For Those Who Mourn the Waning Caucasian Dignitas

As a nation, the waning American dignitas is subliminally governed by Hellenic doctrines (think ‘Troy’) that spread through the Levant from Alexandria. These ‘idea seeds’ are now mature trees tended by Roman Orthodoxy’s political pawns. [i] Though not readily discernible by flag wavers of Yankee-Doodledum or those across the “pond”, this is appreciated once a few matters of import are skimmed from the broth of history and added to the stew of Bohemian Grove.  The ancient Trinitarian institutions were naturally and purposely established by initiates of sun-god Mystery Religions from either side of the Nile.  I say naturally because their urban and rural societies were saturated with these pagan cults from whence were drawn Captains, Kings, Pawns, slaves, grain, priests, and gold. [ii] I say purposely because Mystery-Religion Initiates of these ideas were ruling aristocracies of all urban centers and remain so today.  These trans-generational epicures of ‘old money’ laundering and stylish cunning did not reveal their hidden confederacies or relinquish the reins of power during the Christian ascendancy.  They were/are chameleons who change outer garb according to fashionable creedal winds for political advantage, without removing the sun-god girdle or icons and idols from public display—of such are the lads of Bohemian Grove!
Any man to whom God has given the authority to rule and who does not deal with them in an honest manner will never perceive even the scent of Paradise. Hadith 2107, Book 95, Sahih al’Bukhari
The royal families of ancient Troy survived Helen’s indiscretion and spread their religion to Phoenicia, Hiram’s Tyre, [1] Hannibal’s Carthage and Caesarian Rome (with ‘Mother of God’ assistance from Pergamum): [iii]
The Romans always had mixed feelings about the Great Mother. On the one hand, her ecstatic cult, with its self-castrated Priests, wild music and dancing, seemed foreign in character.  On the other hand, because her homeland near Troy (Phrygia) was the ultimate origin of the Roman race (according to the Aeneas Iegend), she was seen as a “native” deity. [i]

… and from thence to Southern France, Spain and finally to the charming Irish/Welsh Dominions of the two now-Anglicized “Arthurs” (the place from whence Carthaginians got their tin) and whose daughters married into Roman Aristocracy. [iv]
This diffused Greco-Trojan blood ruled most Northern Mediterranean Mystery Religion vestibules and patrician homes, which means that Troy never fell spiritually.  And yes, they were infiltrated much later by crypto-Jews feigning authentic Judaism, a different thread discussed elswhere.   Even ‘Paris’, home of the ‘Sun King’, is named after a Trojan Prince.
Dr. Eustace Mullins — on commission from Ezra Pound (pic) — has written an informative treatise outing their descent and royal dissemination, and there are several nonaligned historians who concur. [v] Amongst historical revisionists who routinely discard the traditional Anglo-Puritan-Zionist pretense, this lot is known as the Black Nobility; an oligarchic cult of Saturnalians (worshipers of Horus) that suffers no challengers and stops at no ill deed to ruthlessly retain hegemony as per Josephus. (Ant. 12:225-28; 2 Macc. 5:9).  The premise here is that every world polity is “benumbed by the fascination of the incomprehensible” [vi] continuum of this idolatry, and despite confessions to the contrary.  In other words: people either can’t  or refuse to believe that our leaders are good old-fashioned human-sacrificing Baal-worshipers in the service of Satan:
… evil must be forgotten–must be resolutely ignored to make life possible; that the knowledge must be kept out of mind, out of sight, like the knowledge of certain death is kept out of the daily existence of men.                                                                                                                                          (The Return, Joseph Conrad, speaking of the grand Victorian pretense)
Trojans honored Zeus and Athena with ritual sacrifices of their finest sons and daughters on occasions of national import, as did their descendants the Carthaginians!  While Agamemnon’s grandchildren enjoyed spoils of victory over King Priam, nascent Israel established itself under Prophets known as Judges (circa 1500-1200 BC) and Troy’s Phoenician descendants refined the crafts of piracy[3] and immolation for Canaanites.  At the same time, Egypt perfected the Magick of Baal (The Nimrudian bull–god of Palestine’s Molech).  These respective gods and goddesses—variations of the same gonadal-Trinitarian theme—of the Aegean and Nile mated when Caesar and Mark Antony vied for Cleopatra’s bushel of corn.  Zion’s Priory claim that Caesarean is Jesus Christ after a seventeen year retreat with apostles of Lamaism in order to justify their spurious sun-god bloodlines–some of whom claim the seed now lay with  the recently married Prince William.  Nevertheless, Mohammad warned us to ignore all genealogical ascendancy, something worshipers of his family should bear in mind.

Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, becomes an Eisteddfod Druid Priest. [2]
Returning to the narrative, by then, Julius Caesar was Pontifex Maximus of Mithraism and other legends, who ordered the slaughter of all Druid Priests (another sun-god cultus of Human sacrificers) because of their extraordinary powers. [4] In due course Octavian (Caesar Augustus) settled the pecking order before Isa (Jesus) gave the Jews their final warning, after which Titus razed Jerusalem and Nero played with fire; Constantine played with crosses [5] while his puerile Church (Cult of Rome) played ‘frater’ to toddling Europa. This latter cult deserves some detailed explanation because of their continuum of the pious masquerade (See “Cain’s Creed”.

Anuki King’s Breast Plate, Chaldean Ur, authentic origin of Maltese Cross
China played chess with celestial dragons; Brahmans played ‘toast the widow’ under the Bohdi Tree with Shakti; Persians played with winged god-men, boys and opium kindled verse (still do); aboriginal Mexicans played cardiectomy in vivo and pyramid with skulls; Greeks played with ideas and naked athletes; Ethiopia toyed with Solomon’s Crown; Aussie aborigines frolicked with kangaroos, dreams and hominid cuisine; Africans sported ‘Big Chiefs with many wives and big asagai; Norsemen amused themselves with boats, Englishmen and what was to become New Columbia; Englishmen pioneered soccer by kicking the occasional Norse head from village to village; Germans dodged lightning from Odin’s Ghost along with the Middle Kingdom’s dwarves and elves; Celts ‘Romanced Stones’ with Druids and Hiburu inspired snake charms (sorry Patrick); Russians toyed with cow pies and mud; Huns consoled themselves with horses, archery and Scythian cum Khazarian torture techniques; Arabs were diverted by any hominid fool enough to cross their sands; Amazonians shrunk enemy heads; Polynesians ate enemies while cavorting with Pollyanna; and Rome romped at the circus with everyone else’s money!   I think Iblis had great fun passing his gaming rules to regional Initiates!  This remarkable age of multiple stupidities was ennobled here and there by a few Eureka men and women as usual, but it is time we realize the extent of an enduring cult continuum whose agents are obsessed with hedonism, malediction and the hubris of self-idolatry, bloodletting and iconography. These parasitic malefactors continue to penetrate all mainstream religious bodies with adjutants of Illuminism, most especially those under global auspice and/or renown. [vii]
The sacred tree of Attis, the son/lover of Rome’s Magna Mater (Henderson & Oakes)
The son of Osiris (the Christos husband of Isis) finally won the Olympiad to became the archetypal sun-god messiah — an archaic, juvenile romance describing the sun’s daily orbit and journey through seasons and zodiac — one of many whose lives were forfeit for man’s salvation and whose resurrections were celebrated at Easter’s coquettish rejuvenation of Attis at the spring equinox.  Isis and Osiris had a son named Horus.  Cleopatra’s Dream, as Isis-incarnate, was to unite the ‘civilized’ world under his ‘Star Wars’ Djedi gaze via a child from one of her Roman paramours.  Alas, Brutus stayed the heart of one and Antony dissipated to respectable suicide while under her skirt and in her purse!  However, when Octavian gave no quarter to her charms, Cleo gave her breast to the Asp and supposedly sent Caesar’s boy to the Dali Llama for bona fide initiation, which included rather delightful Tantric meditations. In addition to Caesarean, Cleo had priests who typically survived the new fist so that her dream would not die with her!
Today we see the penultimate symbol of this hideous delusion on every dollar bill printed since the 1930’s.  It’s ‘all seeing eye’ of Horus — outlining the fellow above at a Malay political rally —  is set atop a pyramid that represents the ancient phallic Trinity.  It is super- and under-scored by Latin from Virgil’s Aeneid, and identifies America with the ancient Roman Republic. Virgil’s lines:
Jupiter omnipotens, audacibus annue coeptis
(All-powerful Jupiter, favor my daring undertakings)
magnus ab integro seclorum nascitur ordo
(A mighty order of ages is born anew)   _____  Referring to the birth of the Roman Republic.

