Icarian Folly: The Protocols of Cronyism, Flagship Malaysia, by Dr. Omar

Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim with an Illuminati halo
or is that CBS? — Another Lecture (later insh’Allah)


The Icarian Folly of Ecu-mania

“Islam is a well fortified wall with a solid gate.  The wall represents justice; and its gate is truth.  If the wall is torn down and the gate destroyed, then Islam loses its protective strength which lies in the fulfillment of truth and justice and not in killing with swords or the lashing of whips.”

‘Umar ibn Sa’d, Companion and Governor of Hums [i]

“Icarus”, by Hendrik Goltzius

The lack of justice in Islamia declares the unfit state of the ummah’s metaphysical estate and hence also, its governing edifice.  No matter the beauty of rhetoric, city, University, mosque, gilded Al’Qur’an and melodious recitation, the walls of hanif integrity have crumbled under weights of sectarian idiocy vis-à-vis multiple antinomian incursions and the doldrums of scholasticism.  Wandering Jews and sophist magii most certainly infiltrated Christendom so why indeed would anyone suspect they’ve left Islam in peace?  Most self evident truths I’ve stated are commonly ignored in the struggle to put rice in bowls and laurels in caps ‘til the infiltrative injustices diminish both quantity and quality of stores.  Moreover, if Islamia’s walls are ruined, then where is Revelation to incarnate as the prophesied autonomous New Man, save for islands of modern Ibrahims? The delusional escape and distraction of ismatic dialogues is Universalism’s Icarian folly.  Most reflect vanities that accomplish little more than the “accommodation” of normative insan such as Malaysia’s masquerade as an “Islamic State” ala the sovereign dictat of Mahathir Muhammad:

  • “In 1999, UMNO suffered a bigger setback, actually.  Partly because of that, UMNO and its leadership – at that time former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as President of UMNO – started talking about an Islamic State and on 29 September 2001, he proclaimed that Malaysia is actually an ‘Islamic State’.” [1]

The Malay government was forced to accommodate the continuum of British Economic Colonialism for the benefit of its Sionist crown and elite pretenders of Muslim sincerity, many of whom were Freemasons or Triad chieftains sworn to support that crown, which – unknown to most of them – is sworn to support the papacy visavis the Knights of Malta, et alia.  Something I’m sure the renowned Prof. Chandra is not aware of until he reads my work or that of another eccentric.  The accommodations mentioned were certainly not implemented out of appreciation for Islamic Values, for had that been the case, the Malays would have thrown the oppressive British thieves, contractors and contracts into the sea.  Their hapless adjustments to so called “independence” under economic dictatorship is hardly worth a zaarah of admiration since it continues to benefit Papal Tiaras and cronies in service thereunto, witting or not.  Albeit, few Malays entertain the sweat of honest work and the Crown and its Cronies needed the Chinese and Hindus to counterbalance the pretense in order to keep rubber and French Connections flowing.  Besides this, they’re metaphysical partners; after all, the Mother goddess originates in ancient Hindu-Pakistan and the Chinese serve her Danite mascot, the Pen-Dragon of the City of London and House of Vere, and are known to be called the “Jews of the East” after certain Levantine migrations left footprints and seed in the back rooms of a few Celestial Palaces.  In addition, the far-sighted Brits knew full well that within three to four generations, the latter groups would ascend as a counterbalance to keep genuine Islam (their greatest enemy) in check.

Hence we have a continuum of the Malay ritual pretense which Occidental Overlords know exactly how to encourage ala lessons contained in their MI5-6 Salafism portfolio.  The Sino-Hindu constituencies work hard enough to not only melt the wings of this folly, but also make off with the bulk of whatever National wealth was left untouched as a carrot by the Brits. They then utilize this wealth to sedulously confiscate real estate and the means of production and distribution—all the while they secretly mock the Muslim psychotrons who haplessly fall amidst their ascending fantasy.

A poignant example of the Malay version of Ecu-mania is a response full of accolades for an address by an inter-nationally renowned ‘Jesuit’ co-adjutor and scholar from Georgetown University:

  • Professor John Esposito informed us that there is no distinction made between Sunnite and Shi‘ite Muslims within the American Muslim community.   In fact, this view is representative of the general trend we have been witnessing in the last half a century or even more.  The lines of convergence are much more significant than differences.  The differences are really minor, from the point of view of the need for greater unity.[ii]       – Professor Dr Mohammad Hashim Kamali

This untruth is spawned by Universalism’s facade and demonstrates two extremely toxic ecu-manic influences imparted to Muslims and empathetic monotheists:

1.        The abject abandonment of Islam’s “Mainstream Dialogue” amongst Islamic academics, which remains unopposed by the cowering majority who refuse to consider it a viable defense against the beastly appetites of global synarchists:

2.      The sinister redirection, control and focus of the dialogue by Jesuit agents of Catholic Institutions that desire nothing more than Muslim submission to their guidance and Global Dominion.

