The Quest For Honor

An essay on the Illicit Drugs trade by Dr. Zaid
All rights Reserved

There are few who serve honor for honor’s sake.   ‘Will Saint’ is such a man.  I met him on the street in a tropical town where he’d taken anonymous refuge, and as we both thirsted for another white man’s company, we struck up what might be called a friendship.  As trust waxed between us, I came to know his story.  He gave me a draft of his book and I ploughed through it in about four days.  I was struck by two things on the reading: one was shame and the other was that it needed a serious content edit and reorganization.  The shame was related to my government’s betrayal of both Will’s and its own trust.  He accepted my apology on behalf of Uncle Sam and acknowledged the book needed the rewrite.  Being an unknown scribe with time on my hands, I offered my services despite the fact I’d no knowledgeable experience in the field of espionage or the illicit drug trade. Immediately I commenced a research that was to consume most of my waking hours for several months.

To write the tale based on the facts of the case was a simple journalistic task, but in order to give myself and the reader a comprehensive perspective, further study was required.  Besides, I wanted to know why the DEA wished to secure a supply of precursor chemicals from Country X rather than stop the trade at its source; especially since domestic pharmaceutical companies could supply all they needed for legitimate sting operations.  As an amateur historian, I knew there would be precedents and a trail, so I set about to find them and did!

I was vaguely aware of Allied interests in opium, heroin, cocaine, hallucinogens and stimulants, but I’d no idea of the vast sums of money involved or of the trades’ history of covert-overt alliances and wars over the past four hundred odd years.  It is not without accident that the ’Jolly Roger’ adorned Corsair sloops and privateer frigates from Elizabeth to Victoria, or proudly flew as Blackbeard’s banner — not to mention its service as the insignia of Hitler’s SS and Occult Thule Society.  It now serves as Coat-of-Arms for the pernicious gourmands of Yale’s ‘Skull & Bones’ fraternity — most of whom walk the halls of power in America!  Aside from multifarious contraband and megalomaniacal schemes, what these fellows and their legendary predecessors have in common is opium and the winking monocle of government officers at the highest levels.   Nor is the ‘far-east’ exempt from the indictment, for the greatest offenders are the governments of T—–, T——— and J—– ala Yakuzza and Triad thugs, with a generous dollop of Amero-Franco-British support for the last century or so.

As this is an exposé of DEA criminal complicity, I’ll try to limit my remarks to rotten apples in the American pie.  You’ll remember scandalous reports regarding the Arkansas Mena Airport during the ‘Rogue Scholar’ governorship.  What we know is that George Bush Sr. was CIA director during some of those years, and that the infamous trafficker, Barry Seals — a CIA and Special Forces operative since ‘Air America’ transported heroin for Triad and Hmong chiefs — used Mena as his personal air depot for the cocaine trade.   Those were Papa Reagan’s ‘Contra’ years when ephemeral snow came from Nicaragua and Costa Rica to enter Los Angeles bloodstreams via Freeway Ricky.   Ricky almost single-handedly initiated the ‘Crack-Cocaine’ epidemic, which at its peak was grossing him one to two million dollars daily!

Not so interesting in itself — however, what is so is that DEA Agent Jekyl personally supervised this cocaine distribution from trans-shipment in Nicaragua to the west coast, and in turn, made sure proceeds were channeled to Contras so they could continue murdering peasants in the President’s private crusade for liberty.   While Ricky rotted in prison, Jekyl currently and comfortably enjoys/enjoyed his freedom and is the DEA agent who ran Mr. Saint’s (a Euro Spook) investigation.   We shall meet him again as Billy’s story unfolds.   Meanwhile, Washington Post Editor, Bob Kaiser, subsequently scuttled a well documented MENA expose’!   Why? It seems Mr. Kaiser and Mr. Bush are Jolly-Roger Bonesman, who, at the cost of suffering mutual exsanguinations are pledged to support each other for life; which also means they are ‘obligated’ to lie for each other no matter what.  So also are/were several helmsmen surrounding the entire Contra caper, accompanied by a hardcore phalanx of CIA trained Cuban assassins cum drug dealers from the Bay of Pigs disaster.  No small wonder Mr. Bush — like a good Roman Patrician — is known to have said: “If the Mena facts get out, there’ll be a public lynching!” By the way, the Bay of Pigs is an old pirate refuge with a significant history in the slave trade.