Malay King draped in occult regalia
honoring the enemy of his religion and people

In 1933, this official Seal of Rothschild’s Illuminati cult (also the obverse of the Great Seal of the United States) was imprinted by order of Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Vice-President Wallace, both 33’rd degree Freemasons who also authorized the ascendancy of the Federal Reserve Bank that publishes the now worthless script. [6] This bank remains privately owned.  It is not a Government Institution but a consortium of private Banks owned and managed by Hermetic adepts of Europa’s Black Nobility who molded it on the illustrious depository of British coin, The Bank of England; another privately owned vault of demagogues governed by the Rothschild family: a clan of elegant Shylocks, Kabalists, Satanists and papist shadows who took control of America’s monetary system 150 years after George Washington’s regency.
He too was a Freemason, as were nearly half of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence.  Freemasons of the lower degrees are Deists and accomplished disciples of Cleo’s ‘one eyed’ son whom unfortunately, most believe represents Allah’s significant luminary of revelatory guidance!  Every central banking system owes its organizational structure and legal license to steal to Rothschild’s Black Hand predecessors—including so-called Islamic Banks—and all world-banking systems are in the hands of his confederates; not that this is news.
They’ve perfected a system of wealth confiscation that deserves kudos since it avails legal status, via Maritime Law, for admirable piracy.  This Fiscal Dynasty represents the World Historical apex and end for the Creed of Cain’s duplicitous posterity.  And I must concede that the majority of Freemasons never advance beyond the first three degrees of initiation and remain ignorant-of [7] but compliant-with the designs of these master Corsairs.  The plebs of their bemused and be-medaled congregation are decent men like Jesuit sponsored Pres. Eisenhower, or James Brooke and John Wayne or the gilded pawn pictured below. They form mutually beneficial fellowships that aspire to great magnanimity of spirit and deed yet are preoccupied with ancient sun-god Mysteries while claiming not to be a religion; an assertion which is a deliberate misrepresentation on the part of their superiors, and which ‘most do not know’.
At least Pharaoh wasn’t a hypocrite.  He believed he was ‘god-incarnate’ preparing the way for the New Age of Horus and that his wife was the Black-Madonna or Isis incarnate.  He, as Osiris, was both father and savior of the world (i.e. both god and son-of-god) and publicly professed and lived his creed, taking great exception to the pure monotheist doctrine of Moses. Akhenaton was bad enough with his singular sun-god but Moses tore down the myth of Amon-Ra as well and Merneptah [8] didn’t like the fact that profits from the slave-labor sector would be seriously trimmed if Moses was successful—a bit like America’s Confederates, Ulster Unionists, Europa’s Nobility or the present Levantine and Oriental aristocracies in the service of papal necromancers.  Nevertheless, according to human rather than divine ethics, he can be excused the pride from which Moses was delivered to the deserts of Midian for reversion.  But what of our goddess-owl laddies who publicly claim to be Christian, Jew or Atheist (e.g. Ted Turner), yet bow to pagan doctrines and deities in hoodwinked chambers or beneath forest canopies at Hotel California.  I’m afraid the torch-bearing big-bellied boy-scouts have either forgotten or know not who the Owl of Isis represents!  But, then again, maybe they don’t really give a d***! (see previous post)
Gen. MacArthur with Jesuit Fra. Edmund Walsh after Japan’s surrender.  Why?
