Losing Touch: Protocols for the Common Road

Final Excerpt from The Taqua of Marriage
By Dr. Omar Zaid  / All Rights Reserved

During the latent years, the well-adjusted child is a natural purist – i.e., he or she seeks to understand and seek out the perfection in the natural order of Creation. When confronted by imperfections the child is genuinely affronted and demands  their correction or placement within a ‘worldview’ that is congruent with their portion of fitrah.  Almost every unspoiled child with a sound mind is a budding scholar at this tender age.  The thirst for as much pure truth as they can handle is akin to an exhaustive mental marathon.  However, and most unfortunately, if their questions go unanswered or are suppressed when confronted by impressive ignorance, the acceptance of what is incomplete and impure (incorrect) becomes normative.  If this period of inquiry is not soberly guided by forthright honesty, the child’s capacity for morally imbued logic becomes impaired.  It is shackled by lies, liars and ignorance; liabilities that carry over to the emotionally charged period of adolescence.  The impediments to normative maturity often manifest as rebellion against contradictions confronted during their seven years of waning innocence.  What is worse is that children insulted by neglect or abuse before latency — should they survive — carry even greater burdens of reactive constructs into puberty.  All the above are hindrances to the maturation of a sober spirit and gestalt consciousness.

The exceptional growth during adolescent development is due to the release of etheric formative forces  that were meant to construct foundations for a worldview imbued with moral imperatives.  This is meant to take place  during the second seven year cycle from age seven to fourteen.  At the onset of puberty, these energy streams are entirely withdrawn from the task of establishing lifelong guiltless imaginations — a nearly dream-like state of consciousness — in order to advance the body’s physical growth and  maturation.  The innocent detective now becomes a critic; a menacing social commentator in search of justice at a slightly diminished spiritual plateau.  However, without the balanced answers  formerly pursued with unimpeachable blamelessness, the child is morally and logically handicapped and lacks  the wisdom to pay the charges due to a drastically changing, awkwardly construed, sexually encumbered body filling  its imaginations with vain presumptions,  impossible fancies,  embarrassing desires and conflicting emotions.  Love, hate, empathy, sympathy and antipathy toss the heart like a ship in a tempest without the ballast of wisdom to help stabilize the visceral tides and imagined squalls.  Religious ritual and instruction are far too late at this time and fail to compensate for the deficit.  Furthermore, for the maladjusted child they have little bearing other than to cement repressed or unrecognized hostility while nurturing seeds of criminality, political correctness or both; especially when compelled to do things for which there is no comprehensible purpose if commanded by superiors who corporately tolerate or commit injustice.  If this then is the case, think of the molested child left in the care of the monster.

Hence, the latent period — most especially the pre-pubescent age from 9-12 — is best suited for sex education as well as the morally imbued elements of logic such as music, math and geometry, etc.  If this is accomplished, the virtuous element of mental order opposes confusion and reigns as king during adolescence.  When honesty and virtue are anointed prince regent during the latent period, the ‘Rest of God’ (s-Sakkinah) will govern the trying time of adolescent growth.  However, if chauvinism, ignorance and hypocrisy are the educators, psychologically normative development and adjustment of the soul are most unlikely.  Much like the perfectly formed female body of a genetic male with testicular feminization, outwardly things appear normal.  But this is not unlike a Mosque or Church filled with hypocrites and ignoramuses with gilded texts, heavenly music, fine sermons and breathtaking appointments —  where an occult malady awaits its day of calamity.  Such children outwardly  appear normal according to contemporary standards, but the truth of who he or she really is or aspires to be remains veiled or shackled by conventional pretense until the moment sexual congress is actualized.  Today the latter takes place illegally on massive scales due to well orchestrated campaigns to enslave mankind’s posterity to a chaos of relationships that cannot bear the responsibility of the only true liberty God gave us: the choice to serve Him alone and afterwords inherit eternal success.

Outlaws and Protocols for Liars

Though ignorant, the latent child bears a ‘sense’ of justice with which he or she was born.  What was once intuitive during the first seven years now becomes a program of research and development whereby the child seeks to know what is just vs. unjust, true vs. false and so forth.  A categorization takes place wherein moral and factual knowledge is confirmed and affirmed during this time with a forthright guiltless consciousness, one that is completely free of bias and prurience except for the TV’d generations.

“But they have no knowledge thereof.  They follow but a guess, and verily, guess is no substitute for truth.” (Q, 53: 28)

Therefore, if you don’t know an answer, don’t guess!  Admit your ignorance and help the child find the truth, but for God’s sake don’t tell him or her to shut up and stop asking questions!  The child is seeking knowledge for the sake of knowledge in a subconscious but inherently compulsive effort to comfort his or her soul with truth; and we must remember that the child bears no sense of morality or sin.  During this age all things remain pure for well adjusted non-dysfunctional offspring, even if objects of inquiry are disordered or misunderstood.