So what?  Well I’ll tell you: the Bonesmen fraternity was founded in 1823 and amply endowed with mammon from the opium trade via Russell & Forbes New England Tory-WASP families, who were ardently in league with the British East India Co., whose predatory exploitation and ruination of nations would make Attila the Hun weep!   Society’s imperial darlings and wannabes have always profited from pillaging hapless peasantry, and Bonesmen have always profited from the drug trade — one way or another!  Don’t think so? — The greatest producer of precursor chemicals, without which the illicit end-products cannot be had, is Eli Lilly & Co. who also synthesized LSD for CIA experiments on uninformed but ‘uniformed’ subjects.   It just so happens that their biggest stockholder is Dan Quale’s family and George Bush Sr. is on the Board of Directors of his ex-VP’s drug plum!   But I suppose it’s possible these are mere co-incidences like the three-score (and counting) premature mortality rate — ala suicide — among Clinton intimates; or that the prime witness regarding Mena airport, CIA Agent Barry Seals turned DEA agent, was assassinated as a result of a leak of convenience through the ever so obedient and ‘honorable’ Boy-Scout, Oliver North.

To illustrate the amount of revenue involved, the USA domestic heroin industry alone, post 1973, was estimated at $4,000,000,000 a year.   To put that in perspective, you could spend $400,000 daily for 20 years without touching your earned interest!  And this doesn’t account for other illicit drugs or markets.  Imagine what it must be now!  This kind of money bankrupts nations, controls international cash-flows, balances of trade, and determines political winds for the flow of arms and armies.  — Don’t think so?

Item 1: Mitsui and Mitsubishi, among others of Japan, were producing 100 tons of cocaine annually by 1929 from plantations in Java, Peru, Chile, Okinawa and Iwo Jima.  Selling the drugs in Manchukuo, China, India and Burma was their military priority!  So you can now understand the begging question of Fujimori’s ascendancy and well- cushioned fall; and also why so many allied soldiers lost lives and limbs on those distant atolls.

Item 2: Consider the endless American support for the ruthless Triad Assassin, miscreant wife beater and drug trafficker, Chiang Kai Shek, whose Kuomintang Party and army ran the heroin trade while in power on the mainland from Hong Kong and Shanghai, then later continued to control it from Formosa after Chairman Mao’s chastisement and which Triad-dominated Party still controls Taiwan–earning premiums from vested interests with ‘White Powder Ma’ of the Golden Triangle as well as the continued generosity of US military aid.  Acidic anhydride, a major illicit drug precursor, is still being produced in Taiwan by Chiang’s son! — Coincidence I suppose!

Item 3: Nixon’s wresting of the heroin trade from French-Corsicans via Turkey, and transfer of the Golden Triangle’s chief commodity to Luciano-Trafficante-Vesco & Lanski Ltd., with the aid of a private Cuban army of CIA trained aficionados of patriotic murder who later became zealot anti-Sandanistas and anti-socialist assassins-for-hire throughout Latin America, Africa, and Europe — all of whom were adept smugglers of cocaine.   After this coup, which toppled the French-Indochina Concession, illicit drugs trading was consolidated to a global milieu under Goodfella Management Inc., with sophisticated international Triad and Russian subsidiaries.  Does the Cuban name Bebe Rebozo ring any bells?  He was a major player on Nixon’s staff.  — Coincidence?

Item 4: The DEA was impeached by the US Senate and Dept. of Treasury for “Unprofessional Conduct” in failing to pursue Vesco’s Cartel.  This is hardly surprising seeing that an inner ring of top level DEA agents were ex-CIA Cuban drug-dealing agents known as Deacon I.  Coincidence again. DEA agent, Frank Peroff, indicted Vesco but was fired for the effort and had his life threatened while the White House stopped his investigation and the DEA lost the file! — By the way, it was Vesco who introduced the notorious Pablo Escobar to Noriega via Castro.

Item 5: BCCI customers just happened to include, simultaneously: Abu Nidal – Hezbollah – Iran – Iraq – CIA – Mosad – MI5 – Noriega – Saudis – and the Secret Services of France, Arabia & Switzerland.   A most convenient bank that was allowed to continue plundering its depositors for years after the United States Justice Department and Bank of England were duly notified of their frauds, money laundering and international terrorist complicities — but I suppose the spooks weren’t quite finished with the manicure.

Item 6: The Iran–Contra–Mena–Clinton–Bush-Freeway Ricky-Reagan & Jekyl Affair

It would be easy to expand these items, but that’s not the purpose of this essay.