And though Prof. Kamali is not Malay, his organization is sponsored (funded) by UMMNO and run by a well chosen “liberated” lady of the latter’s persuasion with little or no Academic credentials (I am personally informed of this by principals involved).  IAIS even sports a logo that mimics the Jesuit IHS with its traditional Gnostic anagram.  I conclude therefore that just as the Malay ummah deserves their Sarawakian ‘Pretender’, so also Peninsular Malays deserve the delusion of the IAIS ‘think tank’ brigade and ‘Twin Tower’ worshippers of Lucifer who roll out red carpets for Jesuits on their behalf.

Naturally this abandonment of Arabesque in preference for Romanesque is beyond most souls to appreciate, which is what good Jesuits depend on.  What’s worse is they also rely on the programmed apathy that most likely will cause some readers to spurn the message or even permit or enjoin persecution of the messenger.  That’s OK, I am just doing my duty under heaven’s gaze, and this is little more than a warning.  You’ve read warnings before… haven’t you?

Find whoever designed the IAIS logo and you have found a dedicated enemy of Islam.  No, I don’t know who did it and I don’t really give a hoot.  That’s not my responsibility; that’s a Malay responsibility.

  • [1] The British were also very keen that the Chinese and Indians should be accommodated; partly because of their own interests in the tin and rubber industries. They wanted to ensure that the economy would continue to flourish and serve their interests.  If you go back and look at the statistics from the 1950s, you will find that rubber, for instance, played a very big role in sustaining the British colonial economy especially in the ‘boom years’ when you had the Korean War and so on.  It played a very big role, and the British were very keen on strengthening a Constitutional ‘position’ for the Chinese and Indian communities.”      – Prof Chandra Muzzafar

Islam and the Future of Inter-Ethnic Relations in Malaysia; A public lecture delivered on 11 June 2008 at the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS; note the pagan acronym) Malaysia.  Reprint, Occassional Papers, IAIS, (oct 2009).

  • [i] Men Around the Messenger by Khalid Mohd. Khalid, 2005, Islamic Books Trust, KL, Malaysia.
  • [ii] American Muslims and the Future of American-Islamic World Relations by Prof. Dr. John L Esposito, Georgetown University, A Public Lecture Delivered on 8 August 2008 at the International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS )Malaysia, Summary address by Professor Mohammad Hashim Kamali, CEO

Protocols of Cronyism: Flagship Malaysia

For centuries this poisoned-pot-misguidance has steered the ummah.  Unfortunately the antidote cum buffer or ‘flour’ of traditional discourse (genuine Islamic knowledge and application) was never practically sustained with regards to socially responsible institutions in the building the New Man’s house or Dar ul Islam.  Indeed, eternal death (i.e., perpetual separation from Allah) – especially for leaders who “lie to their people” – remains in the stew.  Nevertheless, and despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, some presently claim a renaissance of by-gone grandeur.  I suspect some of these writers are disinformation agents ala Fordham and Georgetown [1] et alia, or naïve idealists.  The self-evident truth is that the glory of Islam cannot be manifest by extravagance, religious mania, impressively-toothless rhetoric at papist sponsored or attended dialogues, melodious Qu’ranic recitations, awesome costumes with Masonic regalia or, most especially, Mystery Religion architecture such as Malaysia’s Petronas Towers or the Wafi Temple to Pharaoh in Dubai.  The former is a matchless public display of a Masonic altar, complete with 1) columns of Boaz and Joachim; 2) a Luciferian compass and 3) Pharaoh’s Obelisk with Pyramid at the Public bank dead center across the promenade with its “All Seeing Eye” masquerading as an Islamic bank – not to mention political corruption[i] or platforms for hedonism:

  • “We also managed to take in KL’s Saturday night club scene; impressing ourselves with our ability to stay up past 10 o’clock.  Heading out, we told our cabby to take us to the most popular dance place in town.  After confirming our marital status, he explained it would be a bit of a drive, since the clubs near the tourist areas are geared towards groups of vacationing Middle Eastern men with eastern bloc, Thai and Malaysian prostitutes who cater to them. “Go long,” we agreed, before chatting him up about the pedagogical irony of a Muslim country that tolerates sex tourism from Arab nations, but whose National Fatwa Council had that same day (literally) issued a fatwa banning Muslims from practicing Yoga for the stated reason that it is the first step on a slippery slope towards poly-theism.”[2]
Wafi Temple to Pharaoh in Dubai, filled with idols

God forbids this is Islam as Islam is manifest when egalitarian principles of justice and the social propriety with the protection and enforcement of chastity are routinely practiced according to Divine Law.  Permitting your own daughters to service “tourists” under exhalted Freemasonic night lights is hardly the Sunnah.[3] The assabiyah of this ‘Malay Style’ Islamic flagship of pluralism, entertains well-heeled tribal charlatans who proudly promote Freemasonic flags and imposing altars that honor Shaitan’s Mysteries and China’s Dragoneers while permitting big-bellied Arabs to roam KL’s Triad Center and prey on women – supposedly under Malay protection – as if it were one of Bangkok’s Red Light Districts for R&R.  And this occurs as religious hall monitors look for kids drinking beer and holding hands as police hound honest citizens for traffic violations and Immigration Officers solicit bribes from vulnerable slaves (mostly Indonesians).

I suspect Hadrat Umar would take a rather dim view of the charade but most likely he’d be arrested by ISA protected Malay elitists should he verbalize the required remedies; especially since ecumenically mesmorized functionaries (Alim) follow the Pope’s agenda on Secular Humanism and the Deist creed of the World Council of Churches’ Dictatus Papae.  Hence, the suitably neutralized Shura avoids critizing the injustice and its captains at all costs ala the unwritten – but well understood – Protocols of Cronyism.  This is hardly surprising as the privileged of this country’s Merdeka Gang – many of whom were educated in Catholic Schools run by Jesuits – would hardly have stood in the ranks with real men like Hadrat Umar.  This indictment is firmly witnessed by Professor Chandra Muzaffar:

These men,[4] at the helm of our [Malay] society, were not imbued with an Islamic worldview as such: the Tunku, Tun Razak and Tun Ismail—the whole lot of them.  Therefore, I do not think this notion of citizenship was influenced by Islam in that sense.  As Muslims, they may have been conscious of certain elements of religion but one gets the impression from the notion of religion in Malaysia in the first ten or twelve years [following Merdeka], that what they had in mind was a ceremonial, symbolic notion of Islam [in other words, iconography]; i.e., Islam associated with ceremonies and symbols [see?].  That was their notion of Islam.  Thus, I do not think that Islam as such played a very big role in shaping their worldview…” [5]

Oh? — Hmmm… and why not?  This assessment by a leading scholar and political analyst, when added to the Towers of woe pictured above, should move sincere ‘Malaysian’ Muslims to tears and prayer mats in order to beg Allah’s forgiveness for the kampong silliness and grave neglect of akhira—for all of them must answer for their insults to Heaven and the Prophet they “say” they love.  Notice that Prof. Muzaffar is careful not to touch the sacred stones of this blasphemy too harshly and thus holds his tongue regarding the roots of the idolatry.  Perhaps he is unaware?  Nevertheless dear reader, be advised that symbolism (iconography) is the mainstay-magic of psychic manipulation as utilized by the Catholics, Merovingians and consorting Muslim sectarians for centuries in order to psycomatize their charges towards compliance with heedlessness.  This is exactly why Hanif Monotheism forbids iconography!   If you’re a Malay reader of this grave indictment and didn’t know, or don’t care, remember: Ignorance serves evil and apathy aids it, either of which makes you as culpable as the perpetrators.  And remember also: There is no debate in the grave, not that it matters then. Therefore, considering

(1)       the separation of Shura from Muslim executive authorities (the Freemasonic ploy);

(2)      the genesis and posterity of murderous sectarian brawlers;

(3)      the tribal proclivities of present regimes;

(4)     the impressive overall ignorance of the ummah;

(5)      the plutocratic dissipation and decline of the ummah to its present ‘undeveloped’ status of metaphysical immaturity engendering cowards, academic mimes, economic slaves, chauvinist womanizers[6] and ignorant maniacs with AK 47s and explosive zealotry;