But this state of innocence changes drastically at puberty, so that anger and even rage will surface if the child’s sense of justice is affronted.  We see preterit examples in undisciplined toddlers who seek to manipulate their parents with tantrums.  However, in the adolescent, the rage is clearly directed towards an individual or group that the child honestly deems unjust.  If forbidden an outward expression, the anger turns to rage and becomes an internalized wound that festers in passive-aggression (backbiting, etc.).  The maladjusted child’s soul-pain requires repeated applications of analgesic in order to mimic security and comfort and forget the pain that inevitably returns.  They seek the companionship of similarly afflicted peers for comfort; often in the form of sexual touching.  They coalesce into cliques and gangs as familial substitutes and eventually taunt well adjusted children who fail to conform, even to the point of abuse and murder.  What is worse is that if there is no moral imperative imparted by a responsible parent during latency, most especially by the father, when adolescent they become easy prey for cult leaders.

Young Rabbi Arrested for Child Porn

Dangerous activities often substitute for the pleasures once afforded by genuine as-Sakkinah, including thrill-seeking and drugs.  These behaviors and sexual touching have similar chemical effects on the pleasure centers of the hypothalamus in the brain.  Hence, the intelligent and aspiring young adult who becomes addicted to illusions of peace and security, quickly learns to either flaunt or cover immoral deeds with mockery or persecution as defense mechanisms that either intimidate objectors or preclude discovery while maintaining open or occult need fulfillment.  As adults, among both types you will find  the most vocal defenders of ritual and pageantry: perfect screens for deviant authority or hypocrisy’  respectively and according to character (see Q, 63:2-3).  In my opinion, the greater the ritual and decorum the greater also is the deviancy or hypocrisy as well as conformity to human denial; especially in light of prophetic examples which are filled with simplicity rather than red carpet pomposity.

On the other hand, some of these children are honest enough to become outlaws and these, in the writer’s opinion, are more readily returned to virtue than hardened hypocrites (see Q; 63: 2-3).  Of course that is only if the sociopathy is not as hard wired as the hearts of ponerocrats who form Crown Colonies and sundry coalitions for plunder, pillage and economically stimulating/depressing mass murder — depending on whose gang your in.   Personally, I have more respect for an honest thief than CEOs of so-called Islamic Banks and the suits from Thames & Chesapeake Ltd.  Unfortunately, our present societies, from Penthouse to Simpsonville, are so dysfunctional and ignorant the comfort seeking behaviors described above have now invaded the latent years; even of kids whose parents have PhD Syndrome.  This cannot be good.

An entire culture may become enmeshed and maladjusted to hypocrisy and vice as a newly conformed norm, as is the fascist generation XXX of America’s Canis Dingbatimus Patrioticii.  Another example is found in the Malay Peninsula where promises between Muslims are customarily made in pretense.  This cultural norm demands the appearance of good intentions at the moment any pledge is made irregardless of  intent.  The practice is so wide-spread that the phrase ‘Insha’Allah’ is a dead giveaway that nothing is truly intended or expected, and the word ‘Malay’ is enough to raise blood pressure and vulgar epitaphs amongst other races in the region.

To the contrary and throughout all Scripture however, we are taught to speak true and not to make false promises.  For example: “Let your yes be ‘yes’ and your no be ‘no’ (see: Matt 5: 37 of the NT) — Talmudic Believers are excused however, as they’ve exempted themselves from Universal tenets.  Therefore, when a child awakens to a global village filled with ‘Insha’Allah people’ — especially if they are parents, near relatives, politicians, soldiers dropping bombs on people they’re saving for democracy, or prelates in need of dimensional relocation, castration or sex change with ecclesiastic adjustments — a conflict begins that is unresolvable with respect to practice, profession of faith and the fitrah of everyone’s common sense; except for those who don’t ‘get it’ because they’ve exempted themselves from human reason.

Malays Army Making Pledge

Adolescence is therefore a common road to institutionalized hypocrisy as a way of life when not guided by truth during childhood latency and by justice during puberty.  This is because although the Promises of God and the example(s) of the Prophet(s) are repeatedly rehearsed, the experience of the child’s community fails to confirm what they are taught. The contradictory codes of honor cannot be resolved without repentance and further deepens when graver sins are tolerated or covered over by Red Carpets, Squares, Flags and clerical capes.  Since the community is too proud to admit its sin, the child is forced to accept the double standard as a globally accepted  addendum to religion and all ways of life.  Furthermore, as the conflict cannot be consequently attended  to without dyeing our red carpets with the blood of the greatest sinners — no matter the creed or country — hypocrisy is engendered as normative.

This situation certainly does not foster the Taqwa of marriage.  Hence, where the infant begins its journey of trust, the adolescent is reformed to either accept mistrust and misdeeds as normative, or ignore the entire conundrum by pretending all is well as they honor elder hypocrites and seek soul-pain relief.   Such is life.