The vain art of embalming is man’s final effort to deny his corruptibility and of course, cyronics is its absurd epitome.   As for gullibility and patriotic idiocy: the fact that Madame Chiang Kai Shek, an infamous Triad Queen, was voted America’s ‘Woman Of The Year’ for several years speaks for itself as does the election and appointment of  the Clintons as Uncle Sam’s Spokepersons!  As for drug dependence and the ease of addiction to these sundry commodities: if you drink coffee, tea, smoke, imbibe in alcohol or even take prescription drugs regularly, you’re a drug user!  If you sell and profit from any of the above, you’re a dealer.   If you’re offended, you’re human.   If you’re defensive, you’re in denial which means you’re lying to yourself so don’t get angry with me and don’t feel bad because self-deception is endemic amongst our species.   The point is that this malady of denial is most rampant amongst our sovereign elite, which is the bane of true prosperity for any civilization.   When considering the prodigious profits from drugs money, it is no small wonder elegant bipeds swallow the same pill of vanity; thinking all the while it’s their just dessert to enjoy the good life for being clever enough to avoid the musty taint of the hoi polloi like good Roman Patricians.

This includes many DEA agents who follow the money so as to profit from its massive cache of spoils.   Sharing the loot with its officers is DEA official policy on confiscation of assets (booty), and we must remember that this policy proceeds as a boon from apical pirates!   Why indeed would they slay the Golden Triangle’s goose or Latin America’s coca gods?   What would that profit anyone except to deliver the common herd from oppressive regimes, street hoodlums and addicted dissolutes? [1] This is not to say that sincere efforts have not been made by naïve evangelicals, especially Americans.  Yet history bears witness that every attempt at interdiction has only increased the illicit trade and its profits, as well as misery among the masses!   Therefore, all attempts at interdiction are in the interest of those who control the traffic and reap its fiscal benefits!

This fact indicates they will gladly send Kissinger’s eager pawns into harm’s way as they take soiled mammon to laundromats!  My research indicates that governments have always, under policies of dissimulation, financed production and distribution of intoxicants for profit and purposes of social engineering.   This is why legalization of the illicit trade will not proceed until there is a global government policed under an extremely select fascist oligarchy with pretensions of a peaceful New World Social Order. Astute readers can then well imagine why.

According to Milton Friedman, Nobel winning economist, narcotics behave like any other addictive commodity:

“I don’t think it is possible to eradicate demand …
the lesson we have failed to learn is that prohibition never works.
It only makes things worse!”

Dr. Harry Campbell was sent to the US by Sir Humphrey Rolleston to report on the effects of heroin prohibition in 1920.  I quote him:

  • “The Harrison law failed to diminish the number of drug takers – indeed…it has actually worsened it, for without curtailing supply, it has sent up the price tenfold, and this has had the effect of impoverishing the poorer class of addicts and reducing them to a condition of such abject misery as to render them incapable of gaining an honest livelihood.”

Now — don’t you think our pre-eminently educated criminals know these things?   Don’t you think they realize that this is a guaranteed market because these execrable commodities compel addicts, beyond any innate capacity to resist use, to purchase their poisons whatever the cost?  Yale has been producing these privileged rascals for nigh on two centuries now, whose very patriarchal legacy is founded and funded upon the trade.   If the Yale Faculty and Board take exception to this fact, then they should do the honorable thing and formally distance themselves from Bonesmen Alumni!    But then again, I’m sure they must count the cost of their honor!

Before crossing the pond I’ll quote from Abraham Lincoln, a person who ought to know about such men:

Some of the greatest villains in history have been educated men.  Without that education they might have been honest citizens.  A few years at college won’t make a bad man virtuous; it will merely put the polish on his wickedness.  The uneducated get caught.  Your learned rascal usually goes undetected!

There!  I wanted to use someone more respected than I to introduce the concept of undetected wickedness in high places without religious overtures.

During the 18th, 19th and well into the 20th centuries, Britain financed civil service at home and abroad via an opium trade to Chinese citizens, using corruption, murder, bribery, blackmail, piracy, missionaries with ‘Yahsoo Opium’ [2], criminals, slaves, diplomacy and the drug’s natural addictive allurement:

  • “…the British merchants, led on by the East India Company, have been driving a trade in violation of the highest laws and the best interests of the Chinese empire.  This cause has been pushed so far as to derange the currency, to corrupt its officers, and ruin multitudes of its people.  The traffic has become associated, in the politics of the country, with the axe and the dungeon; and in breasts of men in private life, with the wreck of property, virtue, honour and happiness.  All ranks, from the Emperor on the throne to the people of the humblest hamlets, have felt its sting.  To the fact of its descent to the lowest classes of society, we are frequent witnesses; and the Court gazettes are evidence that it has marked out victims for disgrace and ruin even among the imperial kindred.”

