Muslims like the Malay PM bow to papal invitations and other cunning Jesuit incursions, or keep their money in Israeli dominated banks.

The Shaolin monks are far more dedicated to the service of heaven than many of the Muslim cadre I’ve seen dressed as police. Until the latter mimic the former in their approach to serving God Almighty, the office of hisbah is neglected and Islamization is mooted; exactly what Zionists and their masters desire. – oz
Islamization Is A Zionist Diversion (Author Unknown)

What I am going to write here is controversial and may come as a surprise. I hope you will consider my argument with an open mind.

With an annual influx of thousands of immigrants into Europe and the high growth rates of minorities living mainly in Western European countries, coupled to attacks by radical Muslims in New York City, Madrid, London and elsewhere, many a right-wing political movement now promulgates the idea that we are about to be “Islamism” due to both demographics and multiculturalist policies.
The idea is that Islam, being responsible for virtually all terrorist attacks in recent times, is now the main enemy of the West, bent on restoring the caliphate and destroying us. In order to defend Western Civilization, they resort not to emphasizing our achievements and greatness, but much rather to analyzing Islam, demonizing the Qur’an and Muhammad, and defending a supposedly Judaeo-Christian civilization and “values” that include much of what is in fact part of our moral decline. Geert Wilders, for instance, has declared Islam to be not a religion but a “political” movement, and the Qur’an to be a “Fascist” book, which is of course absolute nonsense since Fascism is something altogether different. Yet many an Islamophobic right-winger now refers to Islam as “Islamofascism”.

Some of the supporters of these views are Christians, many of whom are American, and believe even the United States to be subject to what they call “Islamization”, i.e. a process whereby Islam is slowly being imposed on a country through demographics and/or political action and social changes. Considering the 9/11 terrorists were Muslims, they believe they are now at war with Islam. Moreover, they say, moderate Muslims do not exist – all of them are potential terrorists because of the very nature of Islam, which they hold to be violent and backward. They passionately support Israel, which they deem to be a natural democratic ally of the West. This, of course, explains why Islamofascism is such a useful term as it connects Islam to Nazism merely on the grounds of Antisemitism, which they accuse Islam of harboring, despite numerous examples of Jews historically having been rather tolerated in Muslim nations, to the point where some did not want to leave when Israel was created!

I believe the whole idea of Islamization is a diversion from the truth. Firstly, the fact of the matter is that Islam would not be much of a problem in Western Europe if we had not allowed mass immigration and multiculturalism in the first place. Who supported these changes? Left-wing and Liberal groups. Islam is what it is and we cannot change Islam or practicing Muslims no matter what. We may disagree wholeheartedly with their religion, and I certainly do, but we cannot blame any of them for acting the way they do, or for believing the things they do. Secondly, the West has been mingling in Middle Eastern affairs for so long that hatred has been stirred up. We could have avoided this by engaging in realpolitik, but instead the West chose to support Zionism, an ideology with firm connections to Socialism.

Indeed, Geert Wilders turns out to have worked at a kibbutz as a young man, and he has traveled to Israel extensively, having some Jewish ancestry. It all becomes clear then why he so passionately supports Israel and opposes Islam, doesn’t it? If you don’t believe me, look up his biographies and you will find out the truth. I ask myself why should politicians or governments in general be engaged in making documentaries against Islam and evaluating Islamic scriptures and theology in courtrooms? While it makes sense to study Islam to better understand its political motives, the real underlying problem is the spread of Islam through multiculturalism and mass immigration, but not Islam itself. In fact, the ideology of Wilders is merely a defense of Liberalism, as he supports same-sex marriage, feminism and other liberal principles, which have nothing to do with traditional right-wing Christian conservatism whatsoever. That is not to say he is wrong on everything, but this thread is not dedicated to him.