In Closing

To summarize: the pre-incarnate covenant with God is what the infant seeks to affirm and confirm and the latent child seeks to understand, define and extend beyond the boundaries of family.  It is also what the adolescent seeks to judge as being  fulfilled as he/she learns to then implement the deen of Islam.  All of what is described is innate fitrah in action.  Nevertheless, it is readily converted to deviant behavior and thought by the double standards one meets in family and/or community; and most especially with regards to the treatment of women and children, which places the onus on men.  Throughout all three developmental stages the child innately seeks justice, equity, security, understanding, peace and comfort.  And, as I have clearly demonstrated, the entire expedition begins with the sense of touch, which ultimately has has everything  to do with sexuality — not just sexual acts but also the actualization of authentic gender  identity — whereby religion (the remembrance of God) is completed through marriage.

  • “Would you then, if you were given the authority, do mischief in the land, and sever your ties of kinship?  Such are they (hypocrites) whom Allah has cursed so that He has made them deaf and blinded their sight.  Do they not then think deeply in the Qur’an, or are their hearts locked up from understanding it?” (Q, 47:22-23)

It is well known that the maladjusted adolescent severs his ties of kinship if given the opportunity, and for many sociopaths (at least 6% of the general population) this becomes a fixed pattern of avoidance of all authority  and responsibility at every opportunity; which is why traditional Muslim scholars are marginalized across the board by many Islamic Politicos and Academics.  After all, how many politicians or businessmen wish to take an Priest, Pastor, Imam or Ustaz as companion on ‘fact-finding’ trips abroad?   Why respect such authority except for the sake of appearances?

One must ask if their parents possessed hearts that were ‘locked from understanding the Qur’an’ as quoted above?  This certainly will prevent  ‘peace with security’ from granting God’s good ‘pleasure’ to the souls of their children who then seek it elsewhere in vain!  Unfortunately, it appears this is the case and the implication is that generations conformed to hypocrisy decry and bewail each generation that rebels.  Yet the latter — with a healthy dollop of colonial Orientalism — did so as a result of reformations that obstructed or diverted the natural course of fitrah without recourse to the authentic sunnah — with each generation dropping further away from knowledge.  Hence we have the blinded blinding the seeker and bemoaning their discomfiture.  It really is that bad, otherwise the divorce rates and rising social maladies amongst Muslims would condemn me as a liar.  To the contrary, they only support my thesis and the statistics ominously continue to grow.

As the Prophet of Islam  predicted, our Mosques and Churches are filled with herd-running, politically correct hypocrites bowing low in gilded decorum while deeds – the only thing we take to the grave – are shorn of their service to the ‘Cause of Allah’.  In this socialized norm, what is politically correct is as far from truth and understanding as Mt. Everest’s peak is from the ashes of Sodom & Gomorrah’s Dead Sea.  Muhammad broke this pattern and established a polity enslaved to truth to such a degree that for 700 years Islam gathered all known knowledge and made it available to the world in the light of tawhid.  Sadly, the polar opposite is presently the status quo for many professing Muslims, especially leadership.

Six hundred years after Allah destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem according to the word of Prophet Isa, Muhammad renewed the covenant of Allah’s As-Sakkinah according to Allah’s Promise to Abraham in al’Taurat.

He was the last Prophet, there are no more to come.  As-Sakkinah now rests in the hands of Allah’s Slaves, which is supposed to be  you and I dear reader.  Therefore, gain understanding and learn to use your hands and loyalty with this in mind; most especially with regard to the purpose of human touch which is to confirm, maintain and bequeath the Covenant of Allah for and to your children in knowledge and truth!   Do not be so ready to run with the herd of noise makers whose hearts are blinded to the Cause of Allah.  Do not suppress the child’s search for the affirmation of the inherent Word he or she carries from God as fitrah, as this will hinder them from the attaining the mature comforts shared by Rebecca, who comforted Prophet Isaac, or as Aisha did with Muhammad; comforts without which the ‘best of all possible offspring is not possible’ to engender.  Remember, you are rearing someone else’s spouse.

They make their oaths a shelter, and thus turn away from Allah’s way;
surely evil is that which they do. (Q. 63: 002)

That is because they believe, then disbelieve,
so a seal is set upon their hearts so that they do not understand. (Q. 63: 003)

And when it is said to them: Come, the Messenger of Allah will ask forgiveness for you,
they turn back their heads and you may see them turning away while they are big with pride.
(Q. 63: 005)

It is alike to them whether you beg forgiveness for them or do not beg forgiveness for them; Allah will never forgive them; surely Allah does not guide the transgressing people. (Q. 63: 006)

Abu Haneefah (d. 150H) (Rahim ‘ahullaah) said:

“Adhere to the athar (narration) and the tareeqah (way) of the Salaf (Pious Predecessors) and beware of newly invented matters for all of it is innovation”

Reported by As-Suyootee in Sawn al Mantaq wal-Kalaam,  p.32 Shaykhul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said:

“This is why those who are in authority are of two groups: the scholars and the rulers. If they are upright, the people will be upright; if they are corrupt, the people will be corrupt.”

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