Charles W. King, American Merchant, from his letter to the
British Superintendent of Trade, circa 1834

They employed such methods rather than raise taxes to support an ever so noble aristocracy alongside Leviathan’s merchant-industrialist horde of pseudo-patrician misers.   Even then, most of the smugglers to the mainland were members of Triad organizations.  This is prosperity’s political wickedness (Ponerology) honed to the fine art of an imperialist etiquette for plunder under diplomatic auspice!  And so as not to dis-offend anyone: the Americans, French, Germans and Dutch [3] all lent a generous hand in this subversion of Classical Chinese Culture.   And we mustn’t forget the divine Manchu Emperor, who, despite officially outlawing the trade and executing unfortunate addicts and dealers by the thousands, received his un-celestial ‘cut’ at the backdoor of the Hidden City.   Nevertheless, we should at least give the Brits credit for banning slavery while they sent their own peasant children to coal mines 14 hours a day, 6 days a week while keeping the parents strung out on gin and guilt ala contrived religious dogma. — All Hail Britannia!

Aside from the sheer profit motivator, wickedness has another facade which few care to confront or historically narrate; it is the consuming enthusiastic vanity that springs from delusions of occult power among secret societies.  The power is very real and also very wicked!   This pernicious stream of ubermenge is where the Bonesmen Boys germinate, as do their Oriental and European compatriots and ex-Nazi perverts.   For the record, Dr. Sun Yat Sen, himself a Triad Lord, announced in the Hong Kong Press  on Oct 10, 1910, just prior to an abortive rebellion:

“We are not Boxers!  We are members of the great political society
of Masons, commonly known as Triads.”

There, you have it on the front page!  Patriotic vipers fanning flames of war with flags: the scoundrel’s call to arms for criminal aims.   The same call took Americans to Vietnam’s quagmire and exposed 10% of her troops to heroin addiction and hence, multiplied the consumer base while subverting Main Street’s collateral.  This same vanity has called for American blood on foreign soil every year since the close of WWII.   It vanquished the ‘Peace Dividend’ with yet another conveniently materialized ex-CIA-friend-become-enemy, and now spills the DNA of coalition kids and innocent collaterals in desert sands filled with black gold, poppied mountains, and angry Mullahs.   The interesting fact about our flag waving privateers, whether in London, D.C., Bangkok or Canberra — every Aussie Prime minister has been a Freemason — and as stated by Antony Sutton, is that:

… these juveniles never risk their own necks, as did Henry Morgan,
Captain Kidd or Sir Francis Drake!

There are certainly a few exceptions — very few — but I believe most of the puerile hearts refered to would welcome a dose of ‘Dutch Courage’ to cross any line of combat.   Not that I’d blame them!

So much then for greed, denial, cowardice and dope monies in the halls of power.   Another aspect hidden behind Jolly Roger’s bones is its profound cultic motivation.   The Triad’s “Men of Hung’ have secret initiation rites binding the poor sots by blood oaths to  rotting ancestors and the current chief bully they call “Lord Of The Mountain.”  As I read their necrophiliac history, I was struck by similarities with western Masonic rituals.  ‘Ah’, thinks I, ‘here we have something: slant eyed Bonesmen with secret handshakes’.

No wonder Taiwan enjoys such latitude in Washington; their leaders have the same religion!  For three hundred years or more, Masons and Dr. Fu Manchu’s holy murderers have  launderied opium profits into sacrosanct ‘old money’!   What’s more is both congregations worship ancestors and send someone else’s sons to battle in the name of patriotism and adore mausoleums.   Even so, the Triads have graduated from kung-fu mobster monks to equitable partnerships in the spoils of addiction!  After all, they now control the Triangle and every S.E. Asian port of call, and have infiltrated every major western metropolis with such formidable methods of intimidation, secrecy and sophistication that ‘coolie’ has gone the way of the word nigger as Peelers [4] tread lightly round Chinatown’s ‘insurance agents’ globally.   This ‘old money’ has made its way back to the mainland engendering stupendous growth and horrendous environmental woe, prompting Washington and Dr. Fu’s new political pals to let bygones be.   After all, who wants to wrestle a kung fu giant with nuclear capability and 1.6 billion expendable patriots?  Might as well re-addict those teeming masses so that as acceptable losses die of SARS, HIV, bird-flu droppings, industrial waste, lead, poverty, entrepreneurial poisons, mass murders and sexual selectivity they’ll at least enjoy being fleeced by Uncle Roger’s priesthood.