Had we not blindly set up a Jewish State on land originally inhabited mainly by Arab Christians and Muslims alike, supporting and engaging in war to defend this tiny and strategically significant entity, and had we not bought into the egalitarian and neo-Marxist ideas of multiculturalism, open borders, and immigration, I am absolutely certain that the problems we now face with Islamic radicals would not have been there or would certainly have been far less problematic. In addition, the United States is home to maybe 1-2% Muslims, and the overwhelming amount of criminality, statistically, is committed by its own African American population coupled with Mexicans, most of whom are illegally crossing a hundreds of miles long unprotected border. This does leave you wondering where on earth Americans get the idea that they are being Islamized, though below is a suggestion.

Some people ought, perhaps, to be reminded of the fact that Jews both in the United States and in Europe overwhelmingly support these left-wing policies. In fact, the Jewish mayor of the Dutch city of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, is a member of the Dutch Social Democratic Party PvdA and his support of multiculturalism is firmly rooted in the doctrine of Anti-fascism, which I ought to say was also staunchly taught in the DDR and other Communist nations. Even in Antwerp, home to thousands of Jews, most Jews welcome multiculturalism despite the fact that they themselves experience hostility from Islamic immigrant youth, while the natives simply leave them alone in peace. Is it not ironic that patriotic and mostly conservative, White, Christian Americans are being sent to war in the Middle East to support the interests of those who, at home, are the most rabidly anti-Christian liberals out there?

Another such example, in this case an American one, is the Zionist Jew Rahm Emanuel, a radical liberal Democrat, now mayor of Chicago, who has dual Israeli-American citizenship, volunteered with the Israeli Defense Forces, and supports a social agenda which is the opposite of that of most Islamophobic right-wing nationalists and Christian Zionists. Meanwhile, the Grand Old Party (i.e. the Republicans), which in times past was a far more mature and respectable party, has been hijacked by Neoconservatives, a movement which originated mostly among people with Communist and/or Zionist Jewish backgrounds, such as William Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, one of the minds behind the Iraq War as part of the Project for the New American Century.

While Israel allows anyone who is capable of proving to have some Jewish ancestry and/or DNA to make “Aaliyah” (immigration) to Israel, bigoted Jewish lobby groups such as AIPAC, the Jewish Defense League and Anti-Defamation League are consistently supporting policies that hurt the native populations of Western countries, by labeling opposition to multiculturalism as “intolerant” and reminiscent of Nazism, as if any of us were really out to massacre the Jews or people of other color. They justify this double standard by appealing to the horrors of the Holocaust, for which they apparently hold White people as a whole responsible and in contempt. Yet, ironically, Israel wants to be recognized as a “Jewish” State. How would the world react if Spain again declared itself a “Catholic” State, or if Germany declared itself a “White” State?

Consider what Susan Sontag, an American Jewess and Feminist whom you might mistake for being White, has to say about the White, European race:

  • The white race is the cancer of human history.

What angers me especially is that so many Christians, based on absolutely heretical beliefs and/or emotional and blatantly irrational grounds, continue to support the State of Israel and identify its interests with those of the United States. It seems that the sole purpose of the Islamization ideology that has been created since the 9/11 attacks, is precisely to ensure the political and moral support for the so-called “only democracy” in the Middle East, which goes to show that this state is not divinely supported in any way, but rather depends on us Gentiles for its continued existence.
However, it is not merely Israel they support, many Christians so passionately support the Jews in general that they are regarded as incapable of doing any wrong, perpetrating the myth of the poor, persecuted, innocent Jew, as if other ethnic and religious groups did not have any history of suffering, oppression and persecution. It is quite telling, for instance, that Israel does not recognize the Holodomor, and downplays the Armenian Genocide – all of which is in their interest, of course, since this way they keep the attention focused on “their” Holocaust.

Does anyone really believe that Jews are the innocent creatures as Zionists like to depict them? Really, even Saint Paul, himself a Jew, referred to the Jews in highly negative terms, and Christ, himself of the tribe of Judah, even referred to those Jews rejecting Him as the promised Messiah as a “Synagogue of Satan”. In other words, Jews are, like any people, capable of both good and evil. While we are all aware of the Russian mob and the Italian mafia, Jewish organized crime is conveniently ignored, which thrived in New York and surely continues to do so. In fact, Las Vegas, undoubtedly the largest legal brothel and hedonistic refuge on this planet, was founded by Jewish Ashkenazi criminal Bugsy Siegel. That is not to mention their role and involvement in Communism, both in Russia and in the United States. And yet to point this out is somehow Antisemitic. Instead, we ought to be singing Hallelujah because they’ve won so many Nobel prizes.