(6)     the disunity and contagion infused by agents provocateur and narcotizing-immoral media with antithetical cultural norms;

all of which necessarily obviate any restitution of the Glory of Islam—I’d say the claim of any Renaissance is ludicrous; especially on recalling my reading of Ibn Khaldun.  Even the promise of Islam Hadhari is daunted under the onslaught of un-Islamic forces majeure with their calls for unity under the slogan “1 Malaysia” and is nought but a siren’s song from resident masters of Pan’s piping.  Furthermore, if one admits that the glory of ‘Islam Past’ was patently not divinely governed towards lasting success, Hadhari’s prospects, though noble, diminish further as the ancient errors remain uncorrected and magnified.

Malaysian Freemasons 2008-9

[1] Jesuit Strongholds

[2] Online posting from anonymous tourist, Dec 2008

[3] I have this on the authority of an Ustaz assigned to a major Governmental Dakwah Insitution that is responsible for the rehabilitation of “many” such daughters of the soil.  This “Dakwah” insititute has been under Freemasonic auspices (including Chief Ministers) for decades.

[4] Post-Colonial Cronies in my view, since they were clearly controlled and outwitted by the British – especially regarding the Patani Kingdom – and their children still are.  – oz

[5] Islam and the Future of Inter-Ethnic Relations in Malaysia; A public lecture delivered on 11 June 2008At the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia.  Reprint, Occassional Papers, IAIS, (oct 2009).

[6] I am informed by the same Government sponsored Ustaz (Malay Religious Authority) in KL (Oct 2009) that only 50% of Malays are marrying while their divorce rate approaches 80%.  Their men are committing zina or marrying and divorcing at will – the Western pattern of serial polygamy – and their women are left wonton, neglected, patronized, humiliated, oppressed, deeply disturbed and resentful.  Hence, he says the younger generation of Malay women flocks to night clubs in KL’s Arab Town et alia – under Triad auspice – where government workers (Malay men) also attend to their seduction and purse—not to mention massage parlours disguised as Health Clubs.  The young Ustaz is personally burdened with mountains of social dysfunction and the responsibility for more than 800 abandoned women for whom he can find no qualified Muslim spouse.  He is further victimized by superiors – his president is a Freemason – who are under sanction not to disclose this dreadful embarrassment or take consequent measures to provide solutions.  I, on the underhand, am under sanction from Allah.  There is an everlasting difference between the two auspices.

[i] Malaysian Political Corruption (Asia Sentinel, Nov 28, 09)

The multi-billion ringgit Port Klang Free Zone scandal may be big, but it is only the latest in a long line of scandals going back to the early 1980s.  Time magazine quoted Daniel Lian, a Southeast Asia economist at Morgan Stanley in Singapore, saying that the country might have lost “as much as US$100 billion since the early 1980s to corruption.”

The scandals listed below are only a small sample of the looting of the country’s coffers: In July of 1983, what was then the biggest banking scandal in world history erupted in Hong Kong, when it was discovered that Bumiputra Malaysia Finance (BMF), a unit of Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Bhd, had lost as much as US$1 billion which had been siphoned off by prominent public figures into private bank accounts. The story involved murder, suicide and the involvement of officials at the very top of the Malaysian government. Ultimately it involved a bailout by the Malaysian government amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. Mak Foon Tan, the murderer of Jalil Ibraim, a Bank Bumi assistant manager who was sent to Hong Kong to investigate the disappearance of the money, was given the death sentence, and Malaysian businessman George Tan who had participated in looting most of the funds, was jailed after his Carrian Group collapsed in what was then Hong Kong’s biggest bankruptcy, and a handful of others were charged.

No major politician was ever punished in Malaysia despite a white paper prepared by an independent commission that cited cabinet minutes of Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad giving an okay to a request to throw more money into the scandal in an effort to contain it.  That was just the first Bank Bumi scandal. The government-owned bank had to be rescued twice more with additional losses of nearly US$600 million in today’s dollars. Ultimately government officials gave up and the bank was absorbed into CIMB Group, currently headed by Nazir Razak, the sitting prime minister’s brother.