 Manchukuo Poppy Harvest





Chinese Freemason Building, Vancouver


In 1911, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen took refuge at the Chinese Freemasons’ Building at 1 West Pender Street.  Here, he organized headquarters for those who helped him to depose the adolescent Emperor Pu-Yi. (Chiang Kai Shek and his Mausoleum below.)


Chiang Kai ShekChiang Kai Shek Memorial

To illustrate the enormous power of this occult influence, I call on Sir Winston Churchill, who has nothing to do with the tale of Mr. Saint directly, but the anecdote helps us anchor unused neurons to matters that motivate government liaisons with lords of greed and cost-effective treachery.   Not that Machiavelli’s statecraft is novel or unnecessary in the course of human endeavors, but in our day it is sedulously applied to advance an erudite web of global thugs in league with a felonious cadre of international eminence, who graciously prompted their former darling in Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden, to shake the world on September 11, 2001 — or at least convinced him, or someone who looks like him, to take the blame!  After all, an attack on the monopolist icon of materialism — without which this crew of cadaver makers could not enjoy the good life of ‘world trade’ — threatens the idolatry of Greedonis, the guardian god of capitalism — not to mention Lord Bacchus or Mama Isis who stands so proudly in New York harbor and upon sundry Capital domes.

Nothing so mobilizes mesmerized Aryan mobs as an assault on holy icons or the rape of a white woman by infidels!  And nothing so paralyzes them with apathy as the publicly re-enacted ‘ritual murder of a king’ (think JFK and Tibetan Black Magic — see The Hand of Iblis for an explanation).  Therefore, the plentifully prophesied apocalyptic age of a global police state was inaugurated that day, and not without collusion on behalf of those who’ve announced our “New World Order” polity; recalling of course, Bush’s famous ‘Thousand Points of Light’ (a Masonic code phrase) speech during the war that erased the ‘Peace Dividend’.   This mobilization is precisely in 100% correlation with the ‘Iron Mountain Report’ and Robert Oppenheimer’s death-bed admonition in 1976!

Terrorism is a primordial military strategy well attended to by American operatives in bed with international criminals, the Jewish Sicari cult, fascist spies on the lam, billionaire oligarchs and just plain greedy bastards; with much of the enterprises funded by illicit drug profits finessed by fiscal magnates with the appearance of clean hands and hearts.  This is no secret!  Yet it seems to elude mention in conventional history texts or retention in long term memory banks.  So we’ll attempt to remedy this oversight with Saint’s extremely well documented narrative, after an introductory lesson in polite terrorism from Sir Winston’s biography.

On the morning of Oct 24, 1929, a man named Bernard Baruch (pictured with Churchill above) escorted Sir Winston to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange just in time to witness the market crash that ushered global depression and set the stage for WWII.   The future prime Minister’s presence was a calculated strategy designed to impress him with the recently acquired power of Central Banking’s Patrician sect.  This auspicious moment required careful planning considering Churchill crossed the pond by invitation and steamer.  One cannot but question such coincidence and Baruch’s purpose — that is, if you care about the question of honorable intent and are astute enough to suss the implication of such events!  Alas, most mortals don’t care a tit for such things and are content to ruminate in the daily melee of destiny’s meandering wake.   Even so, there are some who stand above the corn well enough to see the horizon’s promise, whether for good or evil. These often make an attempt to salvage what grain they can.

Naïve as he was to trust in American rectitude, I assure you Mr. Saint is  such a one and more so to his vexation, for he learned the lesson Mr. Barouch served upon Winston much too late for the good of himself and his family.   By the way, if you require a definition for honor you’re not worthy to have it! — But let’s return to the tutorial before we discuss the perfidious and incompetent administration of the DEA on behalf of Barouch’s legacy, whose beneficiaries amble rather cosily in the shadow of world events and actually believe they are honorable hominids!   I’ll not bore you with their details as yet, but for those so interested, I’ve listed highly recommended source material throughout most of my works.   For the moment, imagine a didactic exchange between Mr. Barouch and Sir Winston as the ticker tape plummeted to ash and the young gentleman was aghast and all ears:

Barouch:            “Well sir, did I not tell you?”

Churchill:         “Yes of course, but how . . . and why for God’s  sake?”

Barouch:             “We have a plan.”

Churchill:          “I see—mmm.  What and who is this ‘we’ business?”

Barouch:             “Not so fast young man; all in good time.”

Churchill:          “Quite! — Then what’s next if I may be so bold?

Barouch:             “I and my associates, having liquidated prior to this   glorious fiasco, are now able to consolidate our several positions and reap the benefit from the less fortunate.”