The Bonesman [9] Clan are supreme Masons and Bush patriarchs have all kissed the Owl’s feet at midnight.  Osiris and Horus stand mute like all idols, but Owl loving idolaters such as these are not so complacent.  Possessed by schemes of slaughter and endlessly expanding hegemony, today, instead of throwing kids into the fire they throw fire into the schools, homes, churches, mosques, day-care centers, cities and private religious retreats [10] of children whose parents don’t happen to like Molech’s policies! [11] This happens to include any group considered antithetical to the traditional “Cult of Rome” Fascism; especially those bold enough to challenge Jesuits and their puppets.  If you don’t concur, look carefully at the fate of any Nation or King who’s thrown them (Jesuits) out or thwarted their schemes.  For example, the armies inexplicably abandoned and lost by Napoleon and Hitler were the best fruits of mostly Protestant or Eastern Orthodox parentage.  And did you realize that Corsica was where all exiled Jesuits were sent at the time of Napoleon’s childhood. Revenge is a grand if not prime motivator for these adept Soldiers of the Cult of Cybele?
The Jesuits were FURIOUS with the loss of the Papal States and especially for the role of Prussia in bringing it about. They immediately planned their revenge. (The Reformation by Niall Kilkenny)
Another interesting point is that the ecclesiastical diplomat who negotiated this “secret accord” was the nuncio in Munich, Monseigneur Pacelli, future Pius XII…  The future pope was starting his twelve years as nuncio in Munich, then in Berlin, in the way he meant to go on, for, during those years, he multiplied the intrigues to overthrow the German Republic established after the first world war and prepare the revenge of 1939 by bringing Hitler to power…  “The pope, in February 1929, at the time of the treaty of Lateran, calls Mussolini “the man whom Providence allowed us to meet”.  Rome does not condemn what is commonly called the “Ethiopian aggression” and, in 1940, the Vatican is still Mussolini’s sincere friend. “The Jesuits have their secret abode in it. From there, they survey the Universal Church with the cold and calculating eye of the politician”. This is a perfect summary of the Jesuit activity between the two world wars.  The “secret abode” of Loyola’s sons is the political brain of the Vatican. The confessors of Pius XI are Jesuits; those of his successor, Pius XII, will also be Jesuits and Germans for good measure.  No matter if, because of it, the plot becomes evident: everything, it seems, is ready for revenge.
The Secret History of the Jesuits by Edmond Paris, an ex-Jesuit Priest, murdered for this detailed expose
Edmond Paris became a martyr for Jesus.  In exposing such a conspiracy, he put his life at stake for truth of the prophetical signs to be known.  Edmond Paris never knew me, but I knew him without meeting him personally when I, with other Jesuits under the extreme oath and induction, was being briefed on the names of institutions and individuals in Europe who were dangerous to the goals of the Roman Catholic Institution. His name was given to us.”
from: DR. ALBERTO RIVERA (EX-JESUIT PRIEST) recently murdered.
Eisenhower with bust of Jesuit Fra. Edmund Walsh, Georgetown University
It’s difficult not to respect Pharaoh.  At least he was an honest enemy of truth; courageous enough to take to the battlefield with his men.  The Ptolemaic Bush however, landed safely aboard an aircraft-carrier far from depleted uranium and the rotting flesh of innocent women, children and body bags filled with befuddled crusader remains, to announce a victory over a nation that never threatened his people nor invited his aid and who had nothing to do with the magnificent 9-11 ‘false-flag’ holocaust; nor did they have Weapons of Mass Destruction!?  But, I suppose Molech was hungry!  It seems once a year isn’t enough for the Great Owl’s brood?  Perhaps―since they like fire so much―God will accommodate the proclivity?
In the day of Moses, Caleb and Joshua, the seed of Abraham knew who their enemy was and why, and idolaters knew they were enemies of Allah; as was the case with Cain and Nimrud.  Today’s rulers and ruled deceive themselves and mislead their people whose monotheist faith professes the antithesis of their secret councils.  The paradox is they, their subordinates and polities have accepted the reforms and believe they serve God and will continue, like Pharaoh, until sunk in the mire of perplexity’s inevitable wake!  Sober believers are those who mourn for the coming catastrophic demise of America: the greatest nation the world has ever seen!