Let me state very clearly what I believe about the Israel Lobby – it is a Synagogue of Satan out there to deceive us. To my mind, they are all-out gangsters taking advantage of Christian naiveté, who would have an entire nation such as the United States pledge allegiance to another state (see video below). Rather than tackling our immigration problems and the Islamic radicals living within our borders, we are to wage war on Islam on a worldwide level to secure their cause. Never mind that there are plenty of Palestinian Arab Christians who have inhabited Palestine since the very beginning. Their living conditions have worsened since the creation of Israel, since not only were they victimized by Zionist terrorism, they now also suffer the consequences of a radicalized Islam in response to the presence of Israel. Never mind, also, the fact that Israel is actively spying on the United States, and of course there is absolute silence on the USS Liberty Incident.

Yet to Christian Zionists, it is their religious duty to protect and defend the colonization by blond-haired, blue-eyed Eastern European “Jews” of land that does not even belong to them, instead of standing up for their Christian brethren in that region, because somehow these people who reject their own Messiah and do not even want to utter His name, are God’s “chosen people” rather than the Church He founded.

The Tea Party in the United States, to my regret, has likewise become infested with and hijacked by rabid Zionists such as Mormon talk show host Glenn Beck, the Evangelical Michele Bachmann and Pentecostal Sarah Palin, who, rather than advocating non-interventionism in the American Old Right tradition, after years of money, time and lives wasted in Afghanistan and Iraq, support continued and increased militarism, provoking Islamic nations such as Iran and thereby creating even more havoc, as if this is in the national interests of the United States. It might be in the interest of Israel, but certainly not that of the United States, or Europe, for that matter, as it creates even more tensions in our countries. Military interventions, such as that in Libya, lead to even more immigration, which we supposedly have a duty to accommodate.

If you do not believe this, I invite you to watch the following video of Glenn Beck speaking at the Christians United For Israel Summit (as opposed to United for Christians, or united for America) on 19 July 2011:

Gone are the days of the U.S. Old Right, which put Americans first! The insanity of the man’s speech is absolutely mind-blowing and disheartening. The assumptions and claims made by Beck are so overly emotional, far-fetched and heretical that I would not even know where to begin. I truly believe that much of right-wing politics is being manipulating to further the cause of Israel, and it comes as no surprise that much of Christianity today is being profoundly Judaized as it also happened during the first centuries of Christendom, to the point where St. John Chrysostom wrote extensively against these heretics.

Rather than bowing to Jewish chiliastic fantasies and singing praises to them, and instead of demonizing Arab people and Muslims as a whole as if they were subhumans unworthy of our love and forgiveness, Christians should instead be preaching the resurrected Christ to them. Meanwhile, true patriotic, freedom-loving right-wing conservatives should return to minding their own national affairs, and pursuing the interests of their own people rather than those of powerful lobbies, including the likes of AIPAC.

For those who truly want to understand why I do not support Israel (any longer), I wish to refer to these well-written series of articles, which present a traditionally Christian and Orthodox perspective on the Jews and Israel:
Israel as the People of God – Part One: Who is a Jew?
Israel as the People of God – Part Two: The Land of Israel
Israel as the People of God – Part Three: Israel and the Church


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4 Comments on “Islamization Is A Zionist Diversion

  1. Insha Allah, I aim to be Islam’s martial arts master! >:D

  2. A living intellectual with purity of soul and clarity of mind, leaving a legacy of pro-Islamic writings which later generations of free-thinkers will find beneficial in re-orienting themselves to the real purpose of Islam long after he (OZ) has departed from this Earth for a better place, God-Willing. May God Almighty accept your good penmanship in awaking the true spirit and purpose of Islam. Ameen.

    • Salaam,

      I am humbled and thank you kindly dear brother. It is good to know my labor may bear fruit beynd ny breath, insh’allah.


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