Churchill:          “So thoughtful and kind.  But to what honorable purpose do you sink the sampans of so many?”

Barouch:             “Your concept of honor is wanting sir.  This is neither for honor nor profit for profit’s sake.  It is about control!”

Churchill:          “Control—Ah yes!  You mean power of course?”

Barouch:             “Quite!  That is why you’re here—we wish to demonstrate that you shall have no power lest we choose to share it!”

Enough speculation, besides, I think I’ve garnered the essence of the lesson.  Should you miss the point or be fool enough to disbelieve the allegation, I suggest you exchange this book for Oprah Winfrey’s memoirs or a copy of Ian Flemming’s musings and sit back with your cheeseburger or pizza to continue the delusion that snared Mr. Saint’s sense of duty.  By all means, rejoin the captivated minions while your leaders dance the Masonic Two-Step dressed in Old Nick’s regalia, all the while thinking they’re good old souls clever enough to have taken the right wagon train!

Nevertheless! — bear in mind that these prominent men of affairs gather for two weeks each year at a Californian retreat called ‘Bohemian Grove’ near the town of Monte Rio.  There, under ancient forest canopies, they don hooded Druidic robes and offer burnt sacrifice to a fifty foot rock-hewn statue of an Owl blonging to Isis and Merlin!  Don’t believe me?   No matter, after all what business is it of ours if two-thousand-odd men such as Al Neuharth; Newt Gingrich; Henry Kissinger; George Schultz; James Baker; Jimmy Carter; William Randolph Hurst; Walter Cronkite; David Gergen; David Rockefeller; Ted Turner; and EVERY REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT since Coolidge, care to practice ‘male bonding’ in warlock robes with torches at midnight in honor of a Canaanite deity each year?   Why, they’re good Christians and Jews except for the likes of Turner, a professed atheist.  Yes indeedy!  For the most part, these celebrated hierophants are respectable men with unimpeachable credentials wouldn’t you say?   Even so, I confess it is a perplexing if not amusing imagination, considering the gravity of their positions and the absurdity of the ritual!   But then again: ‘boys will be boys’!

Ah well, ‘nough said for point number two, and lest you deem me a conspiracy nut, I’ll remind you of the embalming art and suggest you study the history of our ever scheming species then defer to some rather dire biblical admonitions; that is of course, if you’re a believer!   Besides, even the celebrated Churchill was a Druid Priest.  But let’s return to the good Mr. Barouch and the plan of We & Company Ltd.!

By 1929 the Federal Reserve System, much against the tempered tongues of George Washington, J.Q. Adams, Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and Lincoln amongst others, was a PRIVATELY OWNED institution in control of the Republic’s purse strings and mint ‘tea parties’.   You don’t think so?   Neither does Gumby or Kermit the frog so you’re in good company.   However, for the sake of prudence, hear me out!   Their ‘plan’ was to make Franklin Roosevelt (33rd Degree Mason) look like Jesus by ushering in his ‘New Deal’ of social welfare programs (A Fabian Socialist Scheme ala Pope G.B. Shaw), and thus erode the foundations of Yankee liberty with magnanimous pretense while simultaneously enslaving the republic with a voraciously insatiable debt and illegal income tax collected by IRS thugs, by which our clever schemers have now come to control the greatest economy in the world as in England and Europe — without ever being elected!  You don’t think so?  Then try running your household when every penny you earn is owed to your neighbor!

I remember my father praising FDR for the government dole and work camps that built highways that subsequently enriched Barouch’s comrades and their litters.  Those were the good old days of Bonnie and Clyde, La Cosa Nostra’s American pubescence, G-men and OTC laudanum. [5] My dad’s buddies built the roads that enabled the commerce that enriched these pseudo-sons of Isaac and their European patriarch, Bal Shem and Khazarian Monarch, Baron Rothschild, THE PRIVATE OWNER of the Bank of England.  The same insitution that permitted the BCCI frauds and feven orestalled efforts to shut down the pretentiously Muslim vessel of Sinbad!  The Kabalist stalwarts of this inner ring then financed Hitler’s ascendancy after loosing the Jesuit trained priest, Stalin, upon Russia, and went on to underwrite the subsequent war efforts on both sides of the pond while persuading my father and his mates — by virtue of patriotic honor — to fight the enemies they created after building the roads that moved the troops, armaments and military supplies made in their fortuitously positioned factories: most of which were acquired after the Stock Market Crash!