Bank Negara lost RM 20 bil That scandal, which stretched over several years before its denouement in 1985, set the tone for 24 years of similar scandals related to top Malaysian officials and was the first to prove that in Malaysia, you can not only get away with murder, you can get away with looting the treasury as well.  Perwaja Steel, for instance, lost US$800 million and its boss, Eric Chia, a crony of Mahathir’s, was charged with looting the company. He stood trial, but was acquitted without having to put on a defense.  In the mid-1980s, the Co-operative Central Bank, a bank set up to aid the Indian smallholder community, had to be rescued by Bank Negara, the country’s central bank, after hundreds of millions of ringgit in loans granted to a flock of Umno and MIC politicians became non-performing.

Some had never been serviced at all. Although the chief executive and general manager were charged with criminal breach of trust, none of the politicians were ever charged.  Before that, the Malaysian government was believed to have lost US$500 million in an attempt at Mahathir’s urging to corner the London tin market through a company called Maminco, driving the world price of tin from US$4.50 per tonne to US$7.50.  It then sought to cover up the loss by establishing a US$2 company called Mukawasa from which allocations of new share issues to the government’s Employees Provident Fund (EPF) were diverted. Mukawasa expected to sell the shares at a windfall profit to hide the tin speculation.

Mahathir also was behind an attempt by the then governor of Bank Negara, the central bank, to aggressively speculate in the global foreign exchange market. Bank Negara ended up losing an estimated RM20 billion. The governor, Jaffar Hussein, and the head of forex trading, Nor Mohamed Yakcop were forced to resign.

Malaysia’s Enron scandal:  There have been many other political and financial scandals since. In 2005, Bank Islam Malaysia, the country’s flagship Islamic bank, reported losses of RM457 million mainly due to provisioning totaling RM774 million as a result of bad loans and investments incurred by its Labuan branch.  Cumulatively, Bank Islam ran up non-performing loans of RM2.2 billion, partly from mismanagement and poor internal controls but also “years of regulatory indifference fueled by the misconceived notion of an untouchable Bank Islam because it was a favourite child of the Malaysian government, being the first and model Islamic bank in the country and region,” according to a December 19, 2005 article in Arab News. “Bank Islam had a reputation in the market for being the spoilt child of the Malaysian Ministry of Finance; and the perception of the bank was more of a Muslim financial fraternity or government development financial institution,” the report said.  In 2007, in what was called Malaysia’s Enron scandal, the publicly traded Transmile Group Bhd, whose chairman was former MCA president and cabinet minister Ling Liong Sik, was caught having overstated its revenue by RM530 million.  A pretax profit from RM207 million in 2006 was actually a loss of RM126 million, and a pretax profit of RM120 million in 2005 was a loss of RM77 million, causing the government postal company Pos Malaysia & Services Holdings Bhd to warn that its earnings for the 2006 financial year might be affected by the reported overstatement, as the postal group owned 15.3 percent of Transmile.

Bailouts and more bailouts:  Over the years 2001 to 2006, the government had to spend billions to rescue seven privatised projects including Kuala Lumpur’s two public transport systems, the perennially ailing Malaysia Airlines, the national sewage system and a variety of others that, in the words of one study, “had been privatised prematurely.”  The government also repeatedly bailed out highway construction concessionaires, all of them closely connected to Umno, to the tune of another RM38.5 billion.

In 2008, it was revealed that Rafidah Aziz, who had served as trade and industry minister for 18 years, had been peddling approved permits for duty-free car sales and allegedly lining her pockets.  Two companies which didn’t even have showrooms – one of which belonged to the husband of Rafidah’s niece – received scores of permits.  Although Rafidah came in for heavy criticism from within Umno, she remained in office until she was defeated in party elections.

In the 1960s, federal prosecutors in the United States who were attempting to jail the late labour boss Jimmy Hoffa for looting the Teamsters Pension Fund of millions of dollars with his cronies were puzzled by the fact that their revelations appeared to have little effect on the union’s rank and file. It was because no matter how much money Hoffa and his cronies stole, there was always money left because the fund was so rich. That appears to be the case with Malaysia.

[ii] See: Stages of Islamic Revolution by Kalim Siddiqui, page 22 for a                detailed list of these faithless agencies.

[iii] Trinity, The Metamorphosis of Myth, Penpress, Brighton England, 2008; The Hands of Iblis, An Anatomy of Evil, AS Noordeen, KL, Malaysia, 2009; Cain’s Creed, The Genesis of Terror, Available here for free download (See Books)

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  1. Have you ever thought about creating an e-book or guest authoring on other websites? I have a blog based upon on the same topics you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know my viewers would value your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to send me an email.

    • Thank you very much for the invitation. Yes, I would be very interested.


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