[1] Which King and City Freemasons adore and extol.
[2] Although his own father was a [Freemason], according to the current Archbishop of Canterbury Christianity and Freemasonry are “incompatible”.  It is public knowledge that he refused to appoint clergymen to senior posts because they were members of the Masonic Brotherhood. In 1992, Dr Rowan Williams told The Independent newspaper that he is not in favour of ministers being Masons because it is a “secret organization” whose views are questionable. He also voiced doubts in a letter to Hugh Sinclair, who has been investigating the Brotherhood: “I have real misgivings about the compatibility of Masonry and the Christian profession … I have resisted the appointment of known Masons to certain senior posts.” The Rev Gregory Cameron, chaplain to Dr Williams, said: “He questions whether it’s appropriate for Christian ministers to belong to secret organisations. He also had some anxiety about the spiritual content of Masonry.”
Husain Al-Qadi- Saturday, 18 October 2008.  Author’s Note:  It is a common tactic for members of one cult to denigrate another, though they serve the same Master.  Here one must note that Anglican Catholicism is submitted to Mystery Religion Idols and Icons under the Queen’s auspice (Head of the Church) and that she is a “Dame of Malta” in service to the Pope.  The Druids of old traditionally practiced Human Sacrifice in the manner of Dionysian Cardiectomy, in honor of the Magna Mater. – oz.
[3] Phoenicians plied the waters of international trade, enslaved ancient Spain, and were known for their cunning treachery.  Indeed, they had the Midas Touch!  They are also fundamental to the ‘Briton’ Genesis.  See: The Phoenician Origin of Britons, Scots and Anglo-Saxons; L. A. Waddell, 1924.
[4] Caesar gave this order after a Druid priest, with a few words of incantation, completely paralyzed him as he sat on the Roman throne in view of the entire court. See: Caesar & Christ, Will Durant’s History
[5] His Christian conversion was a political ploy designed to unite a crumbling empire.  He maintained his Emperor sun-god Mythraic Cult till death, which survived intact beyond the 8th Century.  Contrary to popular concepts, Rome never was a solidly governed Empire with defined borders and subservient vassals, save for the Pax-Romana of Augustus (Octavian), which lasted 100 years!  Nor was its Christian conversion as universal as is believed!  As for sun worship in the next millennium, one need only look upon Louis the 14th of France, the ‘Sun King’ ― so well preserved was the Trojan Mystery of Mythras.
[6] Nixon’s regime under Kissinger’s direction, completely removed the script from the gold standard.
[7] “I told him that Albert Pike, one of his religion’s most cherished leaders, had put in print that Lucifer was the Masonic god that they worshiped.  Not only had he never heard of Pike, which didn’t surprise me too much, for he was only third degree, but I could detect that he believed my facts to be completely wrong.”
From: Is Freemasonry Christian, 1987, by J. McCormick
[8] Ramessess II, is Pharaoh of the Oppression; his son Merneptah, is Pharaoh of the Exodus.
See: The Bible, The Qur’a,n and Science, by Maurice Bucaille, Serghers, 1976, AS Nordeen, 1989
[9] An appellation affectionately applied to members of their trans-generational Yale university Fraternity.  Discussed Below.
[10] The Waco Texas compound of David Koresh, which was incinerated by the FBI and ATF killing over 80 men, women and children.  The Oklahoma Bombing target also held a ‘Day Care Center’.  All FBI agents were told not to send their children that day, and Timothy McVeigh, a 32nd degree Freemason, claims, as did Oswald, that he was made a patsy.  The damage done to the could not have resulted from his nitrate bomb alone, and this event presaged the WTC ― not unlike a dress rehearsal. Nevertheless, as in the WTC debacle, all evidence was quickly removed by authorities who utilized the same caontractor for both events.  Two FBI agents who were not warned were killed ― both were once personal bodygurads for Clinton.  All other federal empoyees (i.e., non-FBI) sent their children to the Day Care that day.
[11] Moloch or Molech: a cult specifically associated with Phoenicians (Sea People) and Canaanite descendants of the Nephilim who practiced child sacrifice “by throwing them into a raging fire.”  This practice gave birth to the ‘Yule log’ of Christmas, as the first logs (logos) were children of preterit Nietzschian heroes who also practiced the art of burning their widows (Sati or Sutee)!  This is the same cult for which Israel was summarily judged and punished by Allah. See: Lev 18:21, 2 Kings 23: 10, Jer 32:35. “This cult is abundantly verified in literary texts, artifactual evidence, and scripture.” – (Zondervan’s Biblical Encyclopedia).  The Bohemian Club substituted the Owl for a Bull, since Merlin’s (Arthurian Druidic Priest) pet also represents ‘Sophia’s Wisdom’ of the Mother Goddess Isis during the Medieval Age.  They have effected Mystery Religion syncretism.

[i] See: Heritage & Hellenism, Erich S. Gruen, U. of Ca., 1998  for the post-Alexandrian influence.
[ii] The Barbarian Conversion: From Paganism to Christianity, R. Fletcher, 1997
[iii] The Three Faces of Eve, Frazer (1890 v4/1 263))
[iv] See The Holy Kingdom, by Adrian Gilbert, Corgi Book, Bantam Press,  1999  ISBN 0 552 14489 4
[v] The World Order – A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism: Eustace  Mullins, Ph.D. – further references and history are provided in The Hands of Iblis
[vi] (J. Conrad, The Lagoon)
[vii] See; The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, Constance Cumbey, Lld.  Huntington House 1983; also One World by Tal Brooke.

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