Many Israelis still do not fathom the beauty of such well laid business plans.  This is understandable as they’re far too busy finding their own ‘solution’ for the conveniently exacerbated competition of monotheistic terror.   After all, who can be concerned with shenanigans of pagan pretenders under Californian Redwoods while ducking stones and hallowed bombs in the land of milk and honey?   Ah, such is life!   Not that a Rothschild or Talmudic peer would be caught dead dancing round the fire with Pan and his pipes.   Oh no, dear Lord!  I’m sure he fancies himself a step or two above old Moloch and Lilith’s Owl.   As for those in attendance at such school-boy romps, I believe they’re referred to as ‘dogs’ in the book of Revelation; that is, if I recall it correctly.

Anyway, I’m getting off the track!   It’s easy to do when you have so much fare to spread in a tome of truth.  If you do bother to do the relevant research, you’ll appreciate that remarks regarding the incredibly intelligent Jewish hegemony of world resources and public opinion bring rather livid responses from all respectable Western Governments and their News Agency lackeys.  My-My!  Sensitive aren’t We?  Not that I’m anti-Semitic, for that would include Arabs and Pashtuns as well as other ethnicities long lost among the copious progeny of their exalted ancestor and his several wives (PBUH).   Far be it from me to cast calumny upon the waters for these are historical facts and students of truth seek them out whenever and wherever possible, and is why I enjoy the life of an ex-patriot ensconced in a jungle bungalow with a lady of the soil, waiting for the curtain to drop on the great American Game-Show and Shylock’s dream.

Not that I’ve gone native, but it sure beats the hell out of listening to CNN, evangelical idiots, feminists baring fangs, political puke, alternative life-style pundits, lewd hoodlums with gold chains and profane tongues, not to mention Reality Muck, Talk Shows and Barney!  No thank you!  I’m quite happy here, having found monkeys and lizards far better company in the presence of my tanned consort; who, by the way ladies, is quite happy to obey me — well — most of the time anyway!

I don’t mean to solely impeach Mr. Greenspan or his legatees and revered Wall Street sectarians by any means, for they have confederates among  adored Puritan Patricians who actually believe they can outsmart the Khazarian clan — though I must confess that most of these boy wonders simply tag along with debutantes in tow when not kow-towing to Isis and fraternity pins.  But there are Puritan ‘wannabes’ like the Bush-Bunch, who actually think they’re doing us and God a good turn!  Well — so did Napoleon and Caesar!  Not to belittle their prowess or ability for they were certainly great men; although one must redefine ‘manliness’ in the case of Caesar according to today’s laundered morals.   It’s the occult messianic ‘god-complex’ that troubles me and my mates as we sit here among bananas, rice and brown-skinned houris.   This delusion tends to get a lot of people killed when they don’t go along with the order of worship ala self-deified masters of the craft.

It seems to us that the patriotic-deity business opens wide gates for sophisticated scoundrels and nepotic sycophants, as well as psychopathic wet-workers and Hollywood idolatry with kings like Elvis and Michael Jackson being worshiped in congressional corridors — not to mention hip-hop idiots, postal phobias and just plain ignorant sots on government salaries and dole with hands on bloated sternums at sanctified arenas and wrestling menageries — all prepared to salivate on cue and pay homage to the ageless adulation of Lady Liberty’s paean.   There are some of us who did watch The Gladiator and find this disturbing!  Not that it matters a hair’s breath to our monkeys, unless theirs is the next priceless forest gazetted for toilet paper and toothpicks for the sake of this motley mob.

The fact is that since Dewey’s Bonesman-assault on real education, many of these vetted automatons obtain positions of power in the land of Uncle Sam, and one doesn’t need to look far in order to observe the extent of their ignorance and all too palpable arrogance (think airport security), nor of the untenable impudence in the export of an amoral culture with democratic absurdities, collateral damage, plagues and blights with tourists in checked shorts and T-shirts lying like beached whales at Disneyland and Penang.

The cardinal sins continually challenge every man, but the regency of shameless Clintonesque iniquity and folly starts at the top and travels downhill, allowing ignorance and incompetence to prosper.  These traits permeated the DEA operatives assigned to Mr. Saint’s case.   But more alarming is another characteristic Mr. Saint encountered in his Yankee  Doodled colleagues!  This was magnified in-situ alongside the aforementioned talents and manifest as the self-righteous smugness of a rank amateur cadre: much akin to officers who opened the door for Serpico some thirty years ago.  This crew of egocentric dolts not only famously fumbled the case, so that the final ‘take-down’ was orchestrated by Will and his host country’s top agents, but to make matters worse, they later betrayed him to those who would seek his life, and even reported him as a ‘suspect’ to the Constabulary where he’d taken refuge!  Then they abandoned him without the succor of promised remuneration and protection.

The DEA, as is well demonstrated, is under the same auspices that confronted Sir Winston in 1929.   It is better likened to a jungle vine that chokes the natural flow of life from all good fruit trees unless rooted out by consequent husbandry.   Mr. Saint’s tango with this creeping weed cost him dearly:  the life of a child, the affection of his beloved wife, his business and nationality, and finally the discomfiture of exile!  Their dishonor of this man exposes the mired core of an extremely suspect agency and the wickedness so comfortably ensconced on Capital Hill.   This cesspool of power is still costing Mr. Saint as well as the rest of us — for who can calculate the price of honour?



The project of Mr. Saint’s book is on hold pending risk assessments, as his life really is endangered.  Besides, he took exception to my indictment of the Crown, being unprepared to cross the line of bias that some call patriotism!  No, he’s not British, but he actually thought I was indicting Sir. Winston, who did the best he could under extremely compromised circumstances!  My aborted venture with Mr. Saint is what led me to research and write Trinity however.  He provided me countless interviews and access to many ‘sensitive’ documents as well as literature conveniently removed from wide circulation.  I am therefore indebted to his misfortune, and perhaps, so are you.  Alhamduillah!

[1] “Addicts are to be pitied and helped.  Addiction is a non-voluntary consequence of altered neurological pathways that become transfixed via the introduced chemicals.  Thus, the reprogrammed human mind and sub-cortical ‘pleasure centers’ remain refractory to all but the most severely disciplined attempts to normalize any conscious sense of satisfaction.  Therefore, the addict is compelled to forsake all else for the drug, reducing him/her to abject dissolution and a desperate futility; thereby endangering themselves and any person in their immediate environment.  Addicts cannot be deterred without severe restriction, and those who profit from the trade know these facts very well!”  – Dr. Zaid

[2] Yahsoo is the Chinese equivalent for the name ‘Jesus’.  Yes!  The missionaries had a hand in the trade.

[3] Almost every Colonial Governor and Chief Military man from each nation mentioned were Freemasons.

[4] a British slang term for policemen

[5] an elixir of cocaine and opium commonly used in those days as a panacea.

Recommended Reading:

The Great Heroin Coup by Henrick Kruger,
German Investigative Correspondent for Der Speigel, Forward by Peter Dale Scott, 1980 … the book is out of print and was suppressed for obvious reasons, but I managed to borrow a copy from Mr. Saint.  Mr. Kruger met an untimely end after publication and the book was pulled from the market.

Chinese Organized Crime by Mark Craig,
retired Australian Chief Detective, Pub.1996, by the Winston Churchill Memorial Fund – Aussie authorities persecuted him and tried to ban the book in order to protect trade & tourism.

Cocaine, An Unauthorised Biography, by Dominic Streatfield,
London Based correspondent whose publisher financed the two year research that took Mr. Streatfield to four continents and upwards of 10 countries meeting with dealers, police, DEA agents, Drug Barons in Europe, USA, Caribbean Islands, Cali, Mexico, farmers, politicos and hit men  – ISBN 1-85227 921 4TBS Distributions, London, 2001 – This book was so revealing it was not released to the general public because of its damning contents.  Only security personnel and select police departments had access to its unedited pre-publication issue for review.  I gained access solely by serendipity!  For further information contact Eleanor Johnsey @

International Drug Trafficking, Dennis Rowe Ed. Univ. Chicago Office of International Criminal Justice, National Institute of Justice, Wash. D.C., 1988

Perhaps the most blatant example of the exploitation of drug trafficking by a state for its own purposes is that of the British East India Co., which used opium to expand British influence and control over the Celestial Empire of China.  The British traffic was a planned and conscious effort to destabilize China for the purposes of commercial and colonial expansion and profit.  Indeed, the resistance of the Chinese to this activity resulted in the Opium Wars (1840-42 and 1856-60) and the commercial conquest of China by European Powers.  American firms, such as Perkins and Co., and Russel and Co. joined the trade.”  Russell founded the ‘Skull and Bones’ Fraternity at Yale, and these opium’s profits endow it to this day.  Other American Families who gained their ‘old money’ from opium, include Forbes, Delanos, and Woods.
Peter A. Lupsha, ibid, page 18, and The Opium War, by Peter Fay, Univ. N. Carolina Press, 1975

See Ezekiel 8: 7-18: For the reader who may doubt what I’